Chapter 20: Secret

02-19-16_5-46-14 PM

“I miss you, guys… so much.”

Without Evander, the house was sad and lonely like never before. It was weird, because he never talked much. But still…the silence felt different when he was gone. Disturbing. Uncomfortable.

Dory’s heart was aching. She couldn’t think of anything that would distract her from the grief. It was like being homesick in her own home.

Her sisters had it better. They were adults – they had adult things to take care of.

Like the garden.

02-21-16_12-42-54 PM

Or cooking for the rest of the family.

02-20-16_11-06-43 AM

Or jobs.

02-21-16_12-23-17 PM

Yes, even Camilla found herself a job. In IT. Although everyone was certain she mostly only pretended to be programming and just trolled teh forums instead.

But Dory had nowhere to hide from all the blue thoughts that flooded her mind. The school was boring and she wasn’t ready to go out and socialize with others. Not even Alfred. He never lost a parent. And his siblings didn’t move to another country. He didn’t understand.

02-20-16_1-17-44 AM

“What would you do, Blarffy?…Wait, what? Do you mean it, Blarffy? I’m not sure if it’s such a good idea.”

02-11-16_1-14-16 PM

“It’s better than nothing, though. Thank you, Blarffy.”

When everyone went to sleep, Dory quietly slipped out of her bed  and turned the computer on.

02-22-16_4-31-55 PM

“Yes, yes, this will do.”

It only took her half an hour to arrange her secret plans. Before midnight, everything was ready and Dory was pleasantly satisfied with the results. And with a fact that no one caught her in the act.

Unfortunately, she underestimated Camilla’s mad computer skills. It turned out she really DID learn something about computers in her new job.

And, of course, she immediately went and reported her findings to Melia.

02-22-16_4-37-31 PM

“Mel, I have to tell you something, but please, don’t freak out. I was installing some extensions to my browser when I noticed weird things in my internet history. So I investigated a little…”

02-22-16_4-37-39 PM

“And it looks like someone booked a return flight ticket to Winderburg yesterday. And I know you and Devi were working late and went straight to bed then. So it had to be Dory!”

02-22-16_4-37-46 PM

“Do you think she wants to run away? I heard some teens tend to do that when going through hard times. But she’s so young and…”

02-22-16_4-37-07 PM

M: “Calm down, Millie. Running away…that’s more your style than hers. Do you know what I think? I think she just misses Evander and decided to visit him without telling us.”

02-22-16_4-37-19 PM

M: “Because, you know, we are boring, reasonable adults and we would never let her go alone to the foreign country.”

02-22-16_4-36-59 PM

M: “But you know what? Maybe she doesn’t have to go alone. I think all four of us could use a little trip, what do you say?”

Camilla had no problem with that. Neither had Devi. So there was nothing to think about – they just booked three more tickets and packed their bags.

The next day, Rossini sisters were knocking on Evander’s door.

02-20-16_12-20-57 PM

C: “What a lovely little cottage he lives in.”

02-20-16_12-20-12 PM

C: “Like a dwarf or something!”

Dory didn’t care about the house. She immediately ran inside and hugged her brother tight, showering him with questions.

02-20-16_12-22-20 PM

“How are you doing? How much do you pay for this place? Do you have a job? Are we far away from the city centre? And is it true that there’s a monster living in local swamps? Have you seen it? Can I see it?”

Poor Evander could barely answer half of them. He only lived in Windenburg for a couple of months, after all.

But it didn’t stop Dory from asking. Evander couldn’t even focus on a house tour he was trying to give because of her. So he gave up and only showed them his room.

02-20-16_12-24-17 PM

“Do you have any interesting books? About a monster of Winderburg, for example? And why are your walls so empty? Did you stop painting? Are you focusing on fishing now? Are there any good fishing spots around here?”

“Dory, honey,” Devi gently reproved her younger sister, “let him breathe.”

But Evander just smiled happily: “That’s okay, Devi. It’s been a long time since I had an actual conversation. And no, Dory, I didn’t stop painting. I just don’t have any paintings here because I had to sell them all. To make some money. It’s a good thing, though – to know that there is an interest for my work.”

Meanwhile, Camilla and Mel were enjoying a quick snack in the living room.

02-20-16_12-23-14 PM

C:”Can you believe it? Little Evander on his own in a foreign country – making it as a painter…Who would have tought? And he has a nice sofa! Maybe we should buy one, too.”

“Well, that sofa is actually mine.”

An unfamiliar voice came from the corridor leading to the bathroom. And before they knew, there was a beautiful young woman standing in front of them.

02-20-16_12-25-31 PM

“Hello, I’m Kaya. I’m Evander’s roomate.”



02-20-16_12-23-10 PM

“His what?”

Mel and Camilla looked confusedly at each other but before they could ask anything, Evander was out of there.

02-20-16_12-25-51 PM

“I think it’s time for some sightseeing, isn’t it?”

7 thoughts on “Chapter 20: Secret

  1. cathytea says:

    LOL! I love this! Evander’s last line is priceless!

    And… I caught up!

    Can’t guarantee I’ll STAY caught up, but I can guarantee that even if I fall behind, the catching of the up will be the most fun of all the funnest!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Haha, Evander. I really admire him. I bet it can get crazy to be surrounded by all these sisters, especially older sisters who tend to act very motherly at times 😀

      And no pressure with catching up. I totally understand what it means to have no time to read – I, myself, am constantly behind on most of the stories I love.

      That’s why it means a great deal to me that you sacrificed your free time to read about Rossinis! Hundred thanks to you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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