Chapter 21: Lessons

08-19-15_6-39 PM

“I guess this is my good angle.”

Damon was spending his teenage years just like he was spending his childhood – with a care-free attitude and a big smile on his face. But that’s easy when you’re cheerful glutton and your older sister is a foodie, who spends every second of her free time cooking fabulous meals (or growing her own organic vegetables in the garden.)

08-02-15_1-34 PM

“These eggs with toast are unbelievably delicious, sis.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-3

“YOUUU… are a cooking goddess to me.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM

M: “You only say that because you want me to make you a dessert.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-2

D: “Aah, you see right through me! So are you making peanut butter cookies or blueberry pie?”

But food wasn’t the only passion he discovered on his birthday. Thanks to his raging hormones he was now interested in something else – girls. And so, his search began.

It looked pretty innocent at first. A couple of texts, an occasional phone call or brief chat sessions on Simbook. But when the relationship bars became greener and his acquaintances became friends, we got to see a lot of pretty girls. Nobody in the house was actually ready, since Castor was kind of an antisocial nerd during his teenage years and Melia was just too busy for dating.

But Damon was easygoing and cool. He had no problem with meeting new people or making friends. Especially female friends.

Catherine was the first girl he brought home.

08-15-15_12-16 PM

“Hey, there.”

She seemed nice. She got along well with the younger children, she didn’t mind talking about candies and llamas and she even played a little chess with Camilla (and lost, because Camilla is a Whiz Kid.)

08-15-15_12-40 PM

“I like your little siblings. They are fun.”

Damon liked Catherine. Like a friend. He never rolled any romantic whim with her.

And it was probably okay that way because she’s never showed up again. (Damon later thought it was because of his “trashy” job at local fast food. I thought it was because of their small house and humble lifestyle – Catherine was a materialistic snob.)

But Damon wasn’t discouraged by that incident and next day, he invited another friend.

08-19-15_5-27 PM

This on was called Tiana. I fell in love with Tiana the second I saw her. Not only because of her Disney name (I thought the game was trying to tell me something) but because of her bold and unique fashion choices, too. I mean, she wore blue and white dress with black leggings and yellow knee-socks and she accessorized it with red glasses, green necklace and purple baseball cap. It takes a great personality to rock an outfit like that.

Damon loved it, too.


“You look like you’re wearing a rainbow!”

But they didn’t really clicked. Tiana was unimpressed. She got bored immediately and the conversation was just awkward from that moment on.

08-19-15_5-29 PM

“Oh, you think you’re such a special snowflake to notice my outfit! Seriously, was that supposed to be an impressive compliment or what? Because it didn’t work.”

It didn’t take long to find out that she’s evil AND mean. Well, I think Damon is better off without her.

Damon thought so, too. And he also decided not to push too hard and to take this whole ‘searching for a soulmate’ thing easy. He’s still a teenager, after all. There’s no need to rush it.
And since he was already an A student, he focused on his job. He was just cleaning tables back then but he planned to be promoted to Fry Cook soon. He only needed a little help from his sister, an almighty cooking goddess Melia.

She was willing to help him with garden salad (letting him anywhere near the stove seemed too dangerous.)

Melia: “So, if you’ve washed the lettuce, you can tear it into bite sized pieces and….”

08-02-15_3-47 PM-2

D: “Ouch, I’ve cut my finger!!”

“I haven’t even mentioned the knife yet!” Melia frowned and shook her head.
‘This is gonna be harder than I thought.’

She continued with instructions: “Okay, so now, slice other veggies and place them into the bowl with lettuce. And be careful, for Watcher’s sake!”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-5

D: “That’s easy for you to say! Why is this thing so soft and mushy?”

Melia: “Because it’s a tomato! How’s it going?”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-7

“Wonderful! I didn’t drop the knife at all.” *sarcasm*

Melia: “Okay, let me see.”

08-02-15_3-48 PM-3

M: “It’s not that bad. Although those poor tomatoes are more mashed than sliced…”

“…but don’t worry about that! Nobody is born an expert, after all.”

08-02-15_3-50 PM-2

M: “Now, let’s make the vinaigrette!”

“You need olive oil and vinegar for that. But be careful with vinegar – too much of it will ruin the whole salad. OK, now you have to add salt and herbs and….”

08-02-15_3-49 PM-2

“But how much salt? One tablespoon or two…”

M: “Well, only your tastebuds can answer that question!  The art of seasoning the food correctly can be mysterious and tricky. It takes practice to master it.”

Damon was a bit nervous about it but the salad ended up quite tasty. Even Melia ate it and she can be a bit picky when it comes to food.

And although Mel’s advice was great, he wanted to learn even more. Since Melia wouldn’t let him use the stove, he decided to try the grill at the local park. But he didn’t make it to those grills, because he spotted a pretty girl on his way there and he somehow forgot about the whole cooking thing completely.

08-19-15_5-47 PM

“What a lovely day.”

08-19-15_5-47 PM-2

“My name’s Damon, by the way. Nice t……”

08-19-15_5-48 PM

“WHAT? What makes you think I care about your plumming name? DO I LOOK LIKE CARE?!?!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-2

“Of course not, because I DON’T! I don’t care about you, or your name or YOUR PLUMMING LOVELY DAY!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-3

“And NOW!!! Leave me alone before I beat the plum out of you!!! Or you know what, I’ll go.”

08-19-15_5-50 PM

“What is wrong with this world?”

Poor kid. He didn’t deserve this. He was just being nice, after all. Life is unfair sometimes. I mean he’s the sweetest teenage boy that walked around my game and these divas keep treating him like plum! Let’s just hope there’s someone out there for him.

08-19-15_5-51 PM

D: “What are you looking at, llama face? Be off!”

Okay, maybe just the second nicest…

13 thoughts on “Chapter 21: Lessons

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Oh my plum, ‘The Adventures of Damon’ is so funny! I love his outgoing, girl-obsessed teenage self. The park girl was the best! xD

    And of course, ninjapig and I really enjoyed reading about him appreciating Melia’s cooking. I hope Damon has better success with making food in the future! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      That girl was intense! I didn’t see that coming. I used friendly introduction and she just started yelling at him. Just because! She wasn’t even angry.

      The cooking lesson was so much fun to write! I had you in mind when I was doing that. But I’m never doing it again I guess. I was writing it at night and it just made me feel do hungry! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • ninjapigsims says:

        I think she must be one of the insane hobos that sleep in the park. Poor Damon! XD

        Aww! ninjapig was really hungry too because of that, but I know this chapter was definitely her favourite. ( . . ) ❤

        Liked by 1 person

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