Meet the Family… at the end of Gen 1!

So, first generation of my Disney Legacy is finally done (it took me six months 😀 ). It was a little longer that in other Disney legacies, because I waited for my heir’s young adult birthday – I didn’t really felt like teenagers are mature enough to be the core of the family, especially a family with seven children!

And since it can get a bit confusing to know who is who with so many sims running around, I decided to make a quick summary of the characters.

First of all, here‘s the family tree as it looked like on Melia’s young adult birthday.

And now, meet the characters!

Legacy Founder: Eira

Representation of: Snow White

Good – Music Lover – Neat (+Domestic)

Big Happy Family

Symphonic String Player (Musician, lvl 8)


Gen 1 Spouse: Adrian Allred

Active – Neat – Perfectionist (+Domestic)

Successful Lineage

Field Agent (Secret agent, lvl 4)
Stayed-at-Home Dad
Team Mascot (Athlete, lvl 3)

And now, the children. Seven children of Eira and Adrian represents seven dwarfs of the well-known fairytale. Every child represents one dwarf according to their birth order and the order of the dwarfs on this cute picture:


I also follow special rules for the children’s traits:

  1. First trait is chosen randomly, using Pinstar’s Random Trait Generator;
  2. Secnd trait is an obligatory bad trait from the challenge rules;
  3. Third trait is related to the character of the dwarf who is represented by particular kid.

All aspirations (children and adult) are also chosen randomly.

And here are the kids in their birth order:

Castor Rossini, (YA, married, 2 kids)
Representation of: Doc

1. Geek
2. Clumsy
3. Genius

Aspiration (Child):
Soulmate, (Artistic Prodigy)

Career: Quality Assurance (Tech Guru, lvl 2)


Melia Rossini, (YA, single)
Representation of: Cinderella

1. Neat
2. Foodie
3. Materialistic

Aspiration (Child):
Freelance Botanist (Artistic Prodigy)

Career: Head Dishwasher (Culinary, lvl 2)


Damon Rossini (Teen)
Representation of: Happy

1. Cheerful
2. Glutton
3. – – –


Fry Cook (Fast Food Employee, lvl 2)


Devi Rossini (Teen)
Representation of: Sleepy

1. Loves the Outdoors
2. Lazy
3. – – –
+ Creatively Gifted


Career: None


Camilla Rossini
Representation of: Sneezy

1. Active
2. – – –
3. – – –

Whiz Kid

Career: None


Evander Rossini
Representation of: Bashful

1. Gloomy
2. – – –
3. – – –

Artistic Prodigy

Career: None


Eudora Rossini
Representation of: Dopey

1. Goofball
2. – – –
3. – – –

Whiz Kid

Career: None

Aaaand that’s it! Let me know in the comments if it’s simple enough or if I should include some additional information! And feel free to ask me about their traits and aspirations, but be ready for a long answer! 🙂

Chapter 2: New Faces

08-02-15_3-53 PM-2

“Hey, Dad! Have you heard? Mel’s got the job as a Head Dishwasher!”

Adrian knew that Melia applied for that position. He, however, didn’t know that she was already hired. How great! Sure, it wasn’t the most noble job in the world, but with Mel’s dedication and talent, she would be promoted soon. It was only a matter of time.

He rushed to congratulate her. (She was in the garden, of course.)

08-19-15_9-43 PM

“Hey, girl, I’m proud of you. You’ll be a world-famous chef one day, I’m sure!”

Melia hoped so. She didn’t mind washing the dishes, it was actually kind of relaxing (what can I say, she’s a neat sim). But it wasn’t paying so well. And it bothered Melia more than it should. Now that she was an adult, she wanted her own room. It’s absolutely normal to want some privacy, right? And a big, comfy bed would be nice, too. And they definitely needed a new stove. Or an entirely new kitchen…


‘Oh, I could do incredible things, if I only was a little richer.’

And so she fully immersed herself into her work. Eira was really happy about her daughter and her responsible behavior. She was absolutely certain that Melia did the right choice when she decided for the culinary career.

09-15-15_11-50 AM

“Om-nom-nom. This grilled cheese is to die for.”

But she was a little concerned about Melia’s love life. Sure, work was very important, but Eira (surprisingly) wanted some grandkids! She wanted to see that the legacy would live on. And she was afraid that this part of heirship could be problematic for Melia.

‘She’s never had a boyfriend before. Not even a teenage crush!’ Eira thought to herself nervously. And she decided to do something about it. (Uh-oh.)

