Chapter 12: Llama jokes and such

The Rossinis had a busy weekend full of celebrating, but Monday came sooner than they thought and life was back to normal. Let’s see what they’ve been up to.
Eira was still determined to master cooking and to feed her children with proper food.

05-12-15_9-27 PM

“Looks promising.”

Her meal was probably tasty (I’m not sure, I didn’t eat it. 😉 ) and she was sooo satisfied with herself as if she cooked Lobster Thermidor.

05-12-15_9-28 PM

“If I can make Mac’n’Cheese, I can do anything.”

And when the kids came home from school, they were happy to have a warm meal for lunch. They were also surprised by Castor’s new look.

05-12-15_9-32 PM-3

Melia: “Wow, Castor. You look… taller.”

“That’s because I am a teenager now,” he explained, “and it’s great. Dad even promised me to buy me a new computer now that I’m older.” Damon almost choked with his macaroni. He’s never got a single new toy, he always just inherited Castor’s and now Castor was getting a plumming computer?

05-12-15_9-32 PM-2

“You’re gonna buy him WHAT?”

damscold damscold2
But Adrian ensured him that Castor was just teasing them and that new computer was not happening: “We need other things more than a new computer. Like a bigger table. Poor Devi couldn’t sit with us today.” But Devi didn’t care because she is too awesome to worry about such things. Instead of waiting around, she did some push-ups to pass the time.

05-12-15_9-54 PM-6 05-12-15_9-54 PM-5

Adrian was so proud of her. Maybe she would grow up to be an active sim like her dad! That would be so great. They could enthuse about working out together and train together and….

But for now, Devi was a nature lover and a cute kid, who loved drawing shapes and vehicles while enjoying the fresh air. And that’s okay, because that’s what she was supposed to do at this point in life.

05-12-15_9-50 PM-2

Boredom is for boring people.

Damon was super excited to have a younger sister, because he wanted to be a big brother so bad. And to set a good example, he told her some llama jokes as soon as he can (because telling llama jokes is like… the most important skill ever, right?)


Damon: “Why has llama become a Tibetan Buddhist?”

05-12-15_9-45 PM-6

“Because of the Dalai Llama!”

05-12-15_9-45 PM-3

Devi: “Lol, that’s funny. But I know a better joke.”


“Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?”

05-12-15_9-45 PM-2

“To get to the bottom!”

Aww, kids’ humour, right? 😀

Eira was still working full time and she was always so tired of all those concerts and gigs that she was hardly spending some time with her family.


“I’m so exhausted. And I look like my face is dripping off my head.”

Adrian disagreed: “That’s nonsense. You’re a goddess to me and you always look… divine.”

05-12-15_9-58 PM-2

E: “I’m your Venus, baby.”

They’ve still got it! Adrian was super proud of his wife. She was so determined and talented and so ready to do everything for her family. But to be fair, she would never make it without his support. Because let’s face it, Adrian is probably a superman in disguise. I mean, cleaning the entire house after its six inhabitants and repairing all broken aplliances is almost as exhausting as a full time job. And he was doing it all alone and he was doing it great.

05-12-15_10-13 PM

Beside that, he occasionally earned some money from making viruses and plugins, using programming skills he learned during his secret agent era.

05-12-15_10-16 PM

“Once a programmer, always a programmer.”

And he also acted like he was trying to win The Best Dad Contest. He always double-checked whether homeworks were done.

05-12-15_10-01 PM-5

“That’s right, Damon. Rhinos are just unicorns in disguise.”

And that young heart of his children were inspired by the wisdom hidden in the books.


“And on her 16th birthday, the princess learned that she can be a headstrong and independent woman AND she can still wear heels.”

Or by wise words of their father.

05-12-15_9-49 PM

“The sky is the limit, Damon.”

And although he was taking his duty very responsibly, he’s never forgotten to have lots of fun with the kids. Sometimes it was enough to listen to them.

05-12-15_10-42 PM

“Hey, Dad. What did the ocean say to the shore? – Nothing. It just waved.”

( Looks like Devi took after her father with corny jokes. 😀 )

And, of course, he always made sure to show them how they are the most precious things that ever happened to him.

ameli devigo

 What a great times!

Chapter 11: The Star Wars Day

05-04-15_2-09 PM-2

Dwarves’ bed 🙂

Rossinis had a great time together during the wedding and they are going to have the sweetest memories of that day. But even the best days must end sometimes, so kids headed to bed soon.
But they were not sad because they knew that another great day would happen in the morning. In this case, Castor’s birthday!
So I bought them a stove – let’s say it was a wedding present – and instead of breakfast, Eira was preparing a cake that morning.

05-04-15_2-13 PM-2

“Let’s pretend I know how to bake.”

