Chapter 11: Life goes like this

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“I know it’s not ideal, but it’s only temporary I promise.”

Mel sighed. She felt really bad that Alexander had to face her fiery little sister on his own. It could be quite traumatic to encounter Camilla unprepared and unaware of her temper.

And Alexander was in some kind of mild shock, so they agreed he should stop coming over so often until the situation cools off. It would reduce their time together considerably, since Melia was too busy working and she couldn’t go out a lot. But it was for the best.

It actually did help. Camilla calmed down a bit and life at Oakensted  went back to normal:

Evander continued with his beloved fishing. He wasn’t exactly good at it, but he’d get there. He was only doing it because of the solitude, anyway.

10-29-15_10-40 PM-4

“Wait, where’s my fish?”

However, he wasn’t always alone. Devi was usually ready to accompany him on his trips around the neighborhood, looking for frogs and fossils. But he didn’t mind Devi at all. She was calm and laid-back, too much in awe of nature to speak a word.

Devi has never teased him about being weird or antisocial. She hasn’t talk to him a lot and when she did it was about different baits and their effects on fish or about aquatic ecosystems or about the relations between clean water and tadpoles.

But most of the time, she minded her own bussiness. For Evander, it was impossible not to like her.

10-29-15_8-38 PM-3

“Could it be? I found an actual claw of velosimraptor!”

Devi was quickly becoming everyone’s favourite person. In a hectic, busy household like theirs, she provided her patient ears and much needed support.

When Mel was under pressure because of her confused feelings and heir responsibilities, Devi was there, listening. And when Mel was too busy with work to take care of her garden, Devi was also there, helping.

10-29-15_10-27 PM-3

“You don’t have to do everything all alone, Mel.”

Or when Eira felt blue because all of her little darlings were growing up and leaving the nest one by one, Devi was there to distract her.

10-13-15_7-52 PM

“Do you remember learning  Moonlight Sonata on the piano, mama? How was it for you? How long did it take?”

“Ah, sonata quasi una fantasia!” Eira sighed sentimentally. “It’s hard to say, my dear. Music is not a definite process, you see. I could play it technically perfect after a few weeks. But it took me years and years to fully experience the poetry and ferocity of it…”

Oh, those music lovers – one word about music and they’d never shut up. 🙂

And when Dory was  insecure or scared or confused with the world and her place in it, Devi was right there, offering a comforting hug.

10-13-15_7-42 PM-2

“Don’t be scared, sis. This world is lucky to have you.”

Eudora sure needed a little reassurance here and there. Being a teenager could be challenging, after all.

Especially when your sister is brutally honest Camilla.

11-08-15_7-52 PM-2

“Omg, Dory. Your face is not a coloring book, so calm down with the makeup, okay?”

Camilla’s advice was sometimes hauting her for hours.

10-13-15_6-18 PM-3

‘But yesterday she told me that I should do my makeup for me. And I like it like this, so what is her problem?’

But most of the times, Camilla was just an ordinary older sister.

10-29-15_10-31 PM-3

“Oh, Dory! You’d never guess how what happened! So, Emily told me today that Lana overheard how Matt said to Noah that you are kinda cute!”

10-29-15_10-31 PM-4

“I mean, Matt is a senior! And a quarterback! That’s a big deal, Dory! Dating a popular senior would make you the coolest freshman in your class, y’know.”

10-29-15_10-32 PM-2

“But…now that I think about it, Matt is not the sharpest tool in the shed… so maybe… just be careful around him. K?”

10-29-15_10-31 PM-2

“Oh, don’t worry, Millie. I know boys – and I only talk to the ones that can monkey dance!”

10-29-15_10-32 PM

Camilla (to herself): ‘Da plum have I just heard?’

But Camilla understood  a few hours later, when she accidentally witnessed Dory’s conversation with Evander.

10-29-15_9-49 PM-2

“Ev, Ev,Ev!! Wanna see something sick?”

And she showed him a funny video with a dancing monkey.


Camilla thought it was pretty silly. She couldn’t even decide what was more insane – the video itself or the annoying tune that played in the backround. She wanted to stop the madness immediately.

But Evander laughed, so she said nothing. It was a rare occurence to see her little brother with a big smile on his face. And it looked like Dory’s frivolous nature and childlish jokes worked like a miraculous cure on his melancholy.

10-13-15_7-22 PM-2

D: “Let me give you a big hug, you pathetic emo kid. You look like you really need one.”