Her plan was very simple actually: she knew that Melia didn’t have friends because she was too busy helping with the household. She really needed a rest; just one afternoon without all those duties.

And so, on Melia’s first vacation day, Eira suggested that it would be nice to take Dory to the park, since the poor baby hasn’t visited any community lots before. Melia agreed.

09-16-15_1-27 AM

M: “Oh, wow. It’s so nice to be here with you two. I haven’t visited the park for ages! I almost forgot how I love it here – it’s like a beautiful, giant garden.”

09-16-15_1-26 AM

E: “Wonderful! And you’ll love it even more when you hear this: …”

Eira paused her speech for two seconds before she continued: “…I saw a fine, good-looking gentleman on our way here and he was looking your way!”

Melia had to put a lot of effort to stop herself from rolling her eyes at her mother.

09-16-15_1-26 AM-2

M: “Seriously, Mom?”

09-16-15_1-26 AM-3

Eira: “Go talk to him. Please. Do it for your mother.”

Melia: *sighes* “Fine! But just to show you how tragically embarrassing it’ll be, so you won’t try to play matchmaker again.”

Melia was slightly annoyed by her mother’s behaviour, but she was expecting it. Her Mom grew up an orphan, so she was all about having a family. Her children were her greatest success and the more descendants she produced, the better she felt.

‘But not everyone is like that…’ Melia thought angrily on her way across the park. But then she got all nervous because she realized she hasn’t talked to boys much before. Except for her brothers, of course. She had no idea what to say.

09-16-15_1-33 AM-3

“Uhm, hello! Mind if I join you?”

09-16-15_1-31 AM-3

“Because my Mom, who is an expert on my life, thought I should speak to you.”

09-16-15_1-32 AM-2

“Hahahaahaahha. Moms will be moms, right?”

Melia felt encouraged by his laugh. He seemed nice.

09-16-15_1-34 AM

“My name’s Melia, by the way. I li…”

09-16-15_1-35 AM

“Melia? Melia Rossini?”

09-16-15_1-34 AM-2

“Your Mom is the woman who bought Oakenstead years ago?”

09-16-15_1-33 AM

“Yes! Why? Do you know her?”

09-16-15_1-34 AM-3

“No, not personally. But I am a big fan of her work. She’s a wonderful violin player. And I happen to love music, especially classical. I saw a lot of her performances and I was amazed everytime. Do you play the violin, too?”

09-16-15_1-31 AM-2

“Weeeell, I play the piano a little. But…yeah, it’s nothing like my mom’s…not even close.”

Melia was surprised how easy and pleasant their conversation was. Alexander talked about his musically gifted sister Cassandra who taught him to love music and Melia talked about the songs her mom wrote. It was going quite well.

And Melia was not the only member of the family who was having a nice time socializing that afternoon.

08-19-15_9-06 PM-4

“So you got another A+ on your paper, didn’t you, you big nerd?”

08-19-15_9-06 PM-6

“Don’t you dare call me that, Damon Rossini!”

08-19-15_9-06 PM-9

“Remind me again, who got the highest possible score on a Math test today? That’s right, it was you!”

08-19-15_9-06 PM-5

“So who is the big nerd here now, huh?”

Damon’s new friend, Katie Hogue, came over after school almost every day. They were the best of friends already. Damon was an excellent student and Katie was a Genius. They had a lot to talk about. It was like they knew each other for years.

08-19-15_9-07 PM-4

“Okay, okay. You won.”

08-19-15_9-11 PM-2

D: “Homework time?”

“Homework time,” she nodded with a soft smile. And so they sat on his bed and studied molecular biology. It didn’t look like something was going on, but Damon felt like singing every time she visited. Doing homework was suddenly the best part of the day.

08-19-15_9-16 PM-4

‘She’s just so…beautiful.’

Back in park, Melia realized she was talking to Alexander for hours.

09-16-15_1-38 AM-3

“So, umm, it was nice meeting you, Alexander, but I should probably go now. I, uhm, I’m here with my little sister and she has homework to do and…”

“Can I see you again?” Alexander interrupted her.
Melia didn’t answer. Instead, she called out to Dory to announce her it was time to go home.

09-15-15_11-55 PM

“On my waaaay!”

Then she looked at Alexander again.
“Well…” she hesitated before answering “…yes. I think we can see each other again.”

