Chapter 17: Fairy Sisters

Eira finished the story and remained silent for a moment. She scanned Melia’s confused, slightly shocked face.

Melia wanted to say something, but she just couldn’t think of anything that would be appropriate for the situation. The only thing on her mind was embarrassment – she felt really ashamed for judging her mom so harshly.

12-21-15_9-05-14 PM

“Look, Mom, I’m really sorry. I had no idea your childhood was so… I feel awful for being such a jerk, disagreeing with your choices without knowing all the facts and…”

But Eira was having none of it.

12-21-15_9-05-31 PM

“I wasn’t telling you all this to make you feel bad, my love. Quite the contrary.”

12-21-15_9-04-46 PM

“I wanted you to know that money wouldn’t buy you happiness. I wanted you to know that you did the right thing, when you opted for love instead of money.”

12-21-15_9-04-51 PM

“I did the same choice all those years ago, after all.”

12-21-15_9-04-49 PM

“And I have no regrets!”

12-21-15_9-04-58 PM

“And I’m not saying that because of your father’s good looks. Although it’s definitely a factor…”

12-21-15_9-04-24 PM

“So will you, please, do me a favour and do something with your life?”

Melia sighed. Her mama was probably right, as always.

12-21-15_9-05-17 PM

“I can try, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit,” Eira smiled encouragingly, “I know it feels awful – but it’s not wrong. There’s nothing wrong about ending a relationship with someone you don’t love anymore. So, don’t beat yourself up for doing so.”

And with that on her mind, Melia left for work.

When she came back, Camilla was sitting at the table, suspiciously quiet. Sitting somewhere queitly and alone was not Camilla’s usual behavior and Melia approached with caution.

12-21-15_11-58-39 PM

Camilla: “Sooo… I’ve accidentally overheard your conversation with Mom in the morning.”

‘Pfff, accidentally! Suuure,’ Melia thought to herself sarcastically but she said nothing. She was quite curious where it was heading.

12-21-15_11-58-56 PM

“And she told you to, you know, do something with your life.”

12-21-15_11-58-42 PM

“And when she said life, she meant your horrible eyeshadow, I’m sure.”

12-21-15_11-58-59 PM

“Can I help you with that? Just a little bit of help, please.”

12-21-15_11-59-18 PM

Melia: *facepalm*

Melia couldn’t believe that her sister would use this troublesome situation to lecture her about make-up. But apparently, she would.

Melia looked at her determined face and nodded helplessly. She had no other plans for that day. And going volutarily was better than getting a haircut in her sleep. So she obediently followed Camilla to her room.

12-22-15_12-01-24 AM

Mel: “I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.”

12-22-15_12-02-14 AM

“Ready or not – here it comes!”

A few moments later…

12-22-15_12-01-59 AM

“Ewww, what have I done?”

“Just kidding!” Camilla laughed teasingly, “You look amazing, Mel!”

Melia slowly breathed in and out and then, she slowly looked at the reflection of her new self in the mirror.

01-24-16_4-28-00 PM


01-24-16_4-16-18 PM

“I mean – I look kinda…different. But it’s a good different I think. Thanks, Millie.”

12-22-15_12-02-07 AM

“Oh, it’s not over yet. Devi and Dory also overheard that conversation…”

“…so they are taking you shopping. Because, seriously, that pathetic old sweater you wear… You have to get rid of that. Doormats are more stylish these days.”

And so, Melia found herself in a clothes shop and she was enjoying her stay more than she’d thought she would.

12-22-15_1-04-34 AM

“I think this looks really good on me.”

“I agree,” said a weirdly, remotely familiar voice and Melia quickly turned around to see the face of her almost forgotten friend.

12-22-15_1-05-01 AM

“What the…”

12-22-15_1-05-10 AM

“Christopher?!?! What – why- how – I mean!”

12-22-15_1-05-28 AM

“It’s been a long time! But it’s lovely to see you. How are you doing?”

Christopher (Castor’s friend who befriended Melia on the wedding, in case you’re wondering) was doing fine. He was still living with his mom, because she was getting older and needed a little assistence with everyday stuff. And he was also very eager to know what was going on in Melia’s life.

So she told him about her passion for gardening and her work in the culinary field and about her siblings, because taking care of her family was still her number one responsibility.

They had a nice chat together. Melia completely forgot that she was indeed on a shopping trip with her sisters. Until Devi stopped by to remind her, interrupting Melia’s little photo-sharing session with Chris.

01-24-16_5-00-55 PM

“And here’s Isis, Castor’s eldest daughter, at her prom this year. Time flies, huh?”

Devi cleared her throat loadly.

Melia looked up and smiled at her dear sister with an apology in her eyes.

“Oh, I think you remember my sister Devi?” she said.

01-24-16_4-59-14 PM

Devi: “Hey, there!”

