Book 1 – Snow White

Generation 1:
Snow White “I’m wishing for the one I love to find me today”

Founders have humble beginnings, so what’s better than Snow White? To start, create Snow White. When Snow White becomes a young adult, this story begins.
– Must be female
– Must have 7 children (dwarfs)
– Each child must have one bad trait (e.g Gloomy)
– Each child must have the same baby daddy
– Each child must complete their Aspiration and/or get an A in school
– Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women

Legacy Founder: Eira Rossini
Aspiration: Big Happy Family (Domestic bonus trait)
Traits: Good, Music Lover, Neat

1.1   Introducing the Founder
1.2   Hittin’ the community lot
1.3   When dreams come true
1.4   The Simple Life
1.5   The Little Prince…
1.6   …and…
1.7   ….the Little Princess
1.8   What makes a family
1.9   I’ve got but one song
1.10 The Wedding Bells 
1.11 The Star Wars Day
1.12 Llama jokes and such
1.13 The Inevitable
1.14 Castor in love – part 1
1.15 Castor in love – part 2
1.16 Family business
1.17 Through ups and downs
1.18 News, birthdays and artists
1.19 About the sad birthday girl
1.20 Full House
1.21 Lessons
1.22 The Process
1.23  Young Heart

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