Chapter 16: Family business

So, there’s one thing I didn’t mention in my previous post.

Annabeth seemed a little rounder in the second half of her wedding night, but I haven’t realized she was pregnant until I tried to move her in with the Rossinis and the game didn’t let me! So they ended up in a small house with Annabeth’s mom, Cierra.

So yay! The third generation is coming.

07-20-15_5-06 PM

No one should look this good while pregnant. It’s just not fair.

But without the newlyweds to move in, the house felt a bit empty. It was fine with me (I would love to play with a smaller family for a change) but Eira didn’t like it. She is only happy when she is surrounded by her loved ones. Lots of loved ones.

They needed three more kids to complete Generation 1. Eira was already contributing by being pregnant, so Adrian decided to help with the quest, too. He contacted the adoption agency once again. Last time adopting, they chose a boy, so this time Adrian came home with a beautiful baby girl.

07-20-15_5-54 PM

“Welcome home, princess. Or should I say warrior princess?”

Her name was Camilla – the name has an Ancient Roman origin and it was the name of a legendary warrior maiden in Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’. Camilla’s father was a king and he promised his daughter to Diana while crossing the river ‘Amasenus’ ( Virgil’s poetic reference to Amazons with whom Camilla is associated.) It’s very cool! And it also means that the name is compatible with my naming policy and I decided to keep it. So, Camilla Rossini it is! (And I like it with an Italian pronounciation: Kah-meel-lah.)

Meanwhile, Damon was enjoying last moments of his childhood and Devi was helping him with that. She is a clown of this family, everytime I let her be autonomous in a conversation, she starts joking.

07-20-15_1-56 AM-3

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

07-20-15_1-56 AM-4

“Because nobody freakin’ cooked it!”

And she loves Damon very much. She loves all of her siblings, of course, but Damon is her BFF. And her partner in crime. Whatever happens, they are in it together.

07-20-15_2-00 AM-2

“I’ve got your back. Even when you didn’t shower for so long that your smell’s become physical.”

They both smelled so bad, but they are kids. It can’t hurt them to have a little dust and mud on their clothes. And hands. And faces. But there was only one bathroom in the house and it was constantly occupied by Eira and her pregnancy issues.

But it didn’t take long and her troubles were over – the baby was coming. Eira went into labour in the middle of Damon’s birthday party.

07-20-15_5-50 PM-3

“This baby sure knows how to make a dramatic entree.”

Luckily, Melia is a foodie and she’s very talented in the kitchen. So she was able to bake the cake for Damon instead of her mom who was experiencing an excruciating pain while giving birth to her sixth child.
But Melia didn’t seem to like it very much.

07-20-15_5-43 PM-2

“Why is it always me who has to do all the work around here?”

Melia has been really helpful since she became a teen. She knew how busy her parents were with their jobs and how they worked really hard for every single promotion, just to be able to support her and her siblings. Her Dad was working out daily, sometimes even twice a day, to keep up with his younger co-workers. Her Mom gave up the maternity leave and sometimes she practised the piano all night long.

Melia knew it was hard for them. She wanted to be useful and so she was doing everything she could to make it easier for them.

She was mopping the floors and cleaning all the appliances in the house.

07-20-15_1-06 AM

“Siiing sweeet nightingale…”

She was helping out with the garden because it was quite neglected since Adrian went back to work.

07-20-15_1-07 AM

She was babysitting her siblings while her parents were gone or asleep.

07-20-15_5-37 PM-2

“I bet your homewrok is already done, when you’re this happy.”

And sometimes, she even prepared a dinner for this big family.

07-20-15_3-55 PM-3

‘Cooking is actually not that bad… much more interesting than cleaning the toilet.’

Poor girl. I did feel sorry for her. Teenage years are supposed to be fun. But with so many things to take care of, Melia matured quickly and she took her role of the oldest sister very seriously.

But back to the birthday party.

Just like his brother Castor, Damon didn’t really feel like growing up. He loved being a kid. It was great. He didn’t want to change anything about his life.

07-20-15_5-43 PM-3

“Is it like…absolutely necessary to grow up?”

But Devi was there to encourage him with a joke and a birthday song.

07-20-15_5-45 PM-3

“Be careful what you wish for!”

Damon took a deep breath and he miracously transformed to his older and wiser self.

07-20-15_5-48 PM


And right in that moment, another miracle was happening just behind the wall  – baby number six was born!

07-20-15_5-51 PM-2

“Nice to meet you.”

It’s a boy! Welcome to the family, baby Evander! (Evander means “good man” and it is also a name of a Roman hero of the Trojan war.)

Eira was never happier. In the last 24 hours, she witnessed the wedding of her firstborn. She found out she’s going to be a grandma soon. She adopted the cutest little baby girl. She celebrated her son’s birthday. And she gave birth for the fourth time. Now that’s what I call a successful day for a family sim.


Her expression says it all.

9 thoughts on “Chapter 16: Family business

  1. theplumbob says:

    Woah, so much has happened! I’ll miss the newlyweds, but it’s probably nicer for them to be somewhere slightly less crowded. Two babies in one update, getting so close! Also, Melia is so great, I’m so happy she’s the heir (I know her traits are partially the way they are due to her being cinderella, but she is probably my favourite)

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      I’m really glad you like her. It’s good when the heir makes a good impression, right?
      I’m trying not to have favourites, though. I probably wouldn’t be able to decide between them anyway 🙂


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