Chapter 1: My Family

Me and My Family
English, Essay 1

My name is Heqet Adriana Rossini. I think it’s a pretty name, but it’s also unusual. And unusual things can be complicated for some people. That’s why everyone calls me  Etta. It’s simpler and shorter.

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I’m nine years old and I live in  Willow Creek with my parents, siblings and aunt. I also have other aunts. Uncles and cousins, too. They don’t live with us, because we don’t have enough beds and dinning chairs for them all, but they visit when they can, which is very nice.

My Mama thinks so, too. She’s always happy to see them. That’s because Mama is very kind and caring. Her job is to take care of everything – me and my siblings, Dad, the house, the garden… And she’s really good at it.

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Before I was born, Mama  worked as a chef in a restaurant. And she was really good at that, too. I think so, at least. Because Mama can cook the most delicious meals in the world, like spaghetti and pancakes. She can also do tricks with knives and bowls like a magician. 

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My Mama is very pretty. She has peachy skin, blue eyes and straight blond hair, which she always wears in a tidy bun. She smiles a lot, even when she washes the dishes. That’s the best thing about her. Well, that and her cooking.

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I know Dad would agree with me. He loves Mama’s cooking so much that he sometimes takes photos of her meals. And he loves Mama, too. He’s not taking many pictures of her, but I can tell he loves her anyway.

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I know my Dad really well. He works a lot, which means he gets to spend a lot of time alone. But he doesn’t mind. He doesn’t need people around. He can even get annoyed by people sometimes.

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But with Mama, it’s different. He never gets annoyed by her. And while he usually prefers being quiet, with Mama he wants to talk and hear about all the things. 

My Dad is also very pretty. He has dark curly hair, brown eyes and his skin is dark brown like chocolate. And chocolate is awesome, just like my Dad. He’s also very smart. He often plays chess with me and he used to beat me everytime until I got smart enough to beat him.


I  also have siblings: two brothers and one sister. My brothers are twins and they are both eleven years old.  My sister is nine years old like me – that’s because we are twins, too! Mama says it’s very unusual to have two sets of twins in one family, but I think it’s really fun. Especially when no one in school believes me, so I bet them and I win everytime.

My favourite sibling is my sister Tori. She’s my best friend in the whole world. She’s very funny and brave. She’s the one who speaks with everyone because she never gets shy around other people, no matter how strange they are.

05-15-16_1-09-24 PM

She’s great and everyone wants to be her friend. Even Drogo, the plush dragon. But she doesn’t mind, because she wants to be everyone’s friend, too.

05-15-16_7-02-21 PM

My brother Amon is very friendly, too, but he doesn’t really care about having a lot of friends. He just need someone to compete with on the playground so he can show off when he wins.

05-15-16_1-11-26 PM

My other brother’s name is Seth and he is a complete opposite of Amon. He’s shy and serious and most of the time, he prefers sitting alone in the garden or reading queitly, far away from the rest of us.

05-14-16_3-04-41 PM

But he can be fun, too. He likes chess just like me and he plays with me when Dad is busy.

05-15-16_6-24-01 PM

He’s also got a chemistry table for his birthday and he sometimes let me use it. Chemistry table is fun, because there are many different bottles with colorful liquids and boxes with sparkly powders that can be mixed together, so I can pretend I’m a great chef trying new recipes like Mama.

05-15-16_6-28-54 PM

“So potassium makes it look like lemon topping for my waffles. Good to know.”

Amon sometimes helps me and tastes what I prepare. I know he’s only doing it so he can brag about his bravery later, but I don’t mind. I like having feedback on my cooking.

05-15-16_6-29-12 PM

The last member of our household is my Aunt Devi. I said before that I have many aunts and uncles, but Aunt Devi is the greatest.

Aunt Devi is a musician. She can play the piano, the guitar and the violin. She plays so well that other people pay her for playing so much that she doesn’t need another job. I think that’s pretty cool.

05-15-16_7-10-07 PM

But more importantly, she’s  a collector. She goes on a long walks around the neighborhood and looks for interesting things. Then, she either sells them or, if she really likes them, she keeps them in her room.

That’s why her room is so awesome.

05-15-16_2-18-26 PM

I think she likes her MySims trophies the best, because she kept every trophy she found. And she only needs three more to make the collection complete.

MySims trophies are nice, but she has plenty of other cool stuff, too. Like the colorful crystals. Or the elements collection. Or the set of mounted fishes that my uncle Evander caught when he was a teenager.

05-15-16_2-19-09 PM

But in my opinion, the most amazing collection of hers are the frogs. They are colorful and noisy and alive! They make the room feels so special. Like you’re outside on a camping trip or fishing in the park. And everyone knows frogs are magic. They are just princes in disguise, right?

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And that’s it. That’s my family. They may be busy and chaotic sometimes, but I love them and they love me back. And that’s what important.

Author’s Note: I know the name Heqet is probably a little too weird. But I just had to use it, since it’s a name of Egyptian goddess of frogs! And this is Tiana’s generation, so yeah… I just couldn’t resist. 😀