Chapter 3: First Times

Damon was ready to do it. It should be easy. All he had to do was ask, right? But even the smallest thought of his plan made him feel so nervous. And excited. And dizzy. And unsure. And maybe a little bit confused? He couldn’t decide which exact feeling he had. Probably all of them.

But in spite of the raging emotional storm he was experiencing, he took the phone into his sweaty palms and he dialed the number.

08-19-15_5-23 PM

Today’s the day.

“Hello?” he heard her voice from the phone.

“Hey, Katie. It’s Damon.” he answered, wondering if she was able to hear his loudly beating heart.  He had to take a deep breath before he was able to continue: “I’ve got an idea. Remember when we talked about Oasis Springs and how we have never been there, although it’s so close to us?”

“Yes, Damon, I remember. It was like… two days ago?” she stated slowly.

Damon sensed curiosity in her voice. Or was his mind playing games with him?
Whatever it was, Damon got even more nervous because of it: “Well, I think we should go there. Like… right now. I mean, I bought two bus tickets to Oasis Springs and I was wondering… if you would like to. You know. Go there. Uhmm, with me.”

“As in a… date?” she asked.

Damon felt like his entire body died for a second. He forgot how to breathe, how to think, how to move the muscles on his face to say something.

But he somehow summoned his courage up and said: “Yes.” in the most confident tone he could come up with.

She answered calmly and very casually: “Okay. Meet me at the bus stop.”

Whoa. Looks like someone had a lucky day.

08-19-15_9-07 PM

Did you see it, Watcher? I nailed it!

(Okay, Damon, I saw it, but can you, please,  stop looking me in the eye? It’s creeping me out.)

And while Damon was getting ready for his date – his preparations mostly consisted of happy dancing and taking deep breaths – Melia was already out there at her very own (almost) date. Well, technically, it wasn’t a date. But it was a social appointment with a single man and there was a chance that romance could happen at some point.

09-16-15_1-42 AM

“So, this is the left wing, the newest addition to our museum. The paintings here represent the Neo ruralism – the painters of this period were fascinated by farming and poultry. “

Alexander took her to Museum of Municipal Muses and Mel loved it. Probably because Alexander was the sweetest guide she could wish for. He knew so many details about the art and exhibitons, even about the history of the building itself! He was also super polite and pleasant as he showed her around.

But maybe she only liked it so much because she’s never been out with a boy before. Or in a museum, for that matter…

09-16-15_1-45 AM-3

“If only our house looked this good.”

But, oh, the museum! It was such a fine building! With so many expensive paintings! And so many rare exhibits! She felt  noble and important, walking around the famous masterpieces – it was easy to pretend she was a high-born, well-educated lady and not a poor girl who washed the dishes. She felt like she could spend her life standing there, enjoying the view.

09-16-15_1-44 AM

Looks like Alexander was enjoying the view as well xD

Meanwhile in Oasis Springs, Damon and Katie were enjoying a delightful stroll around the sandy neighborhood.

“Oh, Damon, this place is so pretty!” Katie was impressed by the raw, warm beauty of the dessert.

08-19-15_10-30 PM-2

D: “Almost as pretty as you!”

“Oh, stop it, you!” she laughed as she headed towards the closest bench. All that walking was rather tiring.
“Let me tell you a secret.” Damon said. He was feeling extremely confident. Katie was smiling and jokingly teasing him whole day – it was a synonym for a successful date in Damon’s mind.

08-19-15_10-32 PM-2

“I CAN’T stop!”

He said it with courage and honesty, because it was truer than true. He wanted her to know. It was impossible for him to stop at that point. He couldn’t stop. He couldn’t help it – he was already too deep in love.

Katie just stared at him with mysterious smile.

08-19-15_10-32 PM

D: ‘Maybe I should kiss her now?’

He decided not to. He wasn’t sure if she got what he was trying to say, so he decided to try again.
“I can’t stop, because it’s like…”

08-19-15_10-32 PM-3

“…it’s like someone’s tickling you…”

08-19-15_10-33 PM

“…and you just can’t stop laughing.”

08-19-15_10-33 PM-2

K: *laughs incontrollably*

08-19-15_10-33 PM-3

K: *still laughing* “Okay, okay! I get it now!”

Damon looked at her with eyes full of hope and he slowly took her hand in his.

08-19-15_10-33 PM-7

“Do you?”

08-19-15_10-34 PM

“Yes, I do, Damon. The truth is…”

Katie took a deep breath. Then she looked at him and she whispered the rest of the sentence:

08-19-15_10-34 PM-3

“…I’m in love with you, too.”

Damon couldn’t believe his luck. How is it even  possible that this gorgeous, amazing human being felt this way about him? He was absolutely speechless. No words could express what he felt. And so he just kept squeezing her like there was no tommorrow.

08-19-15_10-36 PM

Back in Willow Creek, Melia and Alexander finally left the museum. They spent hours in there, because Melia refused to leave unless she saw every single work of fine art that hanged there.

09-16-15_1-54 AM-3

A: “Oh, my, how much time did we lost in the museum? It’s already dark outside.”

09-16-15_1-53 AM-2

Melia: “Lost? I wouldn’t call it that! I enjoyed every second of it.”

09-16-15_1-53 AM

A: “I thought you would like it! Intelligent women usually love arts. Would you like to go for a walk around the river with me?”

09-16-15_1-53 AM-4

“Well, it’s late. I should be probably heading home by now.”

09-16-15_1-54 AM-4

A: “Come on, Mel! Night’s still young!”

Melia sighed: “I can’t, Alexander. I have to help my mom with kids. And with dishes. I promised her I wouldn’t stay out too long.”

09-16-15_1-53 AM-6

M: “Thank you for a lovely time. See ya!”

And with that said, she left.

Damon’s date was also coming to an end. But the mood there was quite different.

08-19-15_10-43 PM-2

“It was such a lovely day, Katie. Thank you for that.”

“But Damon! It was all your idea!” she protested. “So I thank you! I’ve been dreaming about this moment for quite some time, to be honest.”

She smiled at him shyly and then she just standed there, silent.

08-19-15_10-45 PM-3

D: ‘Maybe I should kiss her now?’

This time, he decided to go for it: ‘Plummit! It’s now or never.’

08-19-15_10-41 PM-2

08-19-15_10-41 PM-4

“Oh, Damon, I…”

08-19-15_10-42 PM-2

D: “Amazing, wasn’t it? Let me try it again.”

08-19-15_10-43 PM-5

08-19-15_10-44 PM-2


13 thoughts on “Chapter 3: First Times

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Thanks! Damon and Katie are unbelievably adorable. I know I should be focusing on Melia since she’s the heir and all, but I just can’t get enough of Damon and Katie together. Their teenage romance is so innocent and sweet and heartfelt!

      Liked by 1 person

      • ninjapigsims says:

        It’s good to focus on the spares too! I like seeing what they get up to. Melia will have her own spotlight soon! And it’s great to see how in-depth her tour with Alexander was today. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  1. BruNCC93 says:

    Damon and Katie are ridiculously cute! Plus, their kids will be too adorable to handle!
    Mel and Alexander really should start dating and give us diabetes too before we forget she is the heir and just make a petition to keep follow Damon and Katie around xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Ahhaahahah, thank you! I feel the urge to follow those too around, too! They are almost too cute to handle 🙂
      Mel and Alexander have their own pace, I guess. They are no teenagers so they act more reserved. At least Mel does.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. theplumbob says:

    The lottle details you casually mention really make this story! Also, how adorable is Damon? 😀

    Also, can’t believe how much catching up I have!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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