Chapter 13: Little Talks

Life was slowly going back to normal. Sure, there were days when grief took over and nothing could be said or done.

11-05-15_6-48 PM-2

But more often than not, the kids were able to get through the day without outbursts of tears. They knew life would never be the same again, but they were coming to terms with the new reality  – the one without Adrian.

Eira was also doing better. She left her room and started to play the violin.

11-08-15_7-16 PM-2

She was determined to compose a song. It was her way of grieving and she refused to give it up. For her, that song was the last act of love and she had to write it. For Adrian.

Evander went back to painting. His pieces were tragically sad and melancholic – but he’s always painted like that so it was probably a good sign.

11-05-15_6-46 PM

Dory was dealing with sadness very successfully. Her goofy nature didn’t work well with moping. Also, she found herself a friend who was also a goofball and with him, it was easy to look at the bright side.

And that friend was Alfred.

11-08-15_7-19 PM

“It’s not that I don’t miss him, because I do. But I think Dad wouldn’t like to see us like this. He’d want us to live…as cheerfully as he used to live.”

And Melia – she had so much cleaning and cooking to do that she had no time to cry. She buried herself in chores and work so she didn’t have to think about her father a lot.

She even got a promotion. With new position came new responsibility. Her boss wanted her to learn some tricks with glasses and bottles, so she started to work on her mixology skills right away.

And she soon find out it was quite fun.

10-29-15_9-56 PM-3

“So let’s trow some ice in!”

10-29-15_9-56 PM-4

“Yisss! Nailed it!”

Devi noticed her enthusiasm.

10-29-15_9-57 PM-2

“Wow, you’re good at it! I’m glad you have a new passion.”

10-29-15_9-57 PM-5

“Well… it’s for my work, so I wouldn’t call it a passion. But if you have to do something you can also have fun with it, right?”

Devi smiled, but there was more she wanted to share.

10-29-15_9-58 PM

“From my point of view, you could have more fun with your boyfriend.”


10-29-15_9-58 PM-2

“When was the last time you speak to Alexander, Mel?”

10-29-15_9-58 PM-4

“Uhm, yesterday? Or the day before? It’s none of your bussiness anyway.”

But when Devi finished her breakfast, Melia gave it a thought and she realized her sister was right. She was not avoiding Alexander, but she was not exactly seeking his company either. That poor man was spending his days alone, wandering around the house quietly, trying not to stand in anyone’s way.

11-05-15_5-53 PM-2

“Bon appétit to me.”

The worst part of it was that Melia knew the reason behind her behavior. And she knew she needed to talk to Alexander about it sooner or later.

She opted for sooner and asked him out.

Alexander was delighted. He wanted to talk to her, too, and he took her to the Museum of Municipal Muses. The same museum where they went on their first date.

He had something big on his mind for quite a while.


They had a lovely time together, chatting in the museum’s garden. Mel always liked their conversations. She almost forgot why they were there.


12-21-15_7-42-34 PM

M: “This is nice. I missed our chats, Alex.”

12-21-15_7-41-58 PM

A: “Yeah, it’s funny how we used to talk for hours when we met and now, when we are actually living together, we only exchange a few words a day.”

12-21-15_7-42-41 PM

M: “Oh, that… That’s why I asked you out tonight. There’s something I need to tell you.”

12-21-15_7-42-08 PM

A: “Really? That’s wonderful because I wanted to tell you something, too!”

12-21-15_7-42-38 PM

M: “Oh, okay. You go first.”

Melia felt truly uncomfortable so she was grateful for every spare second before the big talk. She wasn’t really looking forward to what was she planning to do. And maybe he would bring it up himself and she’d save herself the troubles.

“Let’s go somewhere more private,” he suggested and so they’ve got across the garden and sat on a lone bench with no people around.

They  just talked for another hour and watched the sunset. Melia sensed that it was equally hard for him to get to the point like it was for her.

12-21-15_8-04-18 PM

“I’m really glad you’re here, Mel.”

But when the sun disappeared behind the horizon, Alexander took all his courage into his hands and with a very serious tone in his voice, he asked her to stand up.

12-21-15_8-08-43 PM

“Whoa! What is so serious that I can’t sit during it? Are we going to sing the national anthem?”

12-21-15_8-22-00 PM

“Heh, almost! Melia Rossini…”

12-21-15_8-29-34 PM

M: “What? WHAT?! Alexander, what are you doing?!”

12-21-15_8-30-35 PM

“Seriously? Is this what a relationship looks like according to you? Two strangers living together?”

12-21-15_8-30-41 PM

“Is this what you want our marriage to be?”

Mel couldn’t believe what was happening. She felt like crying. Alexander looked like crying. It was all so wrong.

“Just…stand up, please,” she added with a much softer voice.

12-21-15_8-31-00 PM

M: “Look, I’m sorry. Very, very sorry.”

12-21-15_8-31-05 PM

“But you must have noticed that things aren’t really working out between us.”

12-21-15_8-32-40 PM

“And it’s all my fault, everything. I should have been honest with you. And with me.”

12-21-15_8-32-04 PM

“I’m afraid I only see you as a friend. A best friend, you know. And I love you very dearly, but not in the romantic way.”

12-21-15_8-32-50 PM

“Mel, what are you saying?”

12-21-15_8-33-25 PM

“I’m saying that I was being very reckless with your feelings. I hoped that I loved you enough. But I didn’t and it wasn’t fair, to be with you when you felt more than I did.”

12-21-15_8-32-15 PM

“It was a mistake. A terrible mistake. And I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have agreed to be your girlfriend and I shouldn’t have asked you to move in.”

12-21-15_8-33-15 PM

“It’s just…you were my best friend and I was afraid of losing you.”

12-21-15_8-32-25 PM

A: “I see. Well, I believe this means it’s over between us.”

12-21-15_8-33-50 PM

M: “I’m afraid it does. I hope you’ll forgive me one day.”

10 thoughts on “Chapter 13: Little Talks

    • carovnamaruska says:

      I didn’t even know the relatioship bar could be filled differently between two sims!. I hope I’ll find a way to incorporate screenshot of Melia relationship bar into the story, to show how complicated her feeling were.

      Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Well, after Alexander moved in and I saw the discrepancies in their relationship bars, I knew it had to end. I knew they were going to break up at some point, but I’ve never intended for the proposal to happen. But since he wished for it, I decided to just go with it and see how it goes. And it went bad. (Obviusly 😀 Poor Alex.)


      • theplumbob says:

        Makes sense. Their dynamic always seemed a bit off. Glad Melia finally made a decision either way.


    • carovnamaruska says:

      This was really hard to re-read, too! I feel bad – I originally intended for them to actually be together, but they just didn’t click. Melia wouldn’t take his flirts or roll whims with him – the whole thing was just weird.

      Still, the refusal scene was painful to witness, poor guy!

      Liked by 1 person

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