Chapter 1: (Un)changed

Melia was slowly chewing her piece of the chocolate cake with toffee filling and hazelnut crunch crust – that she prepared herself – and wondering. So I’ve inherited the legacy. This moment is supposed to be an important milestone. Should I feel different? Has anything changed?

08-15-15_1-28 PM-3

“Hm, let’s see…”

She looked around. Her younger siblings haven’t changed a bit, that’s for sure. They were laughing, chattering, brabbling, monkeying around, singing and laughing again. Those were their usual activities.

The only difference was the style. Everyone was dressed up for the party. But not everyone liked it.

Camilla: “I hate tight, glittery white pants! Why do I have to wear these clown clothes? Are we royalty or what?”

“Well, Mommy was saying something about a castle and evil ste-…” Evander had something on his mind, but Camilla’s dissaproving scowl made him shut up.

Dory, on the other hand, was in love with her party clothes. Especially those blue gum-boots.

08-15-15_1-28 PM-4

“People only complain because they don’t look as fabulous as I do!”

Her only older sibling, Castor, hasn’t changed because of her YA birthday at all. (He hasn’t even changed on his own.) He was a father of two now, but he was still acting like that little boy in a pink sweater that he used to be ages ago.

08-19-15_5-21 PM-3

C: “We can pretend that white pieces are the Lannisters and black pieces are the Starks and it will be like the Red Wedding when I win.” (E: ‘What the actual plum?’)

And her parents…no, nothing. No signs of change detected. Dad was still a dork, walking around in his llamacorn mascot costume when he wasn’t working, just like he used to before.

08-15-15_1-05 PM

I guess I know where Dory’s fashion sense is coming from.

Mom was her usual self, too: dreadfully optimistic, painfully loving and loyal, annoyingly perfect in every way.

08-19-15_5-18 PM

“It’s so great to be home with you, my loves.”

Even their romance stayed the same. They were spending their days gushing over each other and secretly making out when no one was around – or when they thought no one was around. Not even the hideous mascot costume could stop Eira’s displays of affection.

09-16-15_12-02 AM

If this is not love, nothing is.

‘If it’s not them, maybe it’s me!’ Melia thought to herself and she decided to stay very observant for a few days, to find out if any changes happened.

Here are her observations:

Firstly, Melia noticed that she was the chef of the family. But that was nothing new; she was cooking for their relatives since she got the Foodie trait. It was quite understandable – no one else can cook like a Foodie. She has spoiled them with her talent and they refused to eat anything else.

08-19-15_6-12 PM

Secondly, she learned that she was probably the only person in the house to care about cleanliness. Neither that was new – she was helping with chores as soon as she know how to walk. The only difference was the mess – it was getting bigger.

08-19-15_5-45 PM 08-19-15_5-43 PM-2

Thirdly, there was the garden. It was Melia’s responsibility to take care of it. But again, she was taking care of it for a long time now, mostly because it used to be her reason to run away from the family chaos, her quiet oasis of piece and serenity. Well, that changed a bit.

08-19-15_6-07 PM

C: “Oh, look at this blowsy dandelion – it looks just like Dory when she wakes up! Hahaha.”

08-19-15_6-06 PM-3

D: ” Meeeeeeel! Did you hear that! Did you hear what she just called me?!?!”

08-19-15_6-06 PM

M: “Oh, yes, it was ourageous! What are we going to do?”

08-19-15_6-06 PM-2

D: “Tell her to stop, of course! Or lock her up in the cellar.”

08-19-15_6-07 PM-3

Evander: “But Dory. We don’t have a basement.”

08-19-15_6-07 PM-4

D: “Oh, right, nevermind then. Millie, let’s play some chess.”

Millie might be looking like like she’s plotting to strangle her sister in her sleep (gotta love their expressions, right?), but she agreed. And they had tons of fun – they are both aspiring whiz kids, so maybe that’s why. Although the chess they played was a little unconventional.

08-02-15_4-51 PM-3

D: “So this game is called Ponnies versus Unicorns. It’s played with the Knights only…”

Melia sighed. Everything was just the same around here. She concluded that birthday alone didn’t change a thing. But wait! Maybe it’s not the act of growing up that changes things. Maybe it’s her who has to do it! Of course! She’s the heir, after all. It’s her responsibility to change the legacy for the better, isn’t it?

She already knew what is the best way to help the legacy – she’s gonna help with royalties. Or what about a house renovation? All their stuff is so cheap and easy to break! This family deserves better and Mel is ready to work on that.