And Evander wasn’t the only one who bonded with teenage Dory very quickly. Now that she was an aspiring body builder, Adrian retired just to train her.

10-29-15_8-43 PM

“You have to keep going until you feel like you’re going to pass out – and then you have to do 10 more repetitions.”

And although his advices could be quite harsh sometimes, Adrian was fighting happy tears when he saw her like that.

And Adrian just adored his active, sporty princesses.

10-29-15_8-52 PM

“Not one, but two of my children are interested in sports! That’s what I call successfully passed on genes. I am one happy man.”

Yes, thing went back to normal. Their days were once again full of llama jokes and autonomous hugs, their conversations full of warm compliments and encouraging words.  Even though their tempers and interests sometimes collided, they knew that they’d always have each other.

So they went along their daily routines, laughing, gossiping, complaining, monkeying around…and just living.

And everything was alright.

11-05-15_5-56 PM-2

“Oh, hello, there.”

Or was it?

11-05-15_5-57 PM-4


Chapter 10: Millie Makes a Mess

Eira was a little worried. She was never dealing with a rebellious teenager before – her four older kids experienced peaceful and calm teenage years. Sure, they had some minor issues and challenges to overcome, but it was always somehow natural. They were dealing with things teenagers should be dealing with – searching for love or new friends, struggling with free time and social media image, discovering new things and possibilities…

Camilla, on the other hand, seemed to cause troubles just for the sake of causing troubles.

10-13-15_7-33 PM

C: “Yes, Devi, I’m gonna eat in front of the fridge just to piss you off.”

Eira has never been a directive type of parent. She was more of an observant and encouraging one. And she was sure that Camilla is only doing all that, because she has nothing else to do. Nothing to invest her endless enthusiasm in, nothing that would help her with burning off some energy.

10-13-15_7-52 PM-2

“…and so when she asked me if she could get a tattoo, I was like ‘Sure, but you have to earn the money yourself.’ And it worked!”

Camilla found a job immediately and she became a Lawn Mower. And she was super excited about it. Spending Saturday morning doing some active outdoors activities – looked more like fun than a job.

10-13-15_7-39 PM-2

“Let’s DO THIS!!!”

It kind of worked. Camilla needed more sleep if she didn’t want to pass out in work – and that meant she had less time for mischief. Sending five to six chain emails a day to that poor, poor entertainer was the only deviant activity she engaged in.

11-05-15_5-52 PM

“If you don’t send this to 50 other people before midnight, a little creepy dead girl will come and get you…”

Eira knew that this little success of hers deserved a celebration and she bought a stereo. Being a Music Lover, she always wanted one, but everytime she tried buying it, more important things were needed. Like a bed for a child that grew up or something.

But now, it was time. Finally.

10-13-15_7-53 PM-2

“Nothing can stop my moves.”

And while Eira and pretty much everyone else was enjoying the music outside, Melia invited Alexander over, like always. They stopped going out for dates, because it was too time consuming for Mel and instead, they opted for quick meetings before or after work.

Melia also finally decided not to worry about her relationship. She figured that there was no point in comparing this romance with Alexander with the one her parents had. They were completely different people with completely different goals and priorities and they fell in love in completely different time and circumstances, after all.

11-08-15_7-41 PM

“So how are you doing today, handsome?”

It allowed her to relax a little bit and to actually enjoy the time she spent with Alexander.

11-08-15_7-41 PM-3

“By the way, I think it’s time to bring our relationship to the next level.”

11-08-15_7-43 PM

A: “Weeeeell, what kind of the next level? One can never be sure with you….”

11-08-15_7-43 PM-2

11-08-15_7-43 PM-3

“This kind? I mean, umm… you should stay here tonight. Like all night, you know?”

11-08-15_7-40 PM-2

A: “No problem, my love. If you feel like it…”

11-08-15_7-42 PM-2

M: “Oh, I certainly do! Isn’t it hot in here?”

She still felt a bit weird around him, doing all those romantic gestures –  she wasn’t used to it. But it wasn’t badly weird – more like awkward but in a sweet way.

And everything was going quite well until Alexander got thirsty and decided to get a cup of water. It was early in the morning and he assumed that no one would be up yet. The house was full of teenagers and teenagers just love to sleep in, don’t they?

But he encountered Camilla immediately after he stepped out of the room. He remembered their last conversation, which was rather unpleasant and he was determined to make it up. He wanted to be on good terms with Mel’s family.

So he approached her slowly and scared her, just for fun.

