Chapter 8: Mischief Managed

With a full-time job, household chores and a new boyfriend on her hands, Melia was busier than ever before. She had no time for her beloved garden or for her family. She couldn’t remember the last time she spoke to her younger siblings, since they were in school while she was at home and when they finally came back, she had to go to work already.

But they were doing just fine. Camilla and Eudora were quickly becoming best friends since they had something in common. And that something was mischief.

09-15-15_10-32 PM-5

“Hey, what’s up, you little stinker.”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-4

E: “Let me be, you gigantic chicken butt.”

09-15-15_10-34 PM

E: “But now that you’re asking, I had a great day today! I replaced all the magazines in the school library with naughty PlaySim ones – you know, the ones full of pretty ladies with bunny ears.”

09-15-15_10-35 PM-3

E: “You should see teachers’ faces when they found out! They were freaking out like this.”

09-15-15_10-35 PM-5

C: “Ahahaaha, that is seriously awesome, Dory! You’re a genius!”

09-15-15_10-32 PM

“But wait – how did you even come across magazines like those?”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-2

“Oh, that! That is TOP SECRET, Millie.”

09-15-15_10-32 PM-3

“Just kidding! I found them under Evander’s bed! Ahahahahaah.”

“Well, that explains a few things, I guess,” Camilla laughed, thinking about her brother’s weird reclusive tendencies lately.

Evander grew up to be a thoughtful, melancholic young man and his noisy sisters were too much of a distraction for him. Whenever they were around, he couldn’t immerse into the sweet state of concious unhappiness, where he could contemplate the mysteries of reckless human nature and meditate about Nietzsche’s quotes.

10-13-15_7-50 PM-2

“To live is to suffer…”

He was spending his days all by himself, channeling the emotional storm into his paintings.

Sometimes, he felt the urge to leave the busy household completely and at those times, he rejoiced in fishing, which has become his new favourite activity. He loved standing in the middle of nature, thinking and enjoying his solitude. And when he was doing all that with a fishing rod in his hands, people didn’t consider him a weirdo.

09-15-15_11-59 PM-2

‘It’s funny how holding a simple fishing rod can make so much difference.’

It, however, didn’t mean that he was no longer fond of his family. He still loved them very much and he didn’t mind spending some time with them when they weren’t monkeying around.

09-16-15_1-14 AM

Homework sessions were peaceful and quiet enough for him.

But most of the time, poor Evander was scared away by loud noises of a family life. It ain’t easy being a Loner and living in a house with five talkative women, especially when two of those women were musicians, one was hot-headed and one was a Goofball.

09-15-15_11-50 PM


Not to mention that the only male inhabitant of the house was Adrian, a tireless source of corny jokes and fatherly wisdom. And he was not afrait to share it. Daily.

10-12-15_10-15 PM

Adrian’s Angels 🙂

“Good morning, my lovelies!” he greeted his daughters cheerfully one morning. “What’s for breakfast today?”

10-12-15_10-15 PM-3

Eudora: “Peanut butter pancakes!”

10-12-15_10-14 PM-2

“Oh, that reminds me of a story! Two little peanuts were walking down the street.”

10-12-15_10-14 PM

“And one was a salted!”

10-12-15_10-17 PM

“Oh, no! How awful! If that’s how the peanut butter is made, I’m a peanut-tarian from this day on! Like Devi!”

10-12-15_10-19 PM

D: “I’m just a vegetarian, you goof! I would never give up peanuts – they are too delicious!”

Eudora loved being the youngest. It was like having six parents instead of two, so she always found someone around to entertain her. And she was thriving in that enviroment, too  –  she became the third child to complete her childhood aspiration.


And it was about time, just a day and a half before her birthday. Conveniently, Eira’s birthday were approaching, too, so it was a perfect occasion to throw a joint birthday party for the oldest and the youngest Rossini girl.

They invited their friends, families and, of course, Alexander. Damon and Katie showed up without kids. Castor showed up with his teenage (!!!) kids, but without his lovely wife.

10-12-15_10-50 PM-2

Castor’s daughter Isis is already a teenager! #wheredidthetimego

Melia baked matching cakes for the birthday girls and prepared some refreshments for all the guest, but then she had to go to work. Poor girl.

Alexander was particularly lost without her. He was just standing awkwardly in the corner of the kitchen, pretending to admire Devi’s incomplete collections because he was not acquainted with anyone there.

10-12-15_9-50 PM-2

“Are these dishes some form of avant-garde art?”

Luckily, everyone was too excited to notice.

Eira was ready to embrace elderhood to the fullest. She was a grandma of five already and she was not afraid to look like one.

10-12-15_10-56 PM

“I’m wishing… I’m wishing….”

10-12-15_10-57 PM-2

“….certaintly NOT for my back to ache.”

Little Dory was not sure if she wanted to grow up, but her relatives were willing to give her all the time she needed.

10-12-15_11-41 PM

“Hey, Dory, Blarffy won’t go anywhere after your birthday, I promise.”

It took a few moments and a lot of encouraging words, but when the night came, Dory was finally mentally prepared to make her birthday wish and move on.

10-12-15_10-59 PM-2

And she grew up to be a stunning young lady! She earned the Insane trait and Bodybuilder aspiration.

10-12-15_11-24 PM

“So, this puberty thing is making me hot, right?”

10-12-15_11-25 PM-4

Camilla: “Well, puberty either makes you a celebrity or… a potato. But don’t worry, I’ll take care of you. As long as I’m here, the wings of your eyeliner will never be uneven and your bras will always be fitting.”

Eira and Adrian overheard the conversation and looked at each other, their eyes full of worries.

10-13-15_5-58 PM

Eira: “I think I might be getting too old for this.”

12 thoughts on “Chapter 8: Mischief Managed

  1. BruNCC93 says:

    *squeals over the title*
    They’re all growing up so fast and Castor’s daughter is so pretty omg!
    I love their relationships a lot and your writing style just makes things super funny 😀

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Thank you. I’ve never considered myself very funny, so that is a great compliment for me 🙂
      I also feel like everything is happening very fast, but considering I started this thing back in March, it’s probably going quite slowly 😀


  2. ninjapigsims says:

    I died at the peanut joke. So. Epic. xD

    Happy birthday to Dory and Eira! I love these two. And Dory’s new look really reflects her goofball nature! I’m super glad that Camilla and her bond so well. ❤ 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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