Chapter 26: So this is love

(Please, listen to the song here )

03-21-16_2-01-23 PMx

So this is love

03-21-16_2-01-53 PM

So this is love

03-21-16_1-57-47 PM

So this is what makes life divine

03-21-16_2-04-28 PM

I’m all aglow

03-21-16_2-16-55 PM

And now I know

03-21-16_2-07-21 PM

The key to all heaven is mine

03-21-16_3-19-57 PM

My heart has wings

03-21-16_3-11-20 PM

And I can fly

03-21-16_8-43-52 PM

I’ve touched every star in the sky

03-21-16_3-24-12 PM

So this is the miracle

03-21-16_8-48-30 PM

I’ve been dreaming of

03-21-16_8-57-43 PM

03-21-16_8-57-48 PM

03-21-16_8-57-59 PM

So this is love 

Chapter 25: “I do”

Next day, Dory way trying to calm down, but she was so freakin’ nervous about this whole wedding thing.

03-18-16_12-11-55 PM

“Eudora Rossini, get your plum together! It’s supposed to be a joyous day for you.”

But she had weird dreams that night. Livid, colorful, confusing. She woke up at 4 a.m., sweating and tense. And then she remembered her conversation with Devi.

03-18-16_12-11-09 PM

“What if he really wants kids? He mentioned something about kids yesterday.”

03-18-16_12-11-34 PM

“He’s a romantic in his heart. I bet he wants the traditional life. Wife, kids, white pickett fence…”

03-18-16_12-12-24 PM

“But that’s not for me. I wanna be a bodybuilder, a professional. Attend competitions, travel the world. I can’t do that with a kid.”

03-18-16_12-13-06 PM

“And I’m sure as hell I don’t want to pass my insanity on another human being.”

She was sure Alfred would understand that. Just thinking about him made her smile and dissolved all her doubts. She inhaled slowly and smiled weakly at her reflection.

03-18-16_12-10-55 PM

“It’s gonna be alright. We’re meant to be.”

She took a quick shower, tasted chocolate truffles Melia prepared for the wedding and did her make-up. Soon after that, her sisters informed her it was already time to go.

The wedding was taking place at the same venue Castor got married. Dory wasn’t even born back then and suddenly she was getting married herself. It was insane to think about.

The entire family was there. Castor and Damon with their families, all her sisters with their boyfriends…even Evander travelled all the way from Windenburg just to be there on her big day. He even brought his “just good friend and roomate” Kaya with him.

They all looked amazing, of course.

03-18-16_12-34-03 PM

Alfred had only two guests – his mom and uncle Alexander. They looked somehow lonely and lost in that huge crowd of Rossinis, but very elegant.

Melia felt all kind of emotion when she saw her ex-boyfriend. She was glad to see he’s doing well, sorry for losing a friend she had in him, embarrassed for bringing her new boyfriend with her.

She wasn’t sure if it was a good idea to talk to him, but she couldn’t help it.

03-18-16_12-44-58 PM


03-18-16_12-45-16 PM

“Hey. Long time no see, huh?”

03-18-16_12-45-38 PM

“Yeah…so, hm…how’s life?”

They talked for a while, but it was awkward. Melia soon ran out of safe topics and her mind kept going back to their break-up and all those things they’ve left unsolved. Part of her wanted to forget, but the other part wanted to talk about it and apologize and let him know she never meant to hurt him.

“I’m glad we met. I know things were complicated with me and I’m sorr….” she started her brave speech but Alexander interrupted her.

03-18-16_12-45-46 PM

“This is not about us, okay? Let’s focus on my nephew and your sister now.”

Melia nodded and wanted to leave when she heard Alexander’s cold, almost angry voice again.

03-18-16_12-45-19 PM

“But…what? What is it? What’s happening?!”

He was pointing to the wedding arch in front of them. Dory and Alfred were already there in their matching festive outfits and ceremony was about to start.

Or it was supposed to start, but…

03-18-16_12-38-18 PM

A: “Listen up, babe…I’ve been thinking…”

03-18-16_12-38-12 PM

D: “Yeah, I’ve been thinking, too. It looked like a great idea yesterday, but right now…I don’t know. I don’t feel like it.”

03-18-16_12-38-31 PM

D: “You know…I love you. And I always will. But the truth is, I’m not the right woman for you. We are two very different people, you and I.”