10-29-15_9-40 PM-2


Unfortunately, Millie just got back from her morning jog. She felt grumpy and smelly and exhausted and she was having one of those hot-head days.

Needles to say, she was not impressed.

10-29-15_9-42 PM-2

C: “Boo? Seriously?!”

10-29-15_9-41 PM

“How old are you, for Wacther’s SAKE? Five?!?”

10-29-15_9-40 PM-3

“AND!! WHAT! THE! PLUM! are you even doing in my house at this hour, you CREEP?!?!”

And she just yelled and yelled and yelled. Luckily, everyone in the house was already used to the sound of Millie’s yelling, so they didn’t bother finding out what was going on.

Poor Alexander left instantly, he didn’t even change from his PJs.

Melia was not happy when she heard about the incident. But once again, she had no time to discuss it with her sister because she had to work, so she asked Eira to take care of it.

10-29-15_9-45 PM-4

E: “Millie, dear, you can’t just attack Melia’s boyfriend everytime you see him.”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-8

C: “What? I didn’t attack him!”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-4

“Although I wish I did!”

“Millie, please!” Eira reproached her, “Don’t be so harsh. He seems nice to me.”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-7

“Sure if you consider arrogant spiteful bastards NICE!! Geee…”

“Millie! Why would you say something like that? You don’t even know that poor man.”

10-29-15_9-44 PM-3

“I’m sure that he’s a good man and Melia has good reasons to date him, right, Devi?”

10-29-15_9-44 PM-2

Devi: “Sure!” (Camilla: “You two are hopeless.”)

Devi agreed enthusiastically, sporting an encouraging smile on her mom, hoping her worrisome thoughts are not reflecting in her expression.

It was not so long ago when Melia talked to her about Alexander. And Devi found it hard to forget that the thing her sister found the most interesting about him was probably his house…

Chapter 9: Hot

So, the birthday party was a total success. At least until Camilla noticed that the entertainer we hired didn’t leave the lot after the party.

Instead, he stayed behind and used Evander’s easel.

And Camilla didn’t quite approve. Or did she?

10-13-15_6-02 PM

“Hey, there! May I ask — What are you doing so alone over here?”

“Oh, I’m painting. The nature is really beautiful around here,” the entertainer answered with a friendly smile.

10-13-15_6-02 PM-2

“And what made you think that you are allowed to use my brother’s canvas?”

Camilla said it with her most angelic, innocent voice and left before he was able to say something.

But, of course, she wasn’t being innocent at all. She just wanted to confused him a little. And then, when he was about to leave, she attacked in full power.

10-13-15_6-04 PM

“Good job wasting Ev’s precious canvas on your ugly painting, you giant plumhead.”

10-13-15_6-04 PM-3

“Oh, sorry, did I call that thing a painting? I’ve meant to say garbage. Seriously, it looks like a raw fish after passing through someone’s digestive system.”

The entertainer was not amused.

10-13-15_6-05 PM-4

“How dare you, you insolent piece of llama! I am a talented artist!!! I made a mistake when I agreed to come here.”

10-13-15_6-06 PM-5

“Oh, really?!?!”

10-13-15_6-06 PM-6

“If you want to learn something about mistakes, you should ask your parents!”

10-13-15_6-07 PM

Camilla: *to herself* ‘Wow, I’m good at this!’

10-13-15_6-08 PM

“And now, get lost!”

Lesson of the day: Having a conversation with dastardly hot-head can have devastating consequences. Attempt at your own risk.

Camilla could be a bit difficult to handle at times, but usually, when she was able to control her temper, she was really sweet. Mischievous, funny, full of energy and optimism. These qualities and her undeniably good looks made her quite popular among the boys from the neighborhood.

10-29-15_10-44 PM-3

“Your beauty has blinded us, Camilla.”

“That is unfortunate,” she answered, not impressed, “I needed someone to help me with egging a few houses, but now that you’re both blind…”

Her words magically healed these poor boys, but Camilla was still quite annoyed.

10-29-15_10-44 PM-4

‘What have I done that I have to deal with these teenage trolls?’

Oh, I’m sorry, Millie! This is what Townie generator had for you.

They were not all equally annoying, though.

10-29-15_11-05 PM

“And than he was like ‘If you were a potato, you would be a great potato.’ Like seriously? What kind of pick-up line is that?”

10-29-15_11-06 PM-5

“Geez, not everyone was born with excellent communication skills like you, Miss Perfect.”

