Chapter 26: So this is love

(Please, listen to the song here )

03-21-16_2-01-23 PMx

So this is love

03-21-16_2-01-53 PM

So this is love

03-21-16_1-57-47 PM

So this is what makes life divine

03-21-16_2-04-28 PM

I’m all aglow

03-21-16_2-16-55 PM

And now I know

03-21-16_2-07-21 PM

The key to all heaven is mine

03-21-16_3-19-57 PM

My heart has wings

03-21-16_3-11-20 PM

And I can fly

03-21-16_8-43-52 PM

I’ve touched every star in the sky

03-21-16_3-24-12 PM

So this is the miracle

03-21-16_8-48-30 PM

I’ve been dreaming of

03-21-16_8-57-43 PM

03-21-16_8-57-48 PM

03-21-16_8-57-59 PM

So this is love 

10 thoughts on “Chapter 26: So this is love

    • carovnamaruska says:

      I adore that song, I just had to use it at some point. And I’m so happy you like the chapter, it was absolute hell to screenshot – I had to wait so long for that moon to appear where I wanted it 😀 )


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