Chapter 9: I’ve got but one song

Despite having a family, sweet love between Eira and Adrian was not dying off. In fact, it was blooming. With three children and fourth on the way, every little moment of privacy was precious and they learned to cherish each other’s company even more as their younger selves.

04-14-15_10-20 PM-2

The autonomous chemistry is still there 😉

Their romance was about little things because nobody had time (or money) for fancy dinners and extravagant dates. It was all about Sunday breakfasts, quick kisses before work and sweet talks when baby Damon finally fell asleep. And it was fine because everyone was busy or exhausted for the rest of the day. Eira was still working full time. It was expensive to build an actual house with actual walls and actual roof and it lowered the family funds. Not much, but with a baby on the way, Eira thought it was a good thing to have some savings. Just in case.

04-14-15_10-54 PM-2

Maternity leave is for the weak!

Poor Adrian got sick. He was acting strange for a while, giggling during the chess sessions, looking confused and so. Then he turned into a tiger. I freaked out a little bit but I let him rest and I made him drink orange juice and he got well again.

04-14-15_10-23 PM-2

“Eira, honey, you eyes are so round…”

Eira decided to try cooking once again. She cut her finger, but luckily she is Snow White, not the Sleeping Beauty and finger injury didn’t put her into 100 years of sleep. The salad turned out delicious this time.

04-14-15_10-27 PM

‘Ohh, maybe I will finally be able to feed my children with actual food.’

And soon, it was time for Damon to grow up! Time flies, huh?

04-14-15_10-32 PM

“What’s up, Mom?”

He’s a cute little fellow. Looks like he’s from distant land of Simdonesia 🙂 I had no idea Eira went for international adoption, but I think it’s super cool. He rolled Cheerful trait and the Social Butterfly aspiration.

04-14-15_10-39 PM

“First, let me take a selfie.”

After taking a selfie with his mom and taking care of his basic needs, he was ready to talk to his sister, Melia. But I noticed kids were looking quite unhappy.

04-14-15_10-45 PM

You know something’s bad when you see a face like this on cheerful sim.

I was afraid they didn’t get along and they hate each other now or what. But then I realized something else was bothering them. This place was a disaster 😀 04-14-15_10-44 PM04-14-15_10-47 PM

Garden was not looking its best, either.

04-14-15_10-47 PM-2

With three neat sims in the household, it was a shame to have the house in this pitiful state. And since everyone was too busy to take care of the house and garden, I could only think of one solution.

And so, Adrian quitted his job and became a Stay-At-Home Dad. (It’s actually written in his job panel. How cute! )

04-14-15_10-48 PM

His expression says it all.

Judging by his face, he won’t miss that job at all. 😀 Maybe the super agent career was not the right choice. All that research bored the plum out of him. Eira is much more satisfied with her job as Professional Pianist and she is doing much better as he did. He will be more help at home now, especially with the new baby.

Speaking of which….

04-14-15_11-03 PM-2

‘Here we go again!’

Seconds after Adrian’s decision to quit his job, Eira went into labour. The rest of the family didn’t seem to mind (no cancelling the current action to be with mother, no panic attacks, no trips to hospital…) They’ve given zero plums. Well, except for Castor. He was openly annoyed by the outrageous sounds his mother was making.

04-14-15_11-03 PM

“Geee, Mom! It’s half past seven. And it’s Saturday! Do you really have to be this noisy?”

But despite the lack of support, Eira gave birth to a healthy baby girl!

04-14-15_11-04 PM-3

“Smells brand new!”

Her name is Devi (Indian mother goddess) and she is cute and sweet and everyone in the family loves her very much. Even Castor.

04-15-15_5-03 PM

“Hello, there, little stinker!”

I really love the family dynamics. I love the kids’ constant chattering and spontaneous hugs. I love how they spend their days outside and how they always talk together despite doing different activities. I love how natural things flow in this family.

04-15-15_5-23 PM

Family life suits them well.

Adrian liked the natural flow, too. And since everything was going so great, he decided that his family deserved a little break. So he sent Devi to daycare and took the older kids on a small trip to local park, so they wouldn’t feel negleted. Eira had a day off, so she came along.

04-15-15_5-26 PM

Adrian: “This trip’s a success already!”

The kids were over the moon and they went to explore the pirate ship immediately.

04-15-15_5-29 PM

                                       M: “I am in charge of this deathly weapon! And I shall show no mercy!”                        C: And they say women are the gentle sex…

Adrian joined their game as a sea monster and he really looked creepy as plum.