This Alfred boy was actually fun. And brave – the only person in Willow Creek who was not afraid to use sarcasm while talking to Camilla. They became friends rather quickly.

10-29-15_11-07 PM

“So, what would you say if I suggested absolutely innocent and boring cloudgazing as today’s after school activity?”

10-29-15_11-06 PM

“Ummm, don’t tell anyone but – – I would love to!”

10-29-15_11-07 PM-8

“Your secret is save with me.”

10-29-15_11-04 PM-4

See, she can be nice when she wants to.

Later that evening, Alexander called Melia and asked her on a date. Poor Mel was really exhausted from work, but she didn’t want to turn him down again, because she already did it three times that week.

Melia was too tired for dinner or cinema, so they  just went for a nice walk along the river together and talked about their days.

09-16-15_1-58 AM

“Oh, this was so nice, Alexander. I really needed a break, thank you.”

Alexander smirked: “Anytime, my love.” And kissed her gently.

Melia wasn’t sure how it made her feel. Yes, she was attracted to him. Yes, she considered him a good companion and a loyal friend. Yes, she could talk to him for hours without realizing what time it was.

And even though her heart seemed to beat faster whenever he started to be all affectionate and amorous towards her, she wasn’t sure if it was because of excitement – or panic.

But she loved his company. And she was really sorry that they didn’t get to spend more time together because of her busy schedule.

So, the next day, she decided that it would be for the best to start hanging out at Oakenstad and she invited him over. She assumed it would be less time consuming.

10-29-15_9-27 PM

“I hope you’re hungry, cause we’re having a dinner date tonight.”

It wasn’t the most romantic date ever, considering Melia’s family members were constantly joining the conversation, but it was quite enjoyable. And the food was delicious, of course.

After dinner, neat Melia rushed to wash the dishes and Alexander decided to play BlickBlock to pass time. But instead of getting a high score, he broke that old thing. And he felt really terrible about it so he decided to give a go and try to repair it.

10-13-15_7-23 PM-3

But unfortunately, Camilla was passing by.

10-13-15_7-24 PM-2

“Call me old-fashioned, but I don’t thing it’s polite to break people’s computer.”

10-13-15_7-24 PM-4

“Or to use them without permission, y’know.”

10-13-15_7-24 PM-5

“Gah, Melia can do so much better than this.”

That last comment made him bristle with anger. Alexander jumped out from his seat, furiously defending himslef.

10-13-15_7-26 PM-2

“Excuse me, Miss, I was JUST tryin to repair it!”

10-13-15_7-26 PM-3

“Okay, okay! Geez, people these days are so short-tempered.”

She just love making him upset, doesn’t she? 😀

Poor Alexander quickly left, feeling angry and embarrassed. He didn’t even say goodbye. But then he felt sorry, so he apologized to Melia in a text message, explaining his little confrontation with Camilla.

Melia was understandably upset. But since she and Camilla had fairly different schedules and hardly saw each other during the week, she asked her parents to intervene.

10-13-15_7-41 PM-2

“First the entertainer’s complaint, then the neighbors with eggs on their doors and now this? Looks like puberty is strong with this one.”

10-13-15_7-41 PM-3

“But what can we do?”

But Adrian was already  a bit preoccupied with his cake to answer that.

Chapter 8: Mischief Managed

With a full-time job, household chores and a new boyfriend on her hands, Melia was busier than ever before. She had no time for her beloved garden or for her family. She couldn’t remember the last time she spoke to her younger siblings, since they were in school while she was at home and when they finally came back, she had to go to work already.

But they were doing just fine. Camilla and Eudora were quickly becoming best friends since they had something in common. And that something was mischief.

09-15-15_10-32 PM-5

“Hey, what’s up, you little stinker.”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-4

E: “Let me be, you gigantic chicken butt.”

09-15-15_10-34 PM

E: “But now that you’re asking, I had a great day today! I replaced all the magazines in the school library with naughty PlaySim ones – you know, the ones full of pretty ladies with bunny ears.”

09-15-15_10-35 PM-3

E: “You should see teachers’ faces when they found out! They were freaking out like this.”

09-15-15_10-35 PM-5

C: “Ahahaaha, that is seriously awesome, Dory! You’re a genius!”

09-15-15_10-32 PM

“But wait – how did you even come across magazines like those?”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-2

“Oh, that! That is TOP SECRET, Millie.”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-3

“Just kidding! I found them under Evander’s bed! Ahahahahaah.”