09-15-15_11-47 AM

‘I didn’t earn the Materialistic trait for nothing, after all.’

Chapter 23: Young Heart

Young heart is hopeful. Optimistic. Always believing that one’s dreams are possible and will happen eventually, always expecting the greatest results.

08-19-15_9-16 PM-4

Young heart is friendly and tender, not afraid to show fond feelings and willing to invest energy and time in those who deserve it. It’s loving and affectionate.

08-15-15_12-42 PM
Young heart is giving and sharing all that is precious – from food to stories, from rooms to words of encouragement. It forms friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods and is loyal to everyone involved, no matter the differences and quirkiness.

08-19-15_6-11 PM-3

Young heart is playful. Bright. Joyous. Full of fun and high spirits. Carefree and untroubled.

08-19-15_5-41 PM-3

Young heart is curious. It’s eager to learn more every day. It’s interested in knowing and fascinated by unknown. It’s constantly trying new things. It experiments. It loves usual things with unusual twists (like eating yoghurt with pieces of cajun-seasoned pan-fried tilapia).

08-02-15_12-44 PM-3

“Mmmm, yum!”

Young heart is fierce. Fearless. Bravely facing every danger. It’s restless and moving, always moving.

08-19-15_9-01 PM-3
Young heart is helpful. It’s the happiest when it’s able to make things easier for someone, to ease someone’s discomfort, to contribute to something good.

08-19-15_9-26 PM

Young heart is adventurous, courageous and bold. It knows that life is happening out there so it’s eager to explore and to experience the world, even when it’s risky.

08-15-15_12-21 PM

Young heart is determined. It knows what it wants. Sometimes it wants questionable things. But young heart is always certain about them. Young heart has a plan.

08-15-15_1-10 PM-2

Ladies and gentlemen! Heiress of this legacy, Melia Rossini, just reached young adulhood and that means the first generation is complete now and we are moving on to generation number 2!

08-15-15_1-29 PM

Happy Birthday!

I wonder what kind of life she will lead and what it is that her young heart wish for. I guess Eira is thinking about it, too. But she is not worried.

Because for those with young hearts, fairytales can come true. She knows. It happened to her, after all.

08-02-15_5-05 PM

“I did a great job.”

Chapter 22: The Process

Damon was upset. He did nothing wrong. And those girls were just mean to him for no real reason. But he learned his lesson. Love can’t be forced. Either it’s there or it isn’t. And if it isn’t… you have just deal with it.

Damon was dealing with it in isolation, playing video games. He only talked to his BFF, Devi.


“Don’t worry about them! They are just shallow bitc….I mean … woofums… and they are only interested in jerks with shiny cars. You can do better than that.”

Devi was a great help for him. Not only because of her supportive words, but because of her way of life. Watching Devi dealing with every day life helped Damon to understand the old cliche that happiness is not a destination but a journey; that aspirations are not about those goals but about loving the process of getting there, loving the baby steps that bring you closer to your dream. And Devi was a shining example of that. Being a lazy sim, she never worried about success and ambitions. She lived her life in a relaxed, laid-back manner, but she felt fulfilled all along.

08-02-15_3-21 PM-2

“Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what I like to do….”

For Devi, every single rock and every single log was full of wonders and every collectable she found brought her joy. She loved collecting, every second of it. Until one day, without pushing too hard and without forcing it, she completed her first collection. Effortlessly. Naturally. Just like that.

08-19-15_10-52 PM-2

Millie couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

And when Damon thought about it, his parents were living like that, too. Their goal was to have a big, successful family. They were not there (yet) but they loved the process of being parents – and soulmates – so they were happy.

08-19-15_6-26 PM

E: “You remind me of pancakes.” A: “How so?”

08-19-15_6-25 PM-2

E: “I love pancakes.”

08-19-15_6-25 PM-3


(No wonder Damon believes in romantic love when he grew up with this, huh?)

Then, there was Melia – her plants were far from perfect and her cooking skills were still average, but she didn’t care. She knew she could live her whole life without completing a single aspiration and still be happy. Because she found great joy in food and gardening and just doing these activities was rewarding enough.


Yum! Home-made food (belongs to Simstagram, right?)

Damon didn’t know how to love the process of finding a soulmate. His aspiration was the trickiest. Because unlike others, the outcome didn’t depend on how hard he tried. It was quite the opposite, in fact. The more he pushed it the less luck he’s got.

