Chapter 17: Through ups and downs

With two adorable but noisy babies in the house, life was suddenly much busier. Little Camilla was exceptionally needy. She was crying all the time, even when she was taken care of. But luckily, big brother Damon was there to give her all the attention she needed.

07-20-15_6-05 PM

“Oh, come on, little baby. Don’t cry. Rejoice in gloriosness of our matching outfits!”

Damon was over the moon to have new siblings. He’s got the happy moodlet again, just like when Devi was born (maybe his cheerfulness is the reason?)

Eira and Adrian were very happy about their new babies, too. Even though it meant their date nights suddenly changed to babysitting sessions. They didn’t seem to mind.

07-20-15_6-45 PM

As long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be.

However, not everyone was excited about new additions.

07-20-15_6-15 PM-2

“Why exactly do we need this hideous, screaming creatures?”

Devi was hurt and offended.
‘Am I not cute anymore or what? I don’t understand why Mom and Dad needed new babies! I am the baby of this family!’

Melia, on the other hand, was not angry. But she was sad.

07-20-15_6-20 PM-3

“Bigger family only means one thing – more chores for me.”

Melia was such a great help in the house, she really deserved a medal for all the work. She was being a real princess – selfless and caring for others, putting their good before her own. Amazing, brave girl.
One day, Christopher showed up.

07-20-15_6-17 PM

But everyone was too busy or exhausted to answer the door. I felt so sorry for Melia, it was awful to watch her friend leave without a word.

But running the household this big was hard and even though Adrian and Eira are capable parents, they are also full-time working adults and the only people in this family who are earning money.

They needed help and Melia was willing to help them. Because that’s what families are for – to help each other out when times are hard.

07-20-15_6-28 PM

“There, there, nooboo. Mom’s working so it’s artificial baby food for now.”

Seeing her there, strong and responsible, it was easy for everyone to forget that she is still a young girl, with her own life. But it was tough for her. Occasionally, I saw her crying in the shower (she was keeping her misery for herself).

07-20-15_6-59 PM-2

“Sometimes I wish to be an only child, free to do what I want to do and not what need to be done.”

It was a heart-breaking thing to witness. Melia had no friends except her siblings, because she simply had no time nor energy to befriend someone. And she started to spend more and more time on her own in the tiny garden in front of the house, far away from all that noise and chaos inside.

08-02-15_1-46 PM

Thank Watcher plants don’t have vocal cords.

The garden became her safe oasis of peace and serenity and Melia realized she wouldn’t mind spending her days quietly in the garden with her beautiful, green companions. Those were her favourite moments and she couldn’t wait to learn more about the mysterious world of plants. (Yes, Melia rolled the Freelance Botanist aspiration when she became a teen.)

Meanwhile, Eira decided to spend some quality time with Devi, so she wouldn’t feel neglected.

07-20-15_6-22 PM-5

“When it was quite dark the owners of the cottage came back; they were seven dwarfs who dug and delved in the mountains for ore. They lit their seven candles, and as it was now light within the cottage they saw that someone had been there…”

She was reading Devi’s favourite fairytales and singing her favourite childhood tunes just to cheer her up. They had great time together and Devi realized that arrival of her siblings didn’t cause her Momma to love her any less.

Eira also tried to give her a valuable life-lesson: “Life’s not always going to be like you want it to be. But being miserable won’t make your problems dissappear. Good attitude is the key!”

07-20-15_6-24 PM

“There’s no use in grumbling, when raindrops keep tumbling.”

07-20-15_6-25 PM

“Dear Devi, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine!”

And Devi really calmed down after their little talk and she decided to focus on her artistic ambitions instead.

07-20-15_6-58 PM-6 07-20-15_5-38 PM-2

In the end, it was really worth it. Devi became the first Rossini kid to complete her childhood aspiration. (Other kids only earned A in grade school.) Hooray!


Damon was trying to be useful, too. He didn’t really like chores, but he adored his baby brother and baby sister. He was sweet, taking care of their needs autonomously whenever he was around.

07-20-15_6-48 PM

“Wow, you have quite an appetite, bro. I wonder if you’ll be a glutton like me one day.”

But Damon discovered another great thing about babysitting his siblings – girls loved it. And Damon loves girls. He has many friends thanks to his social chioldhood aspiration (although he didn’t complete it), but since he became a teen he only cares about his female friends. Curious.

07-20-15_6-06 PM-3

“Be prepared, ladies, I’m the hottest big bro around here.”

Luckily, he took plenty of selfies with babies, because soon it was time for them to grow up. First, it was Camilla’s turn.

07-20-15_6-50 PM-2

“Thank Watcher you’re growing up, Millie. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Oh, look, she’s a little redhead!

07-20-15_6-52 PM

C: “I’m sorry I gave you a hard time as a baby, dad. But look, I’m a kid now!”

She rolled the Active trait and her aspiration is Whiz Kid. And she is really, really cute. I think she will be very pretty one day.

07-20-15_7-10 PM-2

“What are you waiting for, Ev? Grow up already!”

But Evander is probably a day younger, so he gave her time to explore the world on her own for a while.

Firstly, Millie went to talk with her big sis who was taking such a great care of her.

07-20-15_6-53 PM-2

“Hey, Mel! I already know how to talk! Isn’t it great?”

But Melia was trying to beat Damon in chess, so she was quite distracted. Also, she was still feeling upset about her new siblings so she might acted a bit grumpy. But Camilla didn’t mind and she decided to explore the endless possibilities of a fully-functioning body (it must have been hard for active Camilla to lie in her bassinet all day long) and she tried doing some sit-ups.

07-20-15_6-59 PM

Adrian: “That’s my girl!”

Adrian, being active himself, was super proud and excited to have someone of his own kind in the household. It’s just awesome when you pass your genes on your kid (and it’s even more awesome if the kid is adopted, right? xD )

13 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Through ups and downs

    • carovnamaruska says:

      I feel so sorry for her, those challenge rules are tough. But I think it makes sense in the story – being the oldest sister in the family with seven kids made Melia a “servant” in her own home, but at least nobody is abusing her or insulting her or bossing her around like they did in the fairytale. But her situation is still miserable enough to make her dream about better life, so that’s what she had in common with Disney’s Cinderella.

      I hope that makes sense xD

      Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Oh, especially this particular redhead. Just wait and see!

      Melia is a victim of her own good heart and responsibility. She feels obligated to help, but it doesn’t make her happy to be trapped like that. Poor girl, indeed.

      Liked by 1 person

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