“Well, that explains a few things, I guess,” Camilla laughed, thinking about her brother’s weird reclusive tendencies lately.

Evander grew up to be a thoughtful, melancholic young man and his noisy sisters were too much of a distraction for him. Whenever they were around, he couldn’t immerse into the sweet state of concious unhappiness, where he could contemplate the mysteries of reckless human nature and meditate about Nietzsche’s quotes.

10-13-15_7-50 PM-2

“To live is to suffer…”

He was spending his days all by himself, channeling the emotional storm into his paintings.

Sometimes, he felt the urge to leave the busy household completely and at those times, he rejoiced in fishing, which has become his new favourite activity. He loved standing in the middle of nature, thinking and enjoying his solitude. And when he was doing all that with a fishing rod in his hands, people didn’t consider him a weirdo.

09-15-15_11-59 PM-2

‘It’s funny how holding a simple fishing rod can make so much difference.’

It, however, didn’t mean that he was no longer fond of his family. He still loved them very much and he didn’t mind spending some time with them when they weren’t monkeying around.

09-16-15_1-14 AM

Homework sessions were peaceful and quiet enough for him.

But most of the time, poor Evander was scared away by loud noises of a family life. It ain’t easy being a Loner and living in a house with five talkative women, especially when two of those women were musicians, one was hot-headed and one was a Goofball.

09-15-15_11-50 PM


Not to mention that the only male inhabitant of the house was Adrian, a tireless source of corny jokes and fatherly wisdom. And he was not afrait to share it. Daily.

10-12-15_10-15 PM

Adrian’s Angels 🙂

“Good morning, my lovelies!” he greeted his daughters cheerfully one morning. “What’s for breakfast today?”

10-12-15_10-15 PM-3

Eudora: “Peanut butter pancakes!”

10-12-15_10-14 PM-2

“Oh, that reminds me of a story! Two little peanuts were walking down the street.”

10-12-15_10-14 PM

“And one was a salted!”

10-12-15_10-17 PM

“Oh, no! How awful! If that’s how the peanut butter is made, I’m a peanut-tarian from this day on! Like Devi!”

10-12-15_10-19 PM

D: “I’m just a vegetarian, you goof! I would never give up peanuts – they are too delicious!”

Eudora loved being the youngest. It was like having six parents instead of two, so she always found someone around to entertain her. And she was thriving in that enviroment, too  –  she became the third child to complete her childhood aspiration.


And it was about time, just a day and a half before her birthday. Conveniently, Eira’s birthday were approaching, too, so it was a perfect occasion to throw a joint birthday party for the oldest and the youngest Rossini girl.

They invited their friends, families and, of course, Alexander. Damon and Katie showed up without kids. Castor showed up with his teenage (!!!) kids, but without his lovely wife.

10-12-15_10-50 PM-2

Castor’s daughter Isis is already a teenager! #wheredidthetimego

Melia baked matching cakes for the birthday girls and prepared some refreshments for all the guest, but then she had to go to work. Poor girl.

Alexander was particularly lost without her. He was just standing awkwardly in the corner of the kitchen, pretending to admire Devi’s incomplete collections because he was not acquainted with anyone there.

10-12-15_9-50 PM-2

“Are these dishes some form of avant-garde art?”

Luckily, everyone was too excited to notice.

Eira was ready to embrace elderhood to the fullest. She was a grandma of five already and she was not afraid to look like one.

10-12-15_10-56 PM

“I’m wishing… I’m wishing….”

10-12-15_10-57 PM-2

“….certaintly NOT for my back to ache.”

Little Dory was not sure if she wanted to grow up, but her relatives were willing to give her all the time she needed.

10-12-15_11-41 PM

“Hey, Dory, Blarffy won’t go anywhere after your birthday, I promise.”

It took a few moments and a lot of encouraging words, but when the night came, Dory was finally mentally prepared to make her birthday wish and move on.

10-12-15_10-59 PM-2

And she grew up to be a stunning young lady! She earned the Insane trait and Bodybuilder aspiration.

10-12-15_11-24 PM

“So, this puberty thing is making me hot, right?”

10-12-15_11-25 PM-4

Camilla: “Well, puberty either makes you a celebrity or… a potato. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. As long as I’m here, the wings of your eyeliner will never be uneven and your bras will always be fitting.”

Eira and Adrian overheard the conversation and looked at each other, their eyes full of worries.

10-13-15_5-58 PM

Eira: “I think I might be getting too old for this.”