He tried to get some inspiration from his brother Castor, another aspiring Soulmate. But it was not really helping, since Castor’s found the one so quickly and easily that he didn’t even know how it happened. And he was the happiest man on the planet ever since.

07-20-15_4-26 PM

Who wouldn’t be with a wife like this?

And with these cute mini-Castors running around? (Yes, Isis and Ross Rossini, first granchildren of Eira and Adrian, are already attending elementary school.)

Isis Ross

So Damon was a little lost. He now understood that happiness was the journey. He saw his family members successfully applied this philosophy. He saw that it worked for them. But he didn’t see how exactly to use it in his case.

Until one day, someone unexpected helped him with that. It was his youngest sister Dory. And she did nothing. Well, nothing concious. She just jumped out of the bassinet. (She couldn’t help it – the life span is merciless.)

08-02-15_4-44 PM-2

“Surprise, everyone! I’m blond!”

But there was something about the way she did it – maybe it was her mischievous smile, or her enthusiasm, or the way she embraced the fact she looked different – that gave him the answer. In the moment of growing up, Dory didn’t even know what her aspiration was – but she was happy nevertheless. The fact that she’s alive, complete and independent was all she needed to know. Maybe it was the childhood innocence but she just adored her life.

Seeing her there, so lively, so eager to grow and learn, he knew it was time for him to do the same. Because sometimes we got to live the life we love. And sometimes we have to love the life we live, even if it’s not perfect. Either alternative shouldn’t be problematic for Damon. He’s a cheerful sim – loving life is his secret talent.

He immediately discussed his plans and ideas with the best love expert he knew.

08-19-15_5-20 PM-2

“…and than I figured out I should probably focused on my life and to work on myself. So what do you think?”

08-19-15_5-20 PM-4

“Well, what can I say! Great decision! It’s well-known that if you’re not happy single…”

08-19-15_5-20 PM-3

“…you won’t be happy in a relationship, either. Happiness comes from within, honey.”

08-19-15_5-21 PM-2

Eira: “Aaah, these kids. They grow up so fast.”

Next day, Damon was ready to try his new strategy. He decided to improve his cooking skill at park’s grills. Eira didn’t have work that day, so she came along. She didn’t want him to set the park on fire, after all.

He tried to prepare a baked potato first. Damon was a bit nervous but it turned out great! He was so encouraged by his first culinary success that he made another meal, this time a serving of hamburgers. And they were delicious, too! Eira was speechless (or she just couldn’t speak because she was too busy eating.)

08-19-15_7-04 PM-2

C: “Damon! This tastes like heaven.”

Castor happened to be in the park, too. The smell of burgers was irresistible, so he joined them for lunch. He was impressed to find out that the food was Damon’s doing and  he was glad to hear about his brother’s self-improving, life-loving plan. He thought it was quite a mature idea, especially coming from a teenage boy. He even suggested his own method: “You should try chess, Damon. It’s a great way of pursuing personal growth.”

Damon agreed and he wanted to start right then and there. So he walked towards the closest chess table.


And there she was.

Chapter 21: Lessons

08-19-15_6-39 PM

“I guess this is my good angle.”

Damon was spending his teenage years just like he was spending his childhood – with a care-free attitude and a big smile on his face. But that’s easy when you’re cheerful glutton and your older sister is a foodie, who spends every second of her free time cooking fabulous meals (or growing her own organic vegetables in the garden.)

08-02-15_1-34 PM

“These eggs with toast are unbelievably delicious, sis.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-3

“YOUUU… are a cooking goddess to me.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM

M: “You only say that because you want me to make you a dessert.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-2

D: “Aah, you see right through me! So are you making peanut butter cookies or blueberry pie?”

But food wasn’t the only passion he discovered on his birthday. Thanks to his raging hormones he was now interested in something else – girls. And so, his search began.

It looked pretty innocent at first. A couple of texts, an occasional phone call or brief chat sessions on Simbook. But when the relationship bars became greener and his acquaintances became friends, we got to see a lot of pretty girls. Nobody in the house was actually ready, since Castor was kind of an antisocial nerd during his teenage years and Melia was just too busy for dating.

But Damon was easygoing and cool. He had no problem with meeting new people or making friends. Especially female friends.

Catherine was the first girl he brought home.

08-15-15_12-16 PM

“Hey, there.”