03-18-16_12-38-48 PM

A: “What are you saying, Dory? I…I  was only implying that maybe…maybe we rushed too much into this! I just wanted to…I don’t know… postpone the wedding or something. Until we’re more…independent. And actually freakin’ ready. And you! You break up with me! Just like that! You can’t do this!”

03-18-16_12-38-57 PM

D: “I can. And I have to. If we’re not ready now, why would we be ready later in life? Time is not going to change me.”

03-18-16_12-39-08 PM

A: “But why did you come up with this whole madness?  It was your freakin’ idea to get married! You’re so plumming unpredictable!”

03-18-16_12-38-43 PM

D: “Exactly. I’m unpredictable. Unstable. I change my opinions and plans every day. Maybe even more often. I wouldn’t be a good wife to you. I’d only be a burden for you,  an obstacle between you and your dreams.”

Alfred was just staring at her, devastated. His eyes were slowly filling up with tears.

03-18-16_12-36-06 PM

A: “You don’t have to do this. We’ll make it work, I promise. I know  this is just one of your mood swings. You’ll change your mind tomorrow. You’ll regret this.”

03-18-16_12-40-38 PM

D: “I know. And that’s the problem. Imagine that we stay together and then one day, twenty years from now, I’ll have one of my mood swings again and I’ll decide to left you for good and become a buddhist nun in Shang Simla?”

03-18-16_12-40-43 PM

D: “Trust me, Alfred. I’m doing you a favour. I’m saving you from a much bigger heart-break. And I know that deep inside…you feel like this, too.”

She hugged him quickly and walked away, leaving disappointed Alfred and very confused wedding guests behind.

03-18-16_12-46-53 PM

Alexander: “What is it with you Rossini girls? Why do you like breaking the hearts of Goth men like this?”

With the bride out of the picture and with the groom in the middle of emotional breakdown, the overall atmosphere quickly changed from cheerful expectation to awkward bewilderment. Nobody knew what to do. Alfred’s family walked away, swearing and grumbling angrily and Eudora’s siblings just stood around, secretly hoping someone else would step in and do something. Anything.

And then, Chris’ voice broke the silence.

03-18-16_12-49-18 PM

C: “Well, it looks like the ‘Bride and Groom’ position is now open.”

Everyone looked at him as he continued, his eyes set on Melia’s curious face.

03-18-16_12-49-00 PM

“I’m not sure if my behaviour is appropriate – it probably isn’t –  but I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time and Melia…”

03-18-16_12-49-51 PM

“There’s something I want to ask you, so could you, please, stand up?”

Melia’s heart was beating so loud and fast that everyone in the room must have heard it. She felt weak in her knees when she stood up and her head was spinning.

‘Oh, my Watcher, is he doing what I think he’s doing?’

03-18-16_12-51-13 PM

“Melia Rossini.”

‘Wow, he IS doing it.’

03-18-16_12-51-21 PM

“If I could, I would buy you a shiny car, or a castle or an island or all of the above. I would give you all the fancy things you deserve. Unfortunately, I can’t – yet.”

Melia laughed nervously and the rest of the guest laughed with her.

03-18-16_12-51-33 PM

“At the moment, I have nothing else to give but love. And the rest of my life. And I hope it’s enough for you to become my wife.  Right here, right now.”

Melia was stunned. One moment, her heart was breaking over her sister’s crushed hopes and then suddenly, this man, this wonderful, beautiful man, was asking her to become his wife and making her heart scream with happiness. Everything was happening so fast.

But one look at his face and she realized she was dreaming about this moment for so long.

03-18-16_12-52-05 PM

“Well, let’s do this!”

He took her by the hand and they walked the aisle together, smiling excitedly.

03-18-16_12-59-56 PM

“Are you ready, my love?”

Melia couldn’t believe it. She’s never done anything more crazy. It was so sudden and surprising, so spontaneous and exciting, so incredibly marvelous. She never felt more alive.

03-18-16_12-57-03 PM

“….from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer…”

03-18-16_12-57-06 PM

“…to love and to cherish…”

03-18-16_12-59-32 PM

“…until death do us part.”


Chapter 24: And Sillier

Dory was very satisfied with her birthday party. It was probably the greatest day of her life. For the first time ever, she spent a night out of her house. She danced and tried some alcohol, only to find out  it wasn’t really her thing – it made the voices louder.

But none of those activities were as awesome as a fact that Alfred walked her home.

03-07-16_7-48-47 PM

“So, Dory, I’ve got something to tell you, but I don’t know how.”

So he just skipped the words completely and kissed her. Actually freaking kissed her!

