Chapter 13: The Inevitable

Well, hello everyone! I hope you didn’t give up on me and my blog. I certainly didn’t, I was just studying for exams so I had zero time to play or write. But it’s so amazing to be back! And it’s also a bit weird, because I kind of forgot how to blog xD

But a lot of exciting things happened in my legacy family since May, so let’s see what’s new.

First of all, Adrian rolled a whim to find a job. Maybe he felt like kids were becoming more and more independent, so his mesmerizing skills of stayed-at-home Dad were no longer so crucial for his family. Or maybe he felt a bit poor (despite my efforts, this family is still not very rich).
Anyway, this time I chose Athletic career for him. He is an active sim and he wasn’t working out since he moved in with Eira. I bet he’s missed exercising ever since.

07-19-15_11-48 PM-2

“This makes me feel so alive!”

Also, with the children growing up, the house needed some upgrading. Castor was a teenager already and Melia would become one soon. So I added an extra bedroom for teenage kids and also – a kitchen! From this day on, my sims will be preparing their meals indoors. What a milestone!  🙂

07-20-15_12-01 AM

Despite being low on funds, the family was having a blast. Kids were studying and having fun, their parents were more in love than ever before and Castor… well, Castor was acting like a teenager. He spent most of his days locked in his new room, playing computer games or experimenting with his programming skills and occasionally, he played chess by himself, because he was already too good to play with others. (He’s a Genius after all.)

07-19-15_11-33 PM07-20-15_4-00 PM

But one day, he rolled a whim to visit a park. Must been Devi’s work – she enthuses about the outdoors all the time. Melia came along – her homework was done and she wished to meet someone new.

They were there for a few seconds, when Castor noticed something unusual – a girl.
And a pretty one. (Not that pretty girls are unusual, but he didn’t really meet many of them in his room 🙂 )

Melia immediately noticed his interest.
“Don’t be a sissy and go talk to her!” she advised him wisely.

07-20-15_12-23 AM

“I’m not a sissy, but…”

Melia interrupted him: “Good. Because I waved at her to come here.”

07-20-15_12-24 AM

“And now, she’s coming!”

“Oh, Castor, she’s looking your way!” Melia smiled, trying to stress her brother out.
And it worked; Castor was shocked and nervous. He never really talked to a girl before.

“Melia, you little stinker…” he wanted to scold her for getting him into an awkward situation, but she was already heading away.

07-20-15_12-25 AM

“Break a leg, big bro!”

‘She’s gonna pay for this.’ he thought to himself as he approached the pretty blonde girl next to him.

“Uhm… hello.”
She smiled at him and answered: “Well, hello, Castor. How’ve you been?”
He looked at her, stunned by both – her beauty and the fact that she knows his name.
“Do you…. do I know you?”

07-20-15_12-25 AM-2

“Oh, come on. Sunny day in this park, don’t you remember?”

Castor was confused. Now that she mentioned it, she does sound familiar.
And then he remembered: “Annabeth?”

07-20-15_12-26 AM

“Jackpot, cowboy!”

“Wow, I’m sorry, I’m just…” Castor felt a bit embarrassed but she didn’t seem to be angry. She looked amused.
“It’s just… you look different,” he braced up, then, he gave her a heartfelt compliment, “But really pretty.”
She thanked him and they started to chat autonomously. They were friends for a brief period of time (they’ve met on the day of Eira’s and Adrian’s engagement), but then I was probably preoccupied with the family affairs and their friendship faded away. But they still have quite big green relationship bar to build on.

Also, notice Melia’s self-satisfied face in the background. That little skank… xD

07-20-15_12-26 AM-2 07-20-15_12-26 AM-3

Back home, Eira and Adrian were really busy. Adrian made the best  use of Castor’s absence to make a plugin on the computer. Unfortunately, he broke it and had to repaired it, because Castor would be really nervous without his video games.

07-20-15_12-49 AM-3

Let’s hope it won’t kill him.

Eira was working on something much more exciting – a cake! It was unbelievable but Melia’s childhood days were over and so she needed a delicious chocolate cake to move on to a new life stage. Everyone was over the moon, except for Eira. It ain’t easy to see your little princess grow up.

07-20-15_12-52 AM-2

“My little baby is not a baby anymore, I guess.”

But a change is inevitable. Because life is flowing and uncertain; death is still. Once we’re dead, the changing stop. But Melia is not dead. She’s flowing. She’s changing. She’s ready.

07-20-15_12-59 AM-2

Going with the flow….

Aaaand it’s done! We have another teenager in our house!
Eira was a little worried, “How is it? How do you feel?”

07-20-15_3-53 PM-2

“I feel… dizzy?”

“….and funny and fine! And so pretty…”
Melia sounded confused, but looked happy and great. (Seriously, she is lovely, isn’t she?)

Eira was glad everything went well, but she was still a little disturbed by the sudden change. However, she soon found out even bigger changes were coming.

07-20-15_1-29 AM-2

Eira: “Now these are the changes I like!”

Being the family sim she is, she was immediately comforted by the idea of having another baby, especially after witnessing Melia’s birthday (Back in TS2, family sims always rolled a wish to have a baby after their children’s birthday.)

Adrian’s reaction was not so clear. He only did the poker face, which is strange for a family sim.

07-20-15_1-30 AM-4

“I don’t know what to say.”

But I think I understand. Eira only wish to have a happy family – the bigger the better. But Adrian, he is a perfectionist. He wants his children to accomplish something great. He expects a lot from them. But he also expects a lot from himself. He’s an involved kind of dad. He wants to see the great achievements of his kids – but he also wants to help them with every step they need to take to get there.

And that’s the tricky part. He’s not sure if he’ll be around long enough to do all that.

07-20-15_1-33 AM-2

Because the change is inevitable, right?

7 thoughts on “Chapter 13: The Inevitable

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Hello! *waves happily* I’m so glad you’re back, and I hope your exams went well! I love reading your legacy family. All your characters have so much personality and are wonderful in their own way!

    I’m really happy to see your new update! Can’t wait to read the next one. Happy birthday to Melia and Adrian! He’ll be a great dad, he doesn’t have to worry. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Hello! And thank you for commenting, you’re too kind.
      I’m glad you had fun reading my stories. I had lots of fun writing them, after all. And I know Adrian will be great, it’s just, you know, kind of alarming to see him getting older. This is my first legacy ever so I tend to be over-reacting 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • ninjapigsims says:

        It shows! There’s so much love for your Sims in your writing. 🙂 And I really like how you write. 🙂

        He’s an awesome Sim! I know how you feel, I know I’ll be sad too when my own legacy Sims get to an age where they may pass away soon. :/

        Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Her second trait is Foodie. I forgot to mention it. Neat and Foodie are obligatory traits for Gen 2 heir according to rules – but now I realized not everyone is familiar with the rules. Sorry, my bad 🙂


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