She seemed nice. She got along well with the younger children, she didn’t mind talking about candies and llamas and she even played a little chess with Camilla (and lost, because Camilla is a Whiz Kid.)

08-15-15_12-40 PM

“I like your little siblings. They are fun.”

Damon liked Catherine. Like a friend. He never rolled any romantic whim with her.

And it was probably okay that way because she’s never showed up again. (Damon later thought it was because of his “trashy” job at local fast food. I thought it was because of their small house and humble lifestyle – Catherine was a materialistic snob.)

But Damon wasn’t discouraged by that incident and next day, he invited another friend.

08-19-15_5-27 PM

This on was called Tiana. I fell in love with Tiana the second I saw her. Not only because of her Disney name (I thought the game was trying to tell me something) but because of her bold and unique fashion choices, too. I mean, she wore blue and white dress with black leggings and yellow knee-socks and she accessorized it with red glasses, green necklace and purple baseball cap. It takes a great personality to rock an outfit like that.

Damon loved it, too.


“You look like you’re wearing a rainbow!”

But they didn’t really clicked. Tiana was unimpressed. She got bored immediately and the conversation was just awkward from that moment on.

08-19-15_5-29 PM

“Oh, you think you’re such a special snowflake to notice my outfit! Seriously, was that supposed to be an impressive compliment or what? Because it didn’t work.”

It didn’t take long to find out that she’s evil AND mean. Well, I think Damon is better off without her.

Damon thought so, too. And he also decided not to push too hard and to take this whole ‘searching for a soulmate’ thing easy. He’s still a teenager, after all. There’s no need to rush it.
And since he was already an A student, he focused on his job. He was just cleaning tables back then but he planned to be promoted to Fry Cook soon. He only needed a little help from his sister, an almighty cooking goddess Melia.

She was willing to help him with garden salad (letting him anywhere near the stove seemed too dangerous.)

Melia: “So, if you’ve washed the lettuce, you can tear it into bite sized pieces and….”

08-02-15_3-47 PM-2

D: “Ouch, I’ve cut my finger!!”

“I haven’t even mentioned the knife yet!” Melia frowned and shook her head.
‘This is gonna be harder than I thought.’

She continued with instructions: “Okay, so now, slice other veggies and place them into the bowl with lettuce. And be careful, for Watcher’s sake!”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-5

D: “That’s easy for you to say! Why is this thing so soft and mushy?”

Melia: “Because it’s a tomato! How’s it going?”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-7

“Wonderful! I didn’t drop the knife at all.” *sarcasm*

Melia: “Okay, let me see.”

08-02-15_3-48 PM-3

M: “It’s not that bad. Although those poor tomatoes are more mashed than sliced…”

“…but don’t worry about that! Nobody is born an expert, after all.”

08-02-15_3-50 PM-2

M: “Now, let’s make the vinaigrette!”

“You need olive oil and vinegar for that. But be careful with vinegar – too much of it will ruin the whole salad. OK, now you have to add salt and herbs and….”

08-02-15_3-49 PM-2

“But how much salt? One tablespoon or two…”

M: “Well, only your tastebuds can answer that question!  The art of seasoning the food correctly can be mysterious and tricky. It takes practice to master it.”

Damon was a bit nervous about it but the salad ended up quite tasty. Even Melia ate it and she can be a bit picky when it comes to food.

And although Mel’s advice was great, he wanted to learn even more. Since Melia wouldn’t let him use the stove, he decided to try the grill at the local park. But he didn’t make it to those grills, because he spotted a pretty girl on his way there and he somehow forgot about the whole cooking thing completely.

08-19-15_5-47 PM

“What a lovely day.”

08-19-15_5-47 PM-2

“My name’s Damon, by the way. Nice t……”

08-19-15_5-48 PM

“WHAT? What makes you think I care about your plumming name? DO I LOOK LIKE CARE?!?!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-2

“Of course not, because I DON’T! I don’t care about you, or your name or YOUR PLUMMING LOVELY DAY!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-3

“And NOW!!! Leave me alone before I beat the plum out of you!!! Or you know what, I’ll go.”

08-19-15_5-50 PM

“What is wrong with this world?”

Poor kid. He didn’t deserve this. He was just being nice, after all. Life is unfair sometimes. I mean he’s the sweetest teenage boy that walked around my game and these divas keep treating him like plum! Let’s just hope there’s someone out there for him.

08-19-15_5-51 PM

D: “What are you looking at, llama face? Be off!”

Okay, maybe just the second nicest…