03-07-16_7-49-12 PM

‘Oh, plum! What do I do now?’

Dory was so happy and shocked and stunned and everything.

Could it be happening? Could it be possible that he liked me back the entire time?

She had no idea what to say. But for some inexplainable reason she remembered a conspiracy theory about Diabolical Detonators of Twinbrook and decided to share her thoughts about that.


“And sometimes, it just exloded right in their face!”

But Alfred knew how to calm her down.

“It’s okay, Dory, I feel ovewhelmed, too,” he said quietly and kissed her cheek softly.

03-07-16_7-51-04 PM

Overwhelmed was definitely the right word for it. Dory’s head was spinning. She couldn’t believe her luck. Known words couldn’t express how she felt.

03-07-16_7-49-16 PM

“I knew we were jibb wabee tabay!”

So she went for the unkown ones instead. They made no sense to Alfred, but he knew her good enough to tell that she felt the same.

Being openly in love was very liberating. Dory was thrilled to be able to express her affection for him whenever she wanted. And they started to spend even more time together than before, which was also nice.

They usually spent their days in Dory’s room, reading together, listening to music or dancing to sappy 90s love songs. They talked about aliens and garden gnomes and laughed for hours at cat gifs and movie references about cheese and other random stuff.

And one of these afternoons, Dory got an idea.

03-07-16_7-35-47 PM

“Did you know that my sisters are working late today? They won’t be back until 11 p.m.”

She said it with the most playful tone she could come up with and she stared eloquently at her beau until he understood and followed her to the room with a double bed.

After the fun, they sat together on Melia’s bed and shared their impression of what just happened.

03-07-16_8-04-06 PM

D: “That was pretty something!”

03-07-16_8-03-50 PM

D: “Wouldn’t it be great if we could do that for the rest of our lives?”

03-07-16_8-04-25 PM

“Are you saying….?”

03-07-16_8-04-36 PM

D: “You’ve heard me! Or do you want me to get on my knee?”

03-07-16_8-18-03 PM

D: “Well, if you insist…”

03-07-16_8-18-08 PM

D: “Will you marry me? Please?”

03-07-16_8-18-11 PM

A: “Is that a vending machine ring with Donald Duck stamp?”

03-07-16_8-18-24 PM

D: “Yeah, it’s my favourite. My mom bought it for me when I was six and I wore it from that moment untill now.”

03-07-16_8-18-31 PM

A: “In that case: Yes, I’ll marry you!”

They just smiled with excitement and laughed about the silliness of it all. It took a few moments for them to calm down and think about practical things.

03-07-16_8-05-07 PM

A: “So, when would you like to do this? After graduation? After college? After becoming financially independent? After kids are old enough to attend?”

03-07-16_8-04-53 PM

D: “How about…tomorrow? I have nothing else to do.”

03-07-16_8-05-20 PM

A: “Are you crazy, Dory?”

03-07-16_8-05-55 PM

D: “Why are you asking that? You already know I am! Is that a problem?”

03-07-16_8-02-29 PM

A: “I don’t think so – tomorrow is as good as ever.”

After that, Alfred rushed home to tell his mom and uncle, while Dory impatiently waited around for her sisters to come home and help her with preparations.

Melia almost got an heart-attack when she heard the news. She presented Dory with at least million reasons to stop the madness and think it through, but Dory was having none of it and every time Melia tried to talk to her, she just said: “If it’s okay for Millie to run away with a stranger she barely knows and even get pregnant in the process, it’s perfectly okay for me to marry my best friend.”

And there was nothing Melia could say to that. It was Dory’s life, after all. So she agreed to let it go and help with the wedding menu instead.

03-07-16_7-22-04 PM

“Who knows, maybe my lobster rolls and rosemary-roasted lamb chops with apricot salsa will save the day.”

Devi decided to talk some sense into her little sister, too. She opted for calmer and less emotional approach.

03-18-16_12-03-50 PM

Devi: “Are you completely sure about this move?”

03-18-16_12-03-55 PM

Dory: “If you’re talking about the chess, then yes. Also, checkmate!”

03-18-16_12-05-42 PM

“And if you’re talking about the wedding – I have no reason to doubt it. He’s the only person in the world who doesn’t mind me when I’m myself.”

03-18-16_12-05-08 PM

“You don’t need a man – or anyone else for that matter – to be yourself, though.”

03-18-16_12-05-17 PM

“Maybe not. But I want him in my life. And I love him. And he loves me back. What can possibly go wrong?”

