Chapter 5: The Little Prince…

As the last post implied, Eira was expecting.
Since she is a family sim, she was over the moon. But on the other hand, it’s kind of a difficult situation to have a baby when you don’t even have a house.

So it’s only understandable that she had mixed feelings about her new situation.

03-30-15_6-27 PM-2

“What’s your problem, Zombie Carl? I can handle this.”

She found out in the middle of the night and she had to inform her boyfriend Adrian immediately.

03-30-15_6-29 PM

I just love his ‘Are you serious?’ face here 😀

Maybe she didn’t chose the rightest moment to announce the happy news. But despite his face, Adrian was glad to hear that. After all, he is a family sim, too.

03-30-15_6-29 PM-3

A: “Okay, I guess. There’s nothing I can do about it right now.”

He doesn’t look very excited, does he? I was expecting him to go crazy about the news, but whatever. Maybe next time. He’s gonna get six more chances 😀

Since the pregnancy is long and Eira is super amazing, she decided to earn one more promotion before the baby arrives, because why not? So I bought her a piano.

03-30-15_6-35 PM

“I am such a superstar…”

Oh, what a professional she is.*sarcasm*
It sounded much better than her first violin attempts, though. Thank Watcher 🙂

And here’s our happy mama heading to work. She’s glowing, right?
03-30-15_6-40 PM-3

Adrian had a day off, so he decided to get in touch with his old friends – since he probably won’t have enough time for them after the baby arrives and he also needed to perform some friendly interactions to become Field Agent.

03-30-15_6-44 PM-203-30-15_6-43 PM

It didn’t went very well I guess. Adrian was miserable and embarrassed. Well, that’s what you get from neglecting your friends, handsome. (But it is pretty hard not to neglect them. Friendships are so demanding in TS4.)

And Eira was becoming pretty demanding, too. (I changed her PJs because it’s physically impossible to wear a corset while heavily pregnant, right?)

03-30-15_6-55 PM

E: “Was it really neccessary to make this mess?”

03-30-15_6-56 PM-2

A: “Oh, sorry to fix your toilet for you..”

Adrian, come on. She can blame it on hormonal imbalance, but you have no excuses to be rude.
He looked really happy to go to work that day. It must be hard to live with a pregnant woman. (But it can’t be harder than actually being a pregnant woman, so he’d be  wise to appreciate her more. Otherwise he’ll lose my sympathy.)

03-30-15_7-03 PM

“Promotion, here I come.”

But luckily, Eira was back to her normal, happy self after the mess was gone and he found her in good mood, when he returned.

03-30-15_7-15 PM

E: “I’m sorry to act like a plumming neat freak today. I guess this pregnancy thing is getting on my nerves. It’s taking sooo long.”

03-30-15_7-16 PM

“It’s okay, my love. I don’t mind you being a neat freak. I am a neat freak too, remember?”

03-30-15_7-15 PM-2

“And besides, I am impatient to meet this little fellow, too.”

03-30-15_7-15 PM-5

E: “I am so lucky to find you.”

Their romance is still very autonomous. It’s actually hard to make them do something else than flirting. But I don’t mind as long as they flirt with each other and no with strangers passing by (happened to me in other saves).

They didn’t know that, but those kisses in their provisional bathroom were their last moments spent as a young couple in love. Because that night, Eira went into labor and from now on, they are a family. And they will be a family for the rest of their lives, no matter what.

03-30-15_7-25 PM

“Hey, handsome, are you ready to have your life changed? Because I am about to have your baby!”

Adrian took her to hospital. He wanted to be sure that she would be safe and sound and he didn’t want to risk anything with a home birth (and I wanted to get the bassinet for free).

But everything went well and Eira gave birth to a healthy baby boy!

03-30-15_7-38 PM

Hello, world!

Eira named her firstborn son Castor. (Meaning of the name is “to excel” which is a very fitting name for a boy who represents Doc, the leader of the seven dwarfs, isn’t it? Castor is also son of Zeus in Greek mythology and one of the twin brothers that inspired Gemini constellation.)

03-30-15_7-29 PM

“Welcome, my son. I am honoured to meet you.”

03-30-15_7-36 PM

Proud papa. Adrian looks really moved by Castor’s cuteness?

This little boy is such a lovely baby. He is all smiles and cheers, I can’t help but melt every time I see him. His parents barely put him to the bassinet. Especially Adrian is smitten with his new son.

03-30-15_7-39 PM-2

They are already best friends! 

Castor’s birth earned Adrian enough satisfactory points to obtain the potion of youth. Thank Watcher, because Eira is still young and she’s gonna need Adrian’s baby-making skills again.


I guess Castor arrived at the last minute 😀

03-30-15_7-34 PM


He felt much better after the drink. Much younger, much stronger. Much more prepared for this parenthood thing.
Eira was delighted to be a mom. She was planning to wait with having another child and focus on her career but Castor’s arrival was such a joyous event and she felt so warm and happy to have him around that she changed her mind.
She approached her boyfriend and whispered: “Adrian, I need you to help me. Castor needs a sibling. Now!”
Adrian was not protesting.

03-30-15_7-46 PM

That’s what I call enthusiasm!

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