04-15-15_5-33 PM-2

For Watcher’s sake, Adrian, those kids need to sleep at night.

But Melia is not a faint-hearted lady. She is fierce and bold and she knows how to take care of creepy sea monsters.

04-15-15_5-33 PM

“Castor, kill it with FIRE!”

But Castor was not there. Where did he go?

04-15-15_5-34 PM

“Are all girls crazy like my sister?”

There he is. Looks like he has found a new friend. Sweet. Friends are great.

I let the kids to enjoy themselves. And while they were meeting new people and digging treasures and playing pirates, Adrian took Eira for a walk. It seems to me he had something important to tell 😉

04-15-15_5-42 PM

“My dear Eira.”

“My love, hear what I have to say” he began, “I have no castles to offer but I’ve got one song. Only for you.”
Then, he took out the little book, with the sweet words he prepared for her: “I am not a rich man, Eira, but I have…”

04-15-15_5-47 PM-2

“…One heart…”

“…constantly beating
ever entreating
constant and true.”

04-15-15_5-47 PM-3

“One love…”

“…that has possessed me.
One love
thrilling me true.”

04-15-15_5-47 PM-5

“One song…”

“…my heart keeps singing
of my love
only for you.” ***

After he professed his love, he kneeled and he proposed marriage to his beloved.

04-15-15_5-52 PM-6

“Marry me. We’ll be happy forever.”

04-15-15_5-54 PM-6

E: “I know .”

She said yes, naturally. (No one could possibly resist a proposal like this, right?)

Looks like our Snow White was found by the one she loves.


Close enough.

***(I DO NOT own anything. Lyrics belongs to Disney company.)

22 thoughts on “Chapter 9: I’ve got but one song

  1. cathytea says:

    Aw! This gets the cuteness price of the century! How adorable the way those two photos at the end match up! This is the sweetest EVER! I really love your family, too–so fun how they spend the time together, and SO happy that the dad is happy to be a stay-at-home dad! Great job writing this chapter, too–I especially love your commentary!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. cathytea says:

    Yay! I finally caught up! I’ve had such a busy weekend (reading term papers for the classes I teach), so before getting to work cleaning house, I wanted a treat that would be fun, relaxing, and put me in a good mood. Your blog did just that! I feel so happy and light and cheerful now! It’s because Eira and Adrian are so beautiful together AND because your righting is so very, very happy! I’m going to recommend your story to someone at the EA Forums who told me she is looking for happy stories to read! Thanks for writing this! So glad I had a chance to catch up! Keep up the good work! Even if you have days where no one comments, don’t worry–at some point, people will come across this, and it is such a treat! Really a true gift to readers.

    Liked by 2 people

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Thank you a hundred times! You’re too kind to comment on all my posts, you can’t imagine how much I appreciate it. I know it’s not about the likes and comments – I do it for the story, not for the glory 🙂 I really have fun writing this so number of followers is not a deal-breaker for me. BUT it’s so nice when someone comments because it gives me a chance to talk about my Sims even more. And I am kind of like a new mom with my sims – I never miss a chance to talk about my babies 😀
      Thank you again for reading it all and for your kind words.

      Liked by 2 people

      • cathytea says:

        I feel the same way! I write for the story–and always remind me of that when I get carried away by kind comments from kind people like you! At the same time, it’s just so rewarding to hear when our words make a difference to someone. Your story really gave me a wonderful, happy, rejuvenating break in my busy day!


  3. Mastress Alita says:

    Aww, so happy to see a story with a stay-at-home-Dad!

    And that proposal was so adorable. Honestly Adrian and Eira are so cute together and such good parents, it had kind of slipped my mind until now that they actually weren’t married yet! I really love how this legacy goes the “non-traditional” route with everything though, it’s such a breath of fresh air!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Wow, thank you! It really means a lot. I’ve never realized this legacy was non-traditional, but now that you mentioned it, it’s kinda true! That’s so awesome, thank you, really.
      And also, I’m glad you felt like they were married for ages – that’s exactly how I felt about them, too. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  4. WeirdoAra says:

    Cool! I like — no, I love those references. It really seems like a modern fairy tale with those cute lovebirds as the protagonists. Honestly, I love your family. They look so adorable together! I’ve been reading your blog twice already, and I don’t think I’ll be getting sick of it! (๑♡∀♡๑)

    Liked by 1 person

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