Book 2 – Cinderella

Generation 2: Cinderella “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”
Although you had six brothers and sisters, you always did the cooking and cleaning. Yet, somehow you loved it, as it transported you away from your chaotic home life.
– Must have ‘Neat’ and ‘Foodie’ traits
– Must clean the house everyday and cook every meal
– May not marry until mother dies (This does not have to be of old age, but it may not be cheated)
– Have a maximum of 3 children

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Generation 2 Heiress: Melia Rossini
Aspiration: Freelance Botanist (Collector bonus trait)
Traits: Neat, Foodie, Materialistic


2.1  (Un)changed
2.2   New Friends
2.3   First Times
2.4   The Birthday Madness!
2.5   Goodbye, Damon
2.6   Mel’s Dilemma
2.7   Love is in the Heir?
2.8   Mischief Managed
2.9   Hot
2.10 Millie Makes a Mess
2.11  Life goes like this
2.12  Weeping Eyes
2.13  Little Talks
2.14  Eira’s Beginnings – part 1
2.15  Eira’s Beginnings – part 2
2.16  Eira’s Beginnings – part 3
2.17  Fairy Sisters
2.18   Girls just wanna have fun 
2.19   When the days are cold
2.20  Secret
2.21   Hypnotized
2.22   All about love
2.23   Silly
2.24   And sillier
2.25  “I do.”
2.26  So this is love
2.27  The journeys we share

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