03-18-16_12-05-01 PM

“Dozens of things, actually. You can run across major differences between you and find yourselves unable to compromise on certain matters. Did you talk about your future studies and careers? Or where would you like to live? When is the right time to start a family? If ever? There are lots of things worth discussing.”

03-18-16_12-07-22 PM

“Maybe you’re right. But we’ll have plenty of time to discuss it later. The rest of our lives, to be exact.” 

And with that being said, Dory stood up and walked away with a determined look in her eyes.

Devi shook her head and laughed in defeat.

03-18-16_12-06-48 PM

“At least I tried, right?”

Chapter 23: Silly

03-01-16_6-08-17 PM

“So we woke up this morning…and she was gone. Gone!”

It was hard to believe that Camilla just moved out with a strange man without telling anyone. At least her sisters had a hard time understanding it. She barely knew that guy. Like, three months maybe? Definitely not long enough to start a family with him.

Melia immediately asked Castor to go and check on her. He called her back few hours later.

03-06-16_4-57-17 PM

“So? How is she?”

03-06-16_5-01-41 PM

“Well, to put it in her words: she’s never been happier in her whole life.”

03-06-16_4-57-13 PM

“Uff, that’s what I was afraid of.”

03-06-16_5-01-54 PM

“Are you listening to yourself? She’s fine.”

03-06-16_4-57-07 PM

“Fine? She’s only twenty! And pregnant! What was she thinking?”

03-06-16_5-02-56 PM

“She wasn’t. We’re talking about Camilla, remember? She was never the one to think things through. But it’s her life, you know?”

03-06-16_4-57-41 PM

“She doesn’t even know that guy. What if he’s dangerous?”

03-06-16_5-02-06 PM

“Don’t be ridiculous. Dom seemed like a decent man to me. He’s my age, maybe a little older. We can count on him to have the responsibility Camilla lacks.”

03-06-16_4-57-28 PM

“I don’t know. I don’t trust him. What would a man his age want with a young girl like Millie? She’s so young…”

03-06-16_5-02-48 PM

“So what? Not everyone has to wait until forties to have a kid. I married young, too.”

03-06-16_5-04-17 PM

“And it worked out just fine, don’t you think?”

03-06-16_4-57-33 PM

“Excuse me, I’m not even forty yet…Nevermind. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.”

Melia tried, but she just couldn’t calm down. Her baby sister, out there and all alone. What would Mom say?

03-06-16_8-13-38 PM

“But then again, Mom ran away from her home when she was sixteen. And later, she gave birth to two kids in the middle of an empty lot!”

03-06-16_8-13-39 PM

“A trailer house? Mom would probably consider it a luxury.”

She shrugged and decided to ignore the annoying, worried voice in her head. If Mom could make it, Camilla would make it, too. She’s her daughter, after all.

Devi and Dory didn’t really share Melia’s attitude. Sure, they were surprised at first. Maybe even shocked. But certainly not worried.

03-01-16_6-26-06 PM

E: “I don’t understand why is Mel freaking out like this. This is Camilla we’re talking about – if she was attacked by a dragon, the only thing that would happen to her would be a new, dragon-skin purse!”

“Mel is our eldest sister,” Devi said patiently, “it’s her job to worry.”

“And what is our job, then?” Dory asked.

“I don’t know – to cause trouble from time to time, so she doesn’t get bored?” she answered jokingly and laughed.

Dory nodded, but she had no time to chat any longer. She quickly changed from her PJs and left. It was her and Alfred’s birthday.

02-20-16_12-07-00 PM

“I brought you a cake, birthday boy!”

They threw a party at Alfred’s house, because it was bigger and much cooler than hers – there was a legend about ghosts of Alfred’s ancestors and even gossips about alien abduction of Alfred’s grandma. They invited a bunch of kids from school, but Dory didn’t care about them. She would prefer a party with her and Alfred only. Luckily for her, all those kids decided to explore the mansion and let them be.

Alfred and Eudora stayed in the living room and talked about their plans for future. They were both equally clueless about what they wanted to do with their lives after high school. To distract themselves, they agreed to play some chess.

Or, to be more specific, to play Ponnies vs. Unicorns, a game Dory invented when she was a kid.

02-20-16_12-04-10 PM

“Good move, Alfred! Have you suddenly got smarter now that you’re eighteen?”

They had a nice time together. As usual, after all. Dory was always at her happiest when she was with Alfred. And it made her think.

