Chapter 6: …and…

03-30-15_7-51 PM

“Ugh, this whole maternity thing is harder than I thought.”

Well, parenthood is not a walk through a rose garden. But Eira and Adrian were doing great (although the picture above is implying otherwise 😀 ). Little Castor was a happy baby and in no time, he was ready to leave the bassinet.

04-09-15_6-46 PM-2

Tadaa! (Adrian is supervising there, just to sure Castor aged up well.)

He sure did. He rolled the Geek trait and Artistic Prodigy aspiration. And he is quite good-looking kid (with daring fashion sense…)

04-09-15_6-47 PM

And with an offspring who is old enough to not be considered an object, I felt the urge to upgrade their “house”. The real bathroom was a priority, since I don’t want anyone to die from embarrassment. I also added a dining area, so they can eat their meals  yoghurts like a family. Their budget was still small to built actual rooms (there were enough money for walls, but not enough fot doors and windows and paints and… you got the picture). So they only got their little private “corners”.


It’s not a house, but… it’s something 🙂

Adrian and Castor liked it (Eira was working so she couldn’t give me a feedback back then.) Boys immediately went and tried their new dining table.

04-09-15_7-06 PM-4

“So, Castor, you are a big boy now. How do you like it?”

Adrian was excited to finally have an actual conversation with his son.
Castor was excited that he miraculously learned to talk in the blink of an eye.
“It’s awesome, Dad!” he answered. “I love how I can suddenly talk to you. I also like this new table. Can Blarffy use it with us, when he’s hungry?” (yep, they talked about teddy bears)
“Oh, teddy bears are never hungry, Castor. They are always stuffed.”

04-09-15_7-06 PM-3

“Oh, I see what you did there… That was well-known corny dad joke, right?”

He seems like a smart kid to me.
After the pleasant conversation with his father, Castor was ready to try his new activity table, because it was late and Adrian didn’t let him visit a park.
But he had a blast anyway, I guess.

04-09-15_7-12 PM


Being a child is so nice. Adrian envied Castor his youth and carelessness. He was supposed to research intelligence database, but when he saw his son’s cheery enjoyment, he felt the urge to be a child, too. So he played Incredible Sports, reminiscencing about his sweet childhood dreams of becoming an athlete. It’s funny how priorities change.

04-09-15_7-13 PM

Eira, on the other hand, didn’t miss her childhood at all. She was at her happiest now, expecting another addition to the family. Being surrounded by her loved ones was something she never had before and she was enjoying every second of it. And she was also very proud that her son inherited her artistic soul. So to show him a good example she spent most of her time playing the piano.

04-09-15_7-20 PM-2

Castor really had the passion for all kinds of arts, but he was also a Geek. And he was really excited to finally be able to explore the world around him.


‘I can’t wait to see all the treasure the nature holds for me.’

And while our little adventurer was out there, looking for gems and time capsules, his parents rejoiced in the rare moment of privacy.

04-09-15_7-32 PM

Adrian is totally checking her out here. (that garden though… xD )

“I feel like a giant gassy whale,” Eira sighed.
Adrian smiled and said with a deep admiration for her: “You somehow transformed from sweaty t-rex to gassy whale since we first met and you somehow managed to look fabulously attractive in both of these forms? You are full of wonders, Eira.”

04-09-15_7-31 PM

“You’re probably right. I’m gorgeous, what can I do?”

And then they flirted and blow kisses on each other until Adrian left for work. Eira had a day off so she decided to take care of that poor garden of theirs.

04-09-15_7-35 PM-2

And like a true representative of Snow White, she whistled while she worked.

The garden is so time-consuming… When Eira finished the work, Castor was already back home from school. They had a nice conversation about school and candy, while Castor ate his yoghurt for lunch. Eira even shared the happy news with him.

04-09-15_7-45 PM

“So, Castor, are you ready to be a big brother?”

He looked very excited: “Oh, yes!  I will finally have someone to help me with collecting MySims trophies!”
Castor loves finding collectibles, but that’s not really surprising since he is a geek. I even bought him a shelves to show off his catchings.

04-13-15_7-49 PM

He already has four! Yay!

Eira and Adrian were pretty excited about having another baby, too. Adrian was even more impantient than the first time. He talked to Eira’s baby bump almost as often as he talked to Eira herself. It was sweet to watch.

04-09-15_7-50 PM-3 04-09-15_7-50 PM-4

But he wanted to be sure Castor is getting the attention, too. He wanted his son to be successful, so he was helping him with his homework every day.

04-09-15_7-53 PM-3

“Keep up with the good work, son.”

Eira didn’t give a plum about Castor’s grades as long as he was happy. She was busy enough working fulltime while carrying another sim in her belly. But she is one tough lady, so she was doing just fine.

04-09-15_7-38 PM

‘Hopefully I won’t go into a labour during the concert tonight…’

She didn’t. The baby stayed in there during the whole night. Eira even got a chance to have peaceful and almost romantic outdoor brunch with her boyfriend next morning.

04-09-15_7-56 PM

How to say I love you telepathically (Sim version)

And then, it was time. Eira felt more confident this time and she decided to have her second child in the comfort of home.

And it’s a …

04-09-15_8-00 PM-2


04-09-15_8-01 PM

“Hello, beautiful.”

10 thoughts on “Chapter 6: …and…

      • cathytea says:

        I know just what you mean! I think that’s why I end up getting so many games and stories going at one time–I just want to keep each one at its perfect stage for just a little longer! 🙂


  1. theplumbob says:

    I love Castor’s outfit! It reminds me of that episode of Friends where Ross insisted his shirt was salmon and not pink hehe… But I do think it looks really great on him!

    The teddy bear joke made me laugh.. It’s something me and my boyfriend would say, we love corny humour 😀

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    • carovnamaruska says:

      Now that you mentioned it – Castor and Ross have a lot in common. I think you’ll agree once you read further in the story 🙂

      And I love corny humour, too, it’s just so cute, especially with sims.


  2. Jordan says:

    Castor is so adorable! ❤ Can't wait to see him all grown up. (I always want to rush ahead and see what they'll look like as teens/what the next gen will be/what the next gen kids look like/etc., but then I also want to enjoy each generation and give them all full lives…ugh, the struggle is real.)

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