Chapter 4: Back to normal

Even though it didn’t seem like it, Camilla was thinking about the future a lot lately. Especially since her conversation with Melia. She knew her sister was right. She was neglecting Carlie in order to buy herself more time for self-pity (and drinking), counting on Melia to take care of everything.

The truth was, she wasn’t doing it on purpose, she just couldn’t help it. Camilla didn’t know how to look her daughter in the eye. She couldn’t find a way to tell her that her father was gone and her family was broken.

And even if she could speak to Carlie… What would she tell her? She wasn’t sure what to do with their lives now, she hasn’t figure out where they’d go and how they’d continue. She knew the trailer house was out of the picture. It wasn’t hers to begin with and even if it was, the place was just too full of memories. A single fact that Dom bought it for her and Carlie, back when she was his number one…

‘Who am I kidding? I’ve never been his number one and what’s worse – neither has Carlie.’

And so everytime she tried to think about the future, her heart burst with pain, because it brought out the past she wanted to forget about and reminded her of all the things she did wrong.

Her present situation wasn’t helping, either.

Chris: “Mel, this chicken is so great, seriously. I’d marry you again if I could.”

Melia and Chris were like doves, happy and more in love than ever. When Chris looked at his wife, eyes full of adoration; when Melia complimented him with a shy smile; or even when they just talked quietly to each other in such a nice, respectful way – it felt like a knife went right through Camilla’s chest.

She had to do something. Quickly.

Next day, she ran upstairs and found Carlie alone in the girls’ room.

Camilla: “Hey, sweetheart. How are you? D’you like it here?”

Carlie: “It’s an okay room, I guess. The toys are nice.”

Carlie shrugged and remained silent for awhile, expecting her mother to continue. But when nothing was happening, she continued herself.

Carlie: “But I wanna go home, Mom.”

Camilla: “I know, my love, we’ll leave this house soon, I promise. It’s just…I’ve been thinking, uhmm…”

Camilla: “Maybe we could…uhm, not go back to the trailer. I found us a house in Oasis Springs. It’s a real house, like you always wanted, with big windows and more rooms. And it’s really nice and not that expensive. So what do you say?”

Carlie hesitated like she wasn’t really convinced her mother was being serious. But after a long observant look, her face lighted up and she smiled.

Carlie: “But only if I can have my own room.”

Camilla: “Sure, sweetheart, anything.”

Carlie whooped with delight and hugged her mom happily. Camilla laughed with relieve, but the gloomy thoughts didn’t really go away. She knew the war was not won yet.

‘Whew, that went great. Now I only need to tell her that her father is not going to live with us there. No biggie.’

A few days later, everything was ready. Camilla made the calls, signed some papers, talked to her bank about mortgage…and just like that, she was a proud owner of a lovely, spacious bungalow in Oasis Springs.

It was time to say goodbye.

Camilla: “I know I’m awful and everything, but I don’t want you to think that I’m not grateful. You saved my life when you let us stay. And thank you for talking to me, Watcher knows it takes a lot of courage. You opened my eyes with that talk.”

“I’m really sorry for being such a pain in the rear. It won’t happen again, I promise.” Camilla said as she hugged her sister.

Melia: “Yeah, because I’m not letting you stay anytime soon. Ha! Just kidding. You’re having a hard time, I get that. I want you to know that whenever you need me, I’m right here.”

“And even if you don’t need me – I’ll come to visit you soon. There’s no getting rid of me,” she added, with a warm smile on her face.

Camilla nodded, kissed all four children on their cheeks, took Carlie’s hand and with big smiles, they walked away.

Camilla: “I hope you’re ready, sweety!”

Mel was worried when she watched them leave, of course. But she was relieved, too. Camilla and Carlie were just too much to handle. Without them, family life at Rossini residence went back to normal.

Or so they thought.

Until one night, Etta woke up suddenly because she heard strange noises. She quickly realized it was a piano, but she never heard the melody before. Is Aunt Devi composing a new song? But why would she do that in the middle of the night?

Etta decided to investigate.

She got up and sneaked out of her room, as queit as she could, because she didn’t want to wake up Tori. The house was dark and creepy at this hour. She slowly continued towards the stairs, expecting to see Devi’s silhouette sitting at the piano in the hall.

But she saw nothing. Just piano tiles moving on their own, causing the piano to play a mysterious melody. Etta was so scared that she could hear her own heartbeat.

But then she looked closer and she noticed the tiles were not moving on their own. Something translucent and shimery was pushing them, over and over again. Something in a shape of a…


Etta froze.

She felt a sudden urge to scream when the realization came to her mind, but she was so terrified that scream got stucked in her throat. She backed up to her room, shaking, and she quickly hid in her bed.

‘Oh, morning, come already.’

10 thoughts on “Chapter 4: Back to normal

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    I’m so proud of Camilla. It won’t be easy for her and Carlie in the beginning, but she’s taking huge steps forward for the both of them. I wish them all the best in Oasis Springs! 🙂

    Ooh, spectral visits in the night! And from Eira no less! I missed seeing her. 🙂

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