Their frienship had its ups and downs, of course, like every other relationship.

There were days when she didn’t feel like talking to him at all and instead, she just did her own thing at home.

03-01-16_5-07-44 PM

There were days when she rushed home from school just to spend an entire afternoon with him, sharing jokes and news and she wished for the day to never end.

03-01-16_5-16-22 PM

There were day when she couldn’t stand his tauting little face.

03-01-16_5-13-29 PM

And then there were days so perfect that she wanted to remember them forever.

02-11-16_1-07-12 PM

There were days when she said something  mean or harsh to him, because he talked about his friends too much or his jokes got too harsh. Sometimes the voices got loud and she had to yell at him just to mute them down again.

03-01-16_5-18-49 PM

And there were days when she was so in love with him that her every word change to poetry and every move to loving smile.

03-06-16_4-50-39 PM

Dory knew she was moody. And possessive.  And maybe a little weird. But she also knew that their friendship was stronger than that. Or anything else in the world.

And then there was something even more important – the fact that Alfred was the only person in the world who understood her true self.

And Watcher knows her true self was sometimes too much to handle.

03-01-16_6-10-11 PM

“Blursh! MESHALOOB!”

Dory always suspected she had a thing for this goofy boy. But it took her entire birthday game of Ponnies vs. Unicorns to see the whole truth – they were perfect for each other.

02-20-16_12-04-02 PM

“Pinkie Pie beats Fluttershy and stuns Princess Luna…therefore, I win.”

Alfred laughed: “Whatever. I’m certain you’re making rules up as we go. This silly game never made sense to me anyway.”

It was making perfect sense to Dory, though. She had it all figured out.

02-20-16_12-08-31 PM

“But first – it’s time to party!”

Chapter 22: All About Love

03-01-16_5-21-05 PM

“Alfred! I’ve missed you!”

“Have you?” he asked, surprised.

“Of course! I had no one around to make fun of!” she laughed and hugged him tigher.

It was good to be home. But Dory  realized  she didn’t really miss Willow Creek that much. She felt much better in Winderburg. Kind of unattached. And free. With no sad memories waiting for her at every corner.

She missed Alfred and Blarffy and her punching bag, obviously. But not the place in particular.

As a welcome gift, Alfred invited Dory, an aspiring body builder, to gym for nice long workout session.

02-20-16_11-28-46 AM

“I think we could try this 30-Days Leg Challenge.”

02-20-16_11-18-57 AM

“Count me in!”

Afternoons in gym with Alfred were her favourite. He was so smart and funny. Encouraging, too. And the best motivator. And with all that working out, his pecs started looking somehow…interesting.

She wasn’t the only one who noticed his qualities, tough.

02-20-16_11-21-00 AM

“Hey, handsome!”

Lots of strange girls winked and smiled at Alfred while he was working out, some of them even came to say hello and talk to him. It was quite a usual occurence. Dory was used to that and she didn’t  mind.

Or so she always thought. But that day, it was bothering her and she couldn’t figure out why. Maybe these girls had obnoxious giggles. Maybe Alfred talked to them longer than usual. And maybe…

02-20-16_11-36-09 AM

“…maybe I just want all of him for myself.”

“What?” Alfred interrupted her words quickly and Dory realized she accidentally said it out loud.

“What?” she asked, acting all confused, “I didn’t say anything.”

“I just…I’ve got a feeling that you…um, nevermind,” Alfred shrugged and smiled, “Let’s grab some pizza, what do you say?”

Dory couldn’t possibly say no to that, could she? 😀

Back home, Melia was getting ready. Between the family issues and busy work schedule, she finally found some free time to visit the restaurant Chris was telling her about.

03-02-16_9-50-19 PM

“I hope this is fancy enough.”

Chris was coming, too, of course. Melia couldn’t decided if she was so excited because of the restaurant or because of finally seeing Chris after a long time. Not that it mattered.

The restaurant was in Newcret and its name was La Fantasia.

03-02-16_11-05-15 PM

And Melia had to admit it looked pretty fantastic.

02-29-16_11-06-41 PM

“This place is absolutely beautiful, Chris!”

02-29-16_11-07-37 PM

“I know, right?  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to own a place like this one day?”

“You want to own a restaurant? I didn’t know that!” Melia couldn’t believe her ears. Could it be that they had the same dream?