After the polite small talk, Devi told Melia that she hated to interrupt her reunion with Chris but their ladies’ party was not quite over yet and that they should have been moving on to their next stop by now.

The she added: “But we would be delighted if you’d join us for dinner one day or another, Chris!”


“Well, I don’t want to… intrude or something…”

01-24-16_5-04-35 PM

“Would that be okay with you?”

Melia tried not to look too excited about that idea: “Sure! We have lots to catch up on.”

01-24-16_5-04-55 PM

“In that case, I would love to.”

And then he said his goodbyes and left, while the Rossini sisters shared a very peculiar look.

01-24-16_5-00-02 PM

M: “Just stop it, Dev.”

According to Camilla, the last thing required to complete Melia’s transformation was a visit at local Spa Center.

“You need to learn how to relax, Mel,” she claimed, “Get rid of the stress, y’know.”

But they all knew she only wanted to go there because she heard the yoga instructor  was super ripped and she wanted to check him out.

01-24-16_4-43-01 PM

But Melia couldn’t really complain. She decided to take Camilla’s advice and relax.

01-24-16_4-41-43 PM

And it was really nice, surprisingly. She hasn’t felt so calm and at peace with herself since…never, actually. This whole tranformation has not only happened outside – she felt like something was changing on the inside, too. Camilla’s plan worked like magic.

01-24-16_4-38-18 PM

“This is so awesome, guys, truly. Watcher knows I needed this.”

When the day was over, Melia was refreshed and grateful. It was almost touching how the women she loved and cared about stood up to carry her through hard times. And thanks to them she felt ready to start anew.

But this time more in sync with her heart.

01-24-16_5-25-31 PM

Text: “It was nice to see you today. I almost forgot how great you are. Anyway, text me back if you still use this old number. And I really hope you do or it’ll probably take another ten years to accidentally meet again. — Chris”

Chapter 16: Eira’s Beginnings – part 3

“I’ve never saw Fabian or Eloise again after that incident. My father took care of that. I’ve never found out what happened to them.

I would probably try to look for them, but my father took care of that, too. I was grounded for life. And to make sure I wouldn’t leave my room, my father hired a bodyguard to guard me.”


“I tried to befriend him, but he acted like… like a doberman guarding his bone. So I had to give up my efforts and deal with a fact that my rebellious teenage years were over. I missed Fabian terribly, but otherwise, my life didn’t really change that much – it was still tedious and boring.”

“And then one day, I came home from school and I found a woman, a complete stranger in my room.”

12-27-15_1-38-33 PM

‘Excuse me, who are you?’

” ‘I’m your new Mom, my darling,’ she said with a fake smile on her beautiful face.

It turned out my father got this interesting idea that I was only acting problematic because I was missing a female role model in my life. So he remarried.”

“His new wife, Giselle,  was stunning, I must admit. But she was also bossy and superficial and the sole purpose of her life was to ruin mine. That and taking care of her glorious hair. She was constantly ordering me what to do and what to wear, complaining about me to my father, mocking me in front of other people, stealing the things of mine that she liked.”

12-27-15_1-40-43 PM

‘Are you really wearing that tonight?’

12-27-15_1-49-56 PM

‘You don’t like it, do you?’

12-27-15_1-51-08 PM

‘Well, it’s improper to show your shoulders like that. And the pink skirt is hideous.’

12-27-15_1-52-01 PM

‘In that case…Yes! I’m wearing it!’

“I hated every minute spent in her presence. And since father wanted her to be my role model, she was spending a lot of time with me, lecturing me about my posture and my hairstyle and other boring stuff.

And the worst thing was that I had to obey her every word because father told me he would throw me out of the house otherwise. And although I hated that place, I couldn’t imagine leaving. I was absolutely incapable of living on my own, you know. Growing up surrounded by maids, cooks, butlers and chauffeurs – I would die after a week in the outside world. So I had no choice.”

“One of Giselle’s duties was to help me prepare for various social events. My first ball was one of them. It was probably the only thing I was excited about since my mama died. I remembered all the stories she used to tell me about her balls and dates and dresses and dances…she made it sound so fun and I was curious.

But, of course, Giselle ruined it completely. I wanted to wear one of my mom’s dresses. It meant a great deal to me, because mom told me she was keeping them for my first ball. But they were red and Giselle said it would be improper for a girl my age to wear red. So she bought me another dress and do you know what she did with the red one?

She wore it herself.

But at least I could wear mama’s jewellery. And I also did my hair to appear similar to mama’s hairstyle. Makeup, too. Giselle frown upon me and said I looked like an old-fashioned moron but it was too late to re-do it.”

12-27-15_1-58-09 PM

‘Oh, Mom! How I wish you were here.’

