Chapter 23: Silly

03-01-16_6-08-17 PM

“So we woke up this morning…and she was gone. Gone!”

It was hard to believe that Camilla just moved out with a strange man without telling anyone. At least her sisters had a hard time understanding it. She barely knew that guy. Like, three months maybe? Definitely not long enough to start a family with him.

Melia immediately asked Castor to go and check on her. He called her back few hours later.

03-06-16_4-57-17 PM

“So? How is she?”

03-06-16_5-01-41 PM

“Well, to put it in her words: she’s never been happier in her whole life.”

03-06-16_4-57-13 PM

“Uff, that’s what I was afraid of.”

03-06-16_5-01-54 PM

“Are you listening to yourself? She’s fine.”

03-06-16_4-57-07 PM

“Fine? She’s only twenty! And pregnant! What was she thinking?”

03-06-16_5-02-56 PM

“She wasn’t. We’re talking about Camilla, remember? She was never the one to think things through. But it’s her life, you know?”

03-06-16_4-57-41 PM

“She doesn’t even know that guy. What if he’s dangerous?”

03-06-16_5-02-06 PM

“Don’t be ridiculous. Dom seemed like a decent man to me. He’s my age, maybe a little older. We can count on him to have the responsibility Camilla lacks.”

03-06-16_4-57-28 PM

“I don’t know. I don’t trust him. What would a man his age want with a young girl like Millie? She’s so young…”

03-06-16_5-02-48 PM

“So what? Not everyone has to wait until forties to have a kid. I married young, too.”

03-06-16_5-04-17 PM

“And it worked out just fine, don’t you think?”

03-06-16_4-57-33 PM

“Excuse me, I’m not even forty yet…Nevermind. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.”

Melia tried, but she just couldn’t calm down. Her baby sister, out there and all alone. What would Mom say?

03-06-16_8-13-38 PM

“But then again, Mom ran away from her home when she was sixteen. And later, she gave birth to two kids in the middle of an empty lot!”

03-06-16_8-13-39 PM

“A trailer house? Mom would probably consider it a luxury.”

She shrugged and decided to ignore the annoying, worried voice in her head. If Mom could make it, Camilla would make it, too. She’s her daughter, after all.

Devi and Dory didn’t really share Melia’s attitude. Sure, they were surprised at first. Maybe even shocked. But certainly not worried.

03-01-16_6-26-06 PM

E: “I don’t understand why is Mel freaking out like this. This is Camilla we’re talking about – if she was attacked by a dragon, the only thing that would happen to her would be a new, dragon-skin purse!”

“Mel is our eldest sister,” Devi said patiently, “it’s her job to worry.”

“And what is our job, then?” Dory asked.

“I don’t know – to cause trouble from time to time, so she doesn’t get bored?” she answered jokingly and laughed.

Dory nodded, but she had no time to chat any longer. She quickly changed from her PJs and left. It was her and Alfred’s birthday.

02-20-16_12-07-00 PM

“I brought you a cake, birthday boy!”

They threw a party at Alfred’s house, because it was bigger and much cooler than hers – there was a legend about ghosts of Alfred’s ancestors and even gossips about alien abduction of Alfred’s grandma. They invited a bunch of kids from school, but Dory didn’t care about them. She would prefer a party with her and Alfred only. Luckily for her, all those kids decided to explore the mansion and let them be.

Alfred and Eudora stayed in the living room and talked about their plans for future. They were both equally clueless about what they wanted to do with their lives after high school. To distract themselves, they agreed to play some chess.

Or, to be more specific, to play Ponnies vs. Unicorns, a game Dory invented when she was a kid.

02-20-16_12-04-10 PM

“Good move, Alfred! Have you suddenly got smarter now that you’re eighteen?”

They had a nice time together. As usual, after all. Dory was always at her happiest when she was with Alfred. And it made her think.

Their frienship had its ups and downs, of course, like every other relationship.

There were days when she didn’t feel like talking to him at all and instead, she just did her own thing at home.

03-01-16_5-07-44 PM

There were days when she rushed home from school just to spend an entire afternoon with him, sharing jokes and news and she wished for the day to never end.

03-01-16_5-16-22 PM

There were day when she couldn’t stand his tauting little face.

03-01-16_5-13-29 PM

And then there were days so perfect that she wanted to remember them forever.

02-11-16_1-07-12 PM

There were days when she said something  mean or harsh to him, because he talked about his friends too much or his jokes got too harsh. Sometimes the voices got loud and she had to yell at him just to mute them down again.

03-01-16_5-18-49 PM

And there were days when she was so in love with him that her every word change to poetry and every move to loving smile.

03-06-16_4-50-39 PM

Dory knew she was moody. And possessive.  And maybe a little weird. But she also knew that their friendship was stronger than that. Or anything else in the world.

And then there was something even more important – the fact that Alfred was the only person in the world who understood her true self.

And Watcher knows her true self was sometimes too much to handle.

03-01-16_6-10-11 PM

“Blursh! MESHALOOB!”

Dory always suspected she had a thing for this goofy boy. But it took her entire birthday game of Ponnies vs. Unicorns to see the whole truth – they were perfect for each other.

02-20-16_12-04-02 PM

“Pinkie Pie beats Fluttershy and stuns Princess Luna…therefore, I win.”

Alfred laughed: “Whatever. I’m certain you’re making rules up as we go. This silly game never made sense to me anyway.”

It was making perfect sense to Dory, though. She had it all figured out.

02-20-16_12-08-31 PM

“But first – it’s time to party!”

8 thoughts on “Chapter 23: Silly

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    I’m glad that Castor reported back to Melia with good news! I’m a lot like Melia, I guess – I’d be so worried about my sister, and wouldn’t rest until I saw that she’s okay with my own two eyes. And I’l probably call her every week or so to make sure too. xD

    Oh, Dory. ❤ Love is in the air!

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      She was the first Insane sim I’ve played. I had a lot of fun with her, but she was very challenging to write about because she was so unpredictable, like she lacked substance (as opposed to for example Camilla who was very decisive about who she was and it was pretty clear since always 😀 )

      Liked by 1 person

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