Chapter 20: Full House

The visit at Castor and Annabeth’s house led to two important events.

First (and not very surprising) thing was Eira’s sudden desire to have one more baby. And since Adrian is always ready to fulfil every wish of his beloved wife, he contacted the adoption agency as soon as possible.

08-02-15_3-36 PM

A: “There’s no time for pregnancy.”

I only approved of another baby because we needed the seventh dwarf, of course. And I chose the adoption once again, because adopting is cool. And I also wanted three additional days for Adrian to spend with the newest little one.
So, with the little help from the random trait generator The Rossinis adopted their last offspring. And it’s a…

08-02-15_3-41 PM-6


Meet Eudora Rossini. Her name means “good gift” and is also a name of the Hyades, a sisterhood of nymphs that bring rain. (The Hyades is also a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.) I think she’s already quite unique addition to this family.

Eudora arrived to the house around 10 a.m. while the rest of the kids was in school. They had no idea what surprise was waiting for them at home.

08-02-15_3-37 PM

Although Melia looked like she smelled something fishy, when they came back home. xD

Evander was the first one to greet his baby sister. He was very curious, because unlike his siblings, he’s never had a baby sister before.

08-02-15_3-52 PM

E: “Boo, little nooboo! I’m your big bro!”

But Eudora, just like most of the babies out there, wasn’t a big fan of unexpected, loud noises and she started to cry. Poor Evander, he was not ready for that.

08-02-15_3-52 PM-4

“No, no, no, no! Don’t! Don’t cry, nooboo! You’ll get me in trouble.”

Well, babies can be complicated, Ev!

But it didn’t break his spirit. He was still pretty excited to have Eudora around because in Evander’s mind, siblings were the greatest thing ever. He had so many of them and he loved them all.

He was so overjoyed that he kept talking about the new baby all day.

08-02-15_3-19 PM

E: “New baby, Millie! Do you understand? Another sister to have fun with! A-ma-zing!”

Camilla understood very well. She has already met baby Eudora. But she, unlike her brother, was not happy about the new situation at all.

08-02-15_3-46 PM-2

“Ugh, a baby? What for? And her name means gift! Pffff! What a joke! Next time, I’d prefer a trampoline, thanks!”

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper post without a bit of sibling rivalry, right? It’s like the only thing this family is dealing with.

Luckily, no one else was upset. Damon, being the most cheerful creature that ever existed, got the Happy moodlet again and Devi was glad that she was finally old enough to help with baby care. Unlike Evander, she was doing great.

08-02-15_4-02 PM-3

“Admit it, Dory. I’m your favourite.”

Even Melia was all right. And that brings me to the second important thing caused by the visit at Castor’s: Melia finally came to terms with her parents’ choices. Seeing her whole family together, celebrating the arrival of her niece and nephew was overwhelming. And beautiful. She understood that family is important, no matter how big it is and that everyone in the family is there for a reason.

08-02-15_4-06 PM-2

“It’s clear to me now – you belong here, just like I do.”

She also accepted that raising children was her mom’s life mission. And Eira was doing a great job so far – nobody died of hunger or embarrassment and every kid had As in school. That’s actually pretty impressive.

Melia already knew that her choices would be much different than her mother’s. And she also understood that it was okay. Because all Sims are created … well, different.

She even decided to apologize to Camilla for being so grumpy and indifferent before. Because no matter what, it wasn’t Camilla’s fault that Mom and Dad adopted her.

08-02-15_3-08 PM-3

M: “Hey, honey, if I’ll be mean to you ever again, punch me. Punch me hard.”

And although the chores were still Melia’s responsibility, she wasn’t upset about it anymore – I mean, she’s Neat. She loves chores!

Melia was also building her relationship with Devi. The sisters has always been close (everyone’s friends with everyone in this household, since they iniciate conversations autonomously all the time and I love watching them interract with each other so I let them), but since Devi became a teen and rolled the Curator aspiration, they really bonded over outdoor activities. And selfies.

08-02-15_3-14 PM-4

#sisters #besties #4life #naturelovers #beautiful #pretty #green #flowers #trees #twilight #simstacool

08-02-15_3-15 PM

“Yay, Devi! We’ve already got 20 likes.”

Eira was really glad that Melia was back to normal. She knew her daughter had a hard time (she sensed it with her supermama powers) but she also knew that Melia had to work it out on her own. She was a teenager, after all. She wouldn’t listen to her mother at this age anyway.

Camilla, on the other hand, needed her attention a lot at the moment. And Eira sensed that with her superpowers, too. And so she tried to gave Camilla a little one-on-one time. Or two-on-one time, to be honest.

08-02-15_3-55 PM-3

E: “Are you having a hard time with your homework, sweety?”

08-02-15_3-54 PM-5

“Not at all, mom. I’m smart, remember?”

Adrian was very satisfied with Camilla’s answer. He’s the legacy dad, after all. Having successul children is his number one priority.

08-02-15_3-55 PM-2

A: “That’s the spirit, Millie! Hold on to that attitude!”

08-02-15_3-56 PM-4

C: “Sure, Dad. Homework is a piece of cake, anyway.”

08-02-15_3-56 PM-2

A: “If so, remember not to eat it!” (E: “Can’t we go one day without these jokes?”)

Oh, Adrian and his corny humour. Eira’s face on that picture says it all. But Camilla didn’t mind it. She had lovely time with her parents. She’s almost forgotten that she was upset about Eudora and went to bed in good mood.

08-02-15_3-59 PM-3

A: “Can I just say I’m very impressed by your parenting skills?”

08-02-15_3-59 PM-5

A: *whispers* “And by many other things about you, too.”

Well, what can I say? Looks like everything is going quite well in this family right now. And that’s kind of a success with so many different sims living together. 🙂


Achievement unlocked.

13 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Full House

  1. BruNCC93 says:

    Evander is just so cute!! ❤
    For a while I actually thought Melia would stay resentful over her parents' decisions but I'm really glad she changed her mind. Can't wait to see Dory all grown up too 😀

    Liked by 2 people

    • carovnamaruska says:

      She’s a good girl 🙂 I’m not saying that her future won’t be affected by those things. But I think she’s reasonable enough to know that they meant well. And besides, if her (almost annoyingly) optimistic mother taught her one thing it would probably be that being upset about things you can’t change won’t help you with anything.
      Oh, and Dory! She turned out to be quiet a surprising kid, really.

      P.S. Welcome and enjoy at least half as much as I enjoy your work! 🙂

      Liked by 2 people

  2. ninjapigsims says:

    That coming-home-from-school-to-a-baby expression is so like Melia! Welcome to the family, Eudora! Such a beautiful and meaningful name. 🙂

    I love how Melia is growing in her views towards her parents and siblings! And I really like the nicknames the family have for each other! Dory and Millie! So cute!

    *rushes off to Simstagram to like the photo with the sisters*

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      I loved Melia’s face there! With everything she’s been through, it’s really fitting 😀

      And I’m glad you like the names! I’m always so happy when the name I chose has a reasonable, common nickname (although it’s hard for me to say, if the nickname is common or not – they would be all considered quite exotic where I live 🙂 )

      Liked by 1 person

    • Elly says:

      I adore Mr. Jacque Torres even though his recipes freak me out! That cake looks ablsuotely stunning and I will continue to drool at my computer until I gather the courage to make it 🙂


    • carovnamaruska says:

      Evander is such a sweetheart!
      And I love Adrian. He’s actually very interesting and loveable character. I’m kind of sorry I don’t give him all the attention he deserves. I neglect him a little bit, especially on the blog.


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