“I’m not gonna tease you, my dear. That ball was an absolute disaster. My father told me Nicolas was the only boy I was allowed to dance with. And I, obviously, said that I wouldn’t even look at that blonde monster, which caused a lot of yelling and cursing.

I tried to leave, of course, but the bodyguard got paid extra to keep me there. Oh, and Giselle ruined mama’s dress. She was looking me in the eye and smiling maniacally when she spilled blueberry juice on it.”

“I couldn’t hold back the tears when I saw it. I knew it was stupid to cry over a piece of fabric, but that dress represented the life my mama never got to live, the life where she saw me grow up. I went to my father and told him how Giselle was treating me, how she was stealing from mom’s rooms or mine and how manipulative and vain she was.”

01-05-16_1-11-41 AM

“And do you know what he told me?”

01-05-16_1-13-24 AM

‘Giselle is my wife and what is mine is hers now. And I have something important to tell you – Giselle is pregnant. She and the baby…they’ll need some additional space soon, you see. So I want you to pack some stuff, because I’m sending you to live with Nicolas and his parents.’

01-05-16_1-13-27 AM

‘Nicolas’ father and I, we’d agreed some time ago that you and Nicolas will be wed as soon as you finish your studies,’s time for you two to get to know each other better.’

“I couldn’t believe my ears. The shock that came after that information paralyzed me completely and I didn’t know what to do. Cry? Curse? Yell? Kill him?

I felt like my life was over.”

01-05-16_1-16-28 AM

“As you wish, my dear father.”

“But instead of a reaction, I just agreed with him, stood up and walked away. I didn’t even look at him.

My bravery and pride only lasted until I got into my room. As soon as I shut the door I had a complete breakdown and I cried uncontrolably for hours.”

01-18-16_1-59-09 PM

“This can’t be happening.”

“I hated that life and I hated that family. I hated everyone in the house, including me. Especially me. I acted like I was different but I was just like them. I was a part of it all, playing their game according to their rules and for what? For all the luxury and wealth. The realization made me so sick I couldn’t even look at myself in the mirror without disgust.”

12-27-15_2-03-42 PM

‘I don’t want to live like this.’

“But my hands were tied and the helplessness was killing me. But then I looked at myself again. I looked at my dress and mama’s diamond earrings in my ears. And I got the idea.

First, I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut my hair.”

01-18-16_2-04-20 PM

‘Well, I have many talents but hairdressing ain’t one of them, I guess.’

“Second, I called my ladies’ maid, Valerie. And I told her what happened.”

01-18-16_2-17-13 PM

‘You have to help me, Valerie, please.’


01-18-16_2-18-17 PM

‘But what can I do, Your Highness? I’m just a maid.’

“So I shared my plans with her.”

01-18-16_2-18-38 PM

‘Some plain, practical clothes…’

“She didn’t like it at all.”

01-18-16_2-18-55 PM

‘Are you sure about this, Princess? It could end up terribly wrong…’

“But she agreed to do her best.

And so I sneaked out of my room in the middle of the night. The bodyguard was not there – Valerie asked some other maids to entertain him for awhile.

She waited in the kitchen.”

01-18-16_2-35-31 PM

‘I prepared everything you asked for, Princess. And I made some toasts you can take with you…’

01-18-16_2-36-02 PM

‘Just…be careful out there, please. If something happens to you…’

01-18-16_2-37-10 PM

‘Whatever happens, Valerie, you’ll never know. But I promise only good thing will happen to me from now on.’

01-18-16_2-34-34 PM

‘And I want you to remember this day as the day you saved my life. Thank you.’

“I had no time for long goodbyes, so I just grabbed the stuff and rushed to the nearest bathroom to change. I was very pleased with the results.”

01-18-16_3-04-32 PM

‘I look so ordinary, like a regular girl. No one will ever suspect my royal heritage.’

“I checked my backpack again. Mama’s diamond earrings were there, along with some shirts, socks, Valerie’s toasts and my favourite fairytale book. I was ready to go.”

“So I sneaked out, my heart beating so loudly I was sure someone in the house was going to hear it and stop me. I could barely breathe.”

01-18-16_3-22-33 PM

‘I’m insane.’

“After a few meters, I hesitated. I looked in front of me and thought of the vast, unknown world that was waiting for me there. I was so terrified that my body started shaking. I wanted to turn around and go back to my own bed.”

01-18-16_3-25-45 PM

‘I’m never going to make it.’

“Then I looked back and remembered how I loved my home. How I used to love my princess life. I’ve always thought it was because of all those cool books and clothes I owned, the history of our house and our family, the comfort of having dozens of servants…but it wasn’t like that. The only thing I loved about that place was the memory of my mom in its corridors.”

01-18-16_3-25-04 PM

‘But she’s gone now…’

01-18-16_3-25-32 PM

‘…and so will I.’


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