02-29-16_11-07-51 PM

“I’d open one right away if I had enough money to do it. But let’s order something! I’m dying to try roasted lamb with dates and onion chutney, I’ve heard it’s delicious.” “

And that’s how Melia learned that he was a Foodie, just like her. She was surprised it didn’t come to her mind sooner. He’d never shut up about food.

02-29-16_11-10-27 PM

“That man is a dream came true! Just like these ricotta doughnuts.”

The dinner was heavenly and everything they tried caused their tastebuds to dance around and sing. Melia never even imagined that food could taste this good.

And after they were done, Chris asked her to to follow him

02-29-16_11-15-17 PM

“Shall we dance?”

02-29-16_11-15-35 PM

“Oh, I don’t know, Chris, I’ve never really danced before.”

02-29-16_11-18-37 PM

“Don’t worry – I’ll lead.”

So they danced and it wasn’t so bad. Melia knew she wasn’t the most graceful being – and she was sure she must have looked silly and clumsy – but she didn’t care. With Chris’ arms around her and and the sound of dreamy piano all around, she felt like she was flying on a bright, fluffy cloud.

02-29-16_11-22-10 PM

‘Oh my Watcher. I’m totally losing my mind.’

Later, Chris walked her home like a true gentleman and they had a hard time saying goodbye.

02-29-16_11-28-47 PM

“Well, thank you for tonight. I had the greatest time!”

02-29-16_11-27-48 PM

“I should thank you for joining me and for making this night so, you know, so fine. Would you like to…go on another date with me someday? Like Friday, maybe?”

02-29-16_11-28-57 PM

“Sure! I’d love that.”

And so they agreed to go out together again.

03-03-16_3-22-27 PM

And again.

03-03-16_3-30-45 PM

Until one day, Melia felt adventurous and ready to take it further. At that point she was so crazy in love that she felt almost embarrassed. Almost. But she was too busy feeling amazing and funny and slightly dizzy to care about anything else.

03-03-16_3-29-55 PM

“So, I was wondering…”

03-03-16_3-30-13 PM

“Would you like to come inside with me now and continue the fun?”

Chris had no problem with that. No problem at all. He would spend every night with her if he could. And every day. Every freakin’ second of his life.

But it was too soon to tell her yet. Besides, what’s the point in rushing when things are going so well?

03-03-16_5-46-39 PM

‘I’m one lucky guy, that’s for sure.’

Very quickly, his late night visits became regular and one day, after snuggling and talking in bed for hours, Melia agreed to be his girlfriend. Although she was sure she was his girlfriend long before they’ve put the label on it.

But it still made her so overjoyed that she barely perceived the world around her.

Maybe that’s why it took her hours to notice that Camilla was gone and her bed untouched. It wasn’t unusual for Camilla to spend the night…out. But it was definitely suspicious for her not to show up until lunch.

Reasonably concerned Melia decided to check her phone and indeed, she found a new email from Millie.

03-03-16_5-48-39 PM

“I hope it’s not one of those chain mails she considers funny or I’ll kill her.”

“Dear Mel,

I knew you’d be the first one to notice my absence. And I’m telling you, there’s no need to freak out. I’m alive and I’m doing just fine. Do not call the police, I repeat, do NOT call the police. LOL.
I also wanted to let you know that I’m not coming home tonight. Actually,  I’m not coming home in forseeable future because I moved in with Dom. You remember him, right? Tall and handsome, famous DJ – we hit it up at the dance party back in Windenburg.

02-20-16_2-13-56 PM

So yeah, we’ve been seeing each other ever since, but it was all so complicated with me living here and Dom living there. 
So from now on, I’ll be living in Oasis Springs. Out new home is a lovely trailer house at the outskirts. It’s not much, but it’ll do for now.

03-03-16_3-07-52 PM

I’m sure you’d love it, it’s cute as plum. And so is Dom. He’s just so good to me. I’m pretty excited about this whole thing – I’m picturing myself doing all the wifey stuff for him, like cleaning and waiting for him with dinner ready. Who would have thought I had such a romantic side in me, huh? 😀

03-03-16_3-10-58 PM

You can come visit us anytime you want. I’ve already talk with Isis, she’s coming this Friday. I have plenty of time on my hands now that I quitted my job. But don’t worry, I’m not planning to become a housewife. I signed up with Oasis Springs Fighting Club – we both know I have better chance there than I had in SimTechnologies. But I can’t start with training until the baby’s born.

03-01-16_5-56-23 PM

I mentioned that I’m pregnant before, didn’t I?
Anyway, take care and say hello to everyone at home!


03-03-16_5-51-06 PM