Chapter 4: The Simple Life

After Eira expressed her affection for Adrian, I decided to move him in. I didn’t plan to rush things up like that because I don’t like the “ending-up-with-the first-guy” scheme. (Because that’s what I do all the time in The Sims and this legacy is kind of an attempt to get out of my comfort zone.) But I felt like Eira is really into him. I gave her plenty of opportunities to meet other men, but I only saw the chemistry with Adrian. And the option just kept popping up. And we needed money (and a little help with broken toilet.)

03-29-15_9-52 PM

Better get used to that yoghurt, handsome.

And it turned out, Adrian is quite a catch! First of all, he has a Successful Lineage Aspiration! A perfect match for Eira’s own family aspiration. That girl has some serious intuition. Or a sim-universe wants them to be together.  Or it was simply beginner’s luck. (I mean, it’s great to find a family-oriented guy when you are going to have seven kids!) He has many skills, too, with athletic skill on level 10.

And since he didn’t bring any money with him (legacy rules are tough), I got him a job as an Agency Clerk. Secret Agent career was his choice. I had something more… athletic in my mind, but whatever he likes.

I was also planning to give him a make-over, but I’ve changed my mind. I think those clothes and the goatee suits him well. It makes him look so classy and a bit Mortimer-ish, doesn’t it? So I only got rid of that awful baseball cap.03-20-15_12-01 AM

Since Eira was off to work, Adrian went to the library and browsed intelligence. I found out he is already an Adult (when did that happen? 😦 ), so he really needs to spend his time reasonably.
But Eira didn’t feel like skilling that night. She had something very different on her mind:

boyfriend whim

Eira: “One does not simply care about money when one is in love.”

Well, who am I to interfere with sim love? So instead of playing music, she asked him out on a date. He – surprise, surprise – agreed!

03-29-15_10-42 PM

“A trip to the park in the middle of the night? That’s either very romantic….”

“…. or very creepy. Are you planning to kidnap me?” he asked jokingly.
They sat together on a nearby bench and she answered him with a seductive smile:

03-29-15_10-47 PM

“Oh, I am planning to do something even worse to you.”

03-29-15_10-46 PM-3

“I can’t wait.”

03-29-15_10-46 PM

They didn’t really need me there. They were flirting autonomously and they earned a silver medal without my help. I have never seen sims being this much involved in their romance. And I was so glad they were enjoying it. So precious!

03-29-15_10-49 PM-3 03-29-15_10-50 PM-4 03-29-15_10-48 PM 03-29-15_10-43 PM

When the time was almost up, I felt like it was time for the big question:

03-29-15_10-53 PM

E: “So…. is it…ehm, like… official now?”

03-29-15_10-59 PM-2

A: “Well…”

03-29-15_10-57 PM

‘Whoa, what the…’ (I love her face here.)

03-29-15_10-58 PM-2

03-29-15_10-59 PM

E: “I’ll take that as a yes.”

I was glad the date was such a success. But it was time to focus on careers. Eira was doing really great as an entertainer. Daily tasks were a piece of cake for her since she is  a music lover. And her music finally doesn’t sound like thousands of metal shovels being scraped across the cement road.

03-30-15_5-42 PM-3

Adrian was not having so  much fun with all the intelligence research he had to do. But, luckily, we had plenty of dirty sanitary appliances to keep him entertained.

03-29-15_9-58 PM

It’s easy to love neat sims.

And when there was nothing to clean, they still got each other. They were young couple in love, after all.

03-30-15_6-18 PM-3

What an outfit, Eira!

And here’s a little garden they grow to boost family funds. But it is so time-consuming and annoying to take care of it, that I am afraid we will soon lose the plants due to my laziness 😀

03-30-15_5-44 PM-2

03-30-15_5-43 PM-2

Eira doesn’t really like an apple tree. I wonder why….

And this is the small property of our lovely couple. I added a computer for Adrian because he earned that fine chair and it was a shame to hide it in the family inventory. I actually had money to buy more stuff, but they didn’t really need much, so I was just saving money for a rainy day.

03-30-15_6-19 PM

Things may look peaceful and steady now, but I can’t be sure what the future holds, right?


8 thoughts on “Chapter 4: The Simple Life

  1. hirondelle09 says:

    Aw they’re finally officially together!! I know what you mean by having your sim get together with the first guy- I always do that too :/ But I think you’re right to go with this relationship, I can totally feel their chemistry!! Can’t wait to see what their little baby looks like 🙂

    Liked by 3 people

  2. cathytea says:

    Seriously one of the best couples EVER! I love them! And look how it’s like they both instantly changed as soon as they officially became a couple: their SMILES! Ohmigosh! So in love.

    I really do think that the game often generates the perfect match first off–sometimes with Sims, the first one IS the right one!

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Jordan says:

    Wow — such a perfect couple. It doesn’t feel too mushy or forced; it’s a good balance of teasing and flirting. And — both are Neat and have Family aspirations! SO perfect! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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