Castor was very excited since the moment he jumped out of bed. And while his siblings were getting ready for school, he kept bragging about growing up.

05-04-15_2-14 PM

                                 C: “When you come home from school today, I will be a teenager already.”                                         D: “Does that mean you won’t be playing with superheroes with me and Melia anymore?”

Castor didn’t know. And it terrified him. He realized that he would really miss The Purples, his favourite superhero figures. And when Damon left, he secretly changed to his Yoda costume and went to play with them.


“I am gonna try to contact aliens one last time…”

He felt very sentimental. Being a teen was suddenly not so appealing. It was actually kind of… alarming. And scary. He was not ready to let go.

Too bad. Because while he was saying goodbye to his childhood, his relatives were eating his birthday cake! Outrageous! ( I know it’s my fault, I shouldn’t leave it unattended 😀 )

05-04-15_2-19 PM

Devi: “Well, I’m not an expert but aren’t you supposed to eat a cake AFTER he blows out the candles, Mom?”

Eira was then forced to bake another cake and to protect it from the danger of being eaten again, she started to search for Castor.
She found him in a playroom, surrounded with all his toys and books.


“Castor, could you please clean up your toys and…”

But he interrupted her irritably: “No Castor, Mom! Yoda I am!”
Eira sighed with half-smile on her face: “Okay, master Yoda, can you, please, clean up this mess and…”
Castor didn’t let her finish: “No, Mom! Jedis he trains and evil he fights. No time for cleaning he has!”
“Okay, then,” she said, “but the cake is ready and you should get ready, too, because I can’t protect it from being eaten any longer. Help me can you?”

Castor hesitated and she continued: “By the way, you can dress up like Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker when you’re teenager…”

He didn’t really need to hear more. Cake and MORE costumes?

05-04-15_2-26 PM-3

“Teenage years, here I come.”

And after some sparks and confetti rains, Castor became a teenager.

05-04-15_2-29 PM-2

“I suddenly feel grumpy for no reason.”

He rolled Soulmate Aspiration and I gave him Genius trait (I decided to follow this patterns for SnowWhite kids: one trait is random, one trait is obligatory “bad trait” from this generation’s rules and one trait is related to dwarves character.) Since Castor is the first child, he is a representation of Doc, so I chose Genius, because Doc is the leader of the dwarves so I pretend he is the smartest (and he also wear glasses, which is often related to intelligence in movies, right? 😀 ) And it plays well with his Geek trait, which was rolled randomnly.

He looks… very teenage-y. I mean – the beanie and the sweatshirt, that’s nothing special. But – OH, MY – an eyeliner?! I didn’t expect that.

05-04-15_2-30 PM

Who said make-up was exclusive for females?

But It’s only logical when I think about it. Castor is not an average teenage boy. He’s the one who spent his entire childhood walking around in PINK T-shirt and rocked it, after all. He knows no limits in expressing his individuality and he’s eager to show the world what he thinks about gender stereotypes.

First thing he did after growing up: hugged his mom. (Aww.)

05-04-15_2-30 PM-2

“I love you, mama.”

Eira had mixed feeling about this (and so did I.) She was very happy to see her firstborn all grown up, confident and capable of many things. But she hated to see him grow up. She secretly wanted him to stay her little prince forever.

But he wasn’t little, not at all. And with older age, he felt the need to have his own room. Unfortunately, the family couldn’t afford to renovate yet.
And so, they all decided to think about ways of earning money.

Eira was the only person in the household to have a real job, so it was important for her to earn as many promotions as she could. And she was ready to do so. She had a family of six to take care of, after all. That would motivate anyone.

05-12-15_9-25 PM-4

It ain’t easy to be a bread-winner.

Adrian quitted his job, but it didn’t make him useless. His onions and carrots were becoming world-famous and they were selling for a pretty penny.

05-12-15_9-25 PM-3

And Castor decided to explore what can a teenager do with a computer. And since he recently became a Genius, he soon taught himself how to code and after earning some basic programming skills, he made a plugin.

05-12-15_9-22 PM-4

“Whoa, seems like computers are pretty good in following instructions.”

After his plugin was a success (at least in Castor’s eyes), he felt very confident and was willing to try something even more daring. He was sure his parents wouldn’t approve. On the other hand, it can’t hurt them if they don’t know about it.
And so he hacked Lothario Trust Fund. And he felt good about it.

05-12-15_9-23 PM

Programming is so much fun!

Chapter 10: The Wedding Bells

04-15-15_6-13 PM

                                   “Did you hear me, Damon? Mom and Dad are getting married!”                                            “Yeah, so what?”

The Rossini kids were not acting out of ordinary because of the engagement. And although my feelings didn’t correlate with their indifference, I did understand. They were a family for a while. For these children, things have always been like this. Continue reading