Chapter 3: When my dreams come true…

Eira was pretty happy with her peaceful life. Eating, sleeping, playing the violin, going to work and exploring around her lot to find collectibles was enough for her.

03-19-15_11-02 PM-2

However, I was a little impatient. Unlike Eira, I know about a challenging quest that was destined for her. I know she has a lot to do in a limited amount of time. So I kind of pressed upon her to visit community lots more and to meet people – preferably males. (I usually don’t do that with my sims. I pretty much try to follow their whims and play along with whatever they long for.) But Eira’s only whim was to buy a stereo. I am not sure if stereo would help her with founding a legacy. You need a husband for that, silly.
But she had no romantic or family-oriented whims so far. Bummer.

03-20-15_12-10 AM-2
So I sent her to park. Eira was really hoping someone would be there, preparing hamburgers. She have had enough of those cheap yoghurts.
But the park was pretty empty, when she arrived. So she decided to harvest a couple  of plants and look for some frogs.

03-20-15_12-10 AM

While she was busy finding collectibles to sell, a bunch of freshly generated townies showed up. Some of them were… well… interesting? Eira even initiated a conversation autonomously with this baldish blonde gentleman with plump figure and a slightly dictator-ish moustache. She has very unusual taste, indeed.

03-20-15_12-10 AM-3

How can anyone put on an expression like this while having a conversation with a lady? That is not nice, young man, not nice.

But unfortunately, he didn’t like her. He was scowling at her like this during the conversation and then he just walked away. What a jerk!

03-19-15_11-31 PM

“Hey there. I like your moustache.”

Then, there was this guy. (Obviusly, Eira has a thing for moustaches.) They were having a pleasant conversation when Eira discovered his trait: Mean.
Well, I am sorry, Eira, but you have to forget this one. I know his moustache is amazing, but appearance is not everything, right? You better keep trying, girl.

But there were no more adult males in the park and Eira decided to change her hunting location. Her hygiene meter was slowly dropping, so she chose the gym, but she didn’t entered the building. She rather went for a walk on the promenade-kind-of-a-thing behind the community lots.

First, she met this guy:

03-19-15_11-06 PM

Now, that’s what I call “I-don’t-want-to-talk-to-you’ face…

He wasn’t very impressed, when Eira tried to introduce herself. Seriously, what is wrong with those guys? Can’t they see she is the fairest of them all?

03-19-15_11-07 PM

“Oh, hi! It’s so nice to meet someone nice!”

Oh, but look who’s here! Our friend from the gym, Adrian. It seems to me that Eira was quite happy to see him.
“Eira! Are you going to the gym?”
“Oh, hi! Not really.”  (I don’t smell bad enough. Yet.) “I was planning to explore the neighborhood a little. I didn’t know there was a beach in Willow Creek.”

03-19-15_11-08 PM-2

There we go. The upset face again.

Adrian was not pleased with her answer: “I was really hoping to meet you here and work out with you again. It was fun last time.”
“Well, I was actually on my way to the gym, when I noticed how strikingly beautiful is the nature around here. Like it ain’t even real! Look!”

03-26-15_11-14 PM

‘How beautiful is the nature around here. Like it ain’t even real.’ It rhymes, doesn’t it? Oh, Eira, you poetic soul…

Adrian could do nothing but agree with her. He have seen the shore in Willow Creek a thousand times, but he never really appreciated its picturesque beauty.
“So, if I understand it right, you have never been here before. Would you like me to show you around then?”

03-19-15_11-09 PM-2

‘A walk around town with a handsome guy with a moustache? Count me in!”

But before they had time to walk anywhere, it was time to go to work. Aah, responsibilities.

03-19-15_10-56 PM

Planting some flowers to celebrate her first promotion.

She returned with a sad moodlet, because no one showed up to see her performance. Well, that must be devastating. Poor girl. But she also got a promotion so she has that going for her which is nice.

03-19-15_11-12 PM-2

Later that day, Adrian showed up. Autonomously. Yay. (Is it me or is he really bigger every time he appears?)

03-19-15_11-13 PM

“There, there.”

When he noticed her sadness, he gave her a comforting hug. “Next time, Eira, let me know you have a performance and I’ll be there.”

03-19-15_11-16 PM

“And know, give me some smile.”

Eira was really glad he stopped by. And then, she rolled a whim to flirt with him.

03-19-15_11-15 PM

“So, are you busy tonight?”

So she flirted with him and asked if he was single. (He was, thank Watcher. But that’s about to change. Am I right? *looking at you, Eira.*)
She invited him to stay the night. And he went straight to bed and fell asleep. Great.

03-20-15_12-21 AM

“You’re not supposed to sleep on a sleepovers like this, silly.” (And yeah, Eira got a shower finally.)

But she was merciless and woke him up. He didn’t mind.

03-20-15_12-22 AM-3

“A sleepover without sleeping? Sounds like my favourite kind of a sleepover .”  (smooth)

03-20-15_12-23 AM-2 03-20-15_12-22 AM-2 03-20-15_12-22 AM 03-20-15_12-24 AM

They’ve enjoyed a brief flirting session, but then Eira was too sleepy to continue, so I sent her to bed. Adrian went to sleep, too. (In another bed – their relationship is not high enough to sleep in a double bed together. And besides, Eira is not that kind of girl 😉 ).

They were still flirty when they woke up.

03-20-15_12-37 AM

“Is this your morning face, Eira? Damn, you’re beautiful.”

“Oh, stop it, you…” she blushed.

“I am afraid it’s already too late to stop.” he whispered as her drew her closer.

03-20-15_12-38 AM-3

03-20-15_12-38 AM-4

And as they kissed she discovered his third trait: Perfectionist. (That must have been a hell of a kiss. xD )

03-20-15_12-39 AM

‘Oh, my, I think I like this guy…”

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