Chapter 15: Castor in love – part 2

Since the moments after his birthday were so busy, it’s understandable that Castor didn’t have much time to re-evaluate his clothing. But I had plenty of time and when Annabeth left I gave him a little make-over.

Here are the results:

07-20-15_4-04 PM-3

Yeah, I’m handsome. Deal with it.

Castor’s third trait is Clumsy. According to the rules, every kid needs a “bad” trait and since Castor  is inspired by Doc, clumsy seemed appropriate because in the movie Doc always mixed up letters and talked nonsense (“What are you and who are you doing?” anyone? 😀 ) So he’s like clumsy with his words and also a little absent-minded. And I’ve always considered Castor to be absent-minded. I imagine him as that kind of person who wonders so much that he sometimes gets lost in his thoughts and then he forgets about the world around him and then he hits the street lamp with his face. So he’s clumsy in a very absent-minded way 🙂

But back to the story.

07-20-15_4-13 PM-2

Castor felt so good after getting together with Annabeth. He felt so fulfilled and happy that it led him to strange thoughts: maybe the purpose of his life is not seeking knowledge. At least not for now. Because learning is great but it’s so distant and abstract. And Annabeth is right there in front of him and she is not abstract at all. She looks so good and he can’t wait to hear her voice.

They went for a walk to a nearby fishing spot. Castor couldn’t stop thinking about her and about all the love he felt for her. It was insane. It was so consuming that he was not able to think about anything else.

07-20-15_4-16 PM

“I believe it’s illegal to look this good, Miss.”

And he decided not to fight it. If his heart wants Annabeth to be a center of his life, then be it! Maybe the purpose of his life is to love her and cherish her. And who knows, maybe he’ll even learn something in that process. Wisdom comes from the most unexpected sources sometimes, am I right?

But to make it work, he needed her to participate.
“Listen, babe, I was thinking…”

07-20-15_4-18 PM-2

“You were thinking? No way!”

“Stop being sarcastic, this is very serious!” he scolded her jokingly.
“The thing is,” he continued, “I feel like we’re headed in the right direction and I had this crazy idea about us. But it may be a little shocking, so please, don’t pass out.”
Annabeth laughed: “Oh, come on, my nature’s not that brittle!”

Let’s see.

07-20-15_4-19 PM-4

“Annabeth Hampton, I believe your perfection is statistically impossible. I also believe that we are meant for each other and if you don’t feel the same I can do all the math to prove my words. You know I am a very rational man, but you made me believe in miracles – and you, Annabeth, are the only evidence I’ll ever need…

“…Would you do me an honour of becoming my wife?”

Poor Annabeth was speechless for a couple of minutes. Then she mumbled quietly: “Do you realize how crazy this is?”
But she quickly recovered from the initial shock and she answered: “Yes!”

07-20-15_4-19 PM-9

“Why not? We’re allowed to do crazy things when we are in love, right?”

“True that!” Castor agreed, “And now we can be crazy and in love for the rest of our lives.”

07-20-15_4-20 PM 07-20-15_4-20 PM-2

The engagement was quick and sudden and they wanted the wedding to be the same. So they quickly called everyone and threw a surprise wedding party at a brand new wedding venue I built for them.

07-22-15_1-24 AM-207-22-15_1-24 AM-3

The ceremony was private and touching – only family members and the closest friends were allowed. And everyone looked so good! Especially the groom and the bride.

07-20-15_4-41 PM-2

Come on, guys, are you freaking movie stars or what?

Annabeth wore a daring red wedding gown and I think it matched her bright personality really well. It made her shine. But maybe it’s just a mixture of love a happinees shining through?

07-20-15_4-45 PM-6

Mr. and Mrs. Castor Rossini!

The wedding party was a total success. We only earned a silver medal, because I forgot to place kitchen appliances on the lot. Therefore, the caterer couldn’t bake a cake. Oops.
But nobody seemed to miss it, because everyone had so much fun.

07-20-15_4-46 PM-4

Little Devi loves wedddings!

Heavily pregnant Eira was living it up. Being a mother of the groom was like a dream came true to her (it is a milestone in her aspiration, too.)

07-20-15_4-53 PM-6

“Nothing can stop me from having a blast.”

Also, a lot of spontaneous hugs happened  that night. A lot of chatting, laughing and congratulating, too. It was a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

07-20-15_4-56 PM-4

“I love you, big bro.”

And the bartender put on quite a show!

07-20-15_4-56 PM-5

Phew, we’re lucky he didn’t set the bride on fire.

The athmosphere also inspired the original lovebirds of this legacy – Eira and Adrian – to renew their vows.

07-20-15_4-56 PM

Our love started it all.

Aaaand Melia made a new friend. His name is Christopher and he is Castor’s friend from school.

07-20-15_4-50 PM-2

M: “Finally – someone my age!”

He seems nice to me. Melia probably liked him, too, because they were talking all night long. She even discovered one of his trait – he’s a Loner. (Oh, I love that trait!)

07-20-15_5-04 PM-4

Just a random picture of Melia’s beauty 🙂

And while Melia had fun with her new friend, everyone else had fun dancing their pants off! And they danced until the sun came out.

07-20-15_5-09 PM-3

“This is how we do!”

This celebration of love was such a great event. In the end, everyone felt happy and loved. And exhausted.

07-20-15_5-12 PM

What a party!

23 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Castor in love – part 2

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Such a beautiful wedding! 🙂 Everyone looked so well-dressed and gorgeous.

    I like the idea of absent-minded clumsiness! I’ve never read the trait explained this way, and I think it’s a great new type of clumsiness in Sims stories! It fits Castor so well. 🙂

    Congratulations to the happy couple!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Thank you! The wedding was awesome, I loved playing it. I pretty much just sat in my chair and watched them having autonomous fun. They practically earned the medal themselves.

      I love the Clumsy trait, but I wasn’t sure if I should use it or not. Because I don’t really consider it a bad trait. I actually find clumsy sims (and people) rather cute. 🙂

      And thank you for commenting! It really means a lot.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theplumbob says:

    Heh my simself has the clumsy trait (I always break things and stumble over stuff in real life :D) so I always have a great appreciation of clumsy sims.

    The wedding was beautiful and so were the bride and groom. And I’m loving Castor’s makeover – you’re right, he’s grown up into a very handsome sim!

    Liked by 1 person

      • carovnamaruska says:

        Yeah, I try, too, at least for the weddings. With birthday parties, I don’t always bother – but there are just so many of those in this legacy! It can get exhausting.

        Good luck with yours, though! 🙂


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