Chapter 8: New Phase

“But Dad! I can’t start working now! I’ve just made it to the football team. I need to train.”


“Okay, okay. Calm down. It was just an idea.”

Chris backed off. It was a smart excuse. And maybe it wasn’t excuse at all. Amon was actually visiting the gym. Regularly. Chris thought it was a good habit for a teenager.

Amon thought so, too. And so did the girls. And Amon was not losing any time. He asked the loveliest one on a date.

A: “My parents are pretty chill, but they just can’t understand that I don’t want to live like them.”

A: “Working twelve hours a day, for average pay, come home only to eat and sleep. And to start with that madness while I’m still studying, ugh!”

“I know, right? Mine are exactly the same. They can’t see how this approach won’t teach me to be responsible – it’ll only teach me how to be a slave!”

Amon: “Exactly! It’s good to know someone who share my opinion. Even better if that someone is a beautiful girl like you.”

“Oh, that’s sweet, thank you! You’re quite handsome yourself, if you must know.”

Few blushes and flaterred smiles later, the girl was completely smitten.

A: “I had such a nice time with you, Brylee. But… I feel something’s missing.”

B: “Oh? Is it… is it something I said? I though the date was going perfectly…”

“There. Now it’s going perfectly.”

Seth was a complete opposite of his brother. He didn’t care about girls and he openly despised sports. He loved R.E.F.U.G.E, though. And teh forums. And everything related to his computer.

“Ha! Take that, noob!”

And he refused to find a part-time job, because there were no job opening in his field. Chris was getting desperate.

Chris: “It’s hopeless. They knew we were coming and they prepared for us. I mean, Seth told me he can’t get a job because he needs to focus on the advanced courses in information sciences he takes this year. How can I argue with that?”

“I know, love. Let them be. As long as they are doing something useful, I don’t mind what it is. Although I fear that ‘information sciences’ is just another name for watching Youtube podcasts.”

C: “We shouldn’t be forcing them, that’s for sure. It would only lead to hatred towards work – and Watcher knows they’ll have enough of that later in life.”

“Chris, my love. If you dislike the company that much, you should just quit.”

“I don’t know, Mel. The money is good.”

M: “I know. But that’s the thing – I could help with the money. Our boys are basically grown-up by now and girls don’t need me around that much, either. I think it’s time for me to go back to work.”

C: “That… that would be amazing, Mel, but… Are you sure? What about the garden?”

“Well, let’s just say I can’t grow anymore in that department. Pun intended.”

Hello, Gus-Gus.

Cowplant was a sufficient argument for Chris, so they agreed. Melia’s maternity leave was finally over. She’s got a job at a small Italian restaurant in the neighborhood and she was about to work as a caterer, which was far from ideal but better than a dishwasher position.

She was a little bit nervous to start working again and she wanted to train a bit before her first day in the restaurant. And what’s a better way to train your catering skills than become a caterer for a day?

Luckily, she had two anxious birthday girls at home, who were in need of a great birthday party.

T: “Etty! Happy birthday! Aren’t I a good sister to remember?”

E: “You sure are. The best sister I have! Happy birthday to you, too!”

And since last party was such a success with all the goofy costumes, they decided to do it again.

Clowns and hotdogs were once again absolute hit among the guests.

The more clowns, the merrier.

But maids, pizza boys and Grim Reaper could also be found.

Devi: “I think this costume is rather scary, considering my role in this household…”

And the mysterious green boys came, too, much to Etta’s delight.

“You do know that frogs don’t have ears, right?”

“I’m not a frog, you silly little princess. I’m Master Yoda.”

He then proceeded to tell her all about the Republic and the Empire and about dozen of other things that were not making any sense to her. He had a lot to talk about. By the time he was done, it was already time.

What time, you ask? Well, everyone’s favourite time: time for cake!

Both girls were more than ready to enter the new, exciting phase of their lives. They learned to always expect positive outcomes. And in their minds, birthday parties could only lead to good things, anyway.

Chris: “Don’t forget to make the right wish, cupcakes!”

Maybe even to the best things. At least for those who dare to dream big and move forward. Because fortune always favors the brave.

“Say cheddar, Etty!”

Chapter 28: New Plans

Shortly after the dinner party, Melia sat down with her youngest sister, Dory. She was curious about her plans for the future.

04-02-16_12-34-22 AM

“Plans? I’m not familiar with such a thing!”

04-02-16_12-33-50 AM

“What? No plans?”

04-02-16_12-33-42 AM

“Not even the smallest, slightest vision?”

Melia wasn’t surprised to hear that. But she was worried. She didn’t want her little sister to just sit around the house, doing nothing. Since the wedding, Dory’s only activity was  playing My Little Pony. And coloring. And stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

04-02-16_12-34-31 AM

“Well, I’ve kinda decided to travel a bit.”

04-02-16_12-33-32 AM

“Oh, that’s…that’s actually a great idea, Dory!”

04-02-16_12-33-52 AM

“Where will you go? Windenburg?”

04-02-16_12-34-35 AM

“I’ve been…I’ve been thinking about something more…distant.”

04-02-16_12-33-37 AM

“More distant? Like what –  Moon?”

04-02-16_12-34-44 AM

“Have you ever heard about…the Gallery?”

Melia did heard about it. Rumours, mostly. And conspiracy theories. The Gallery was something like aliens – only insane people believed in those.

She slowly looked at her sister and sighed. There was no point in arguing.

04-02-16_12-33-55 AM

“The Gallery, you say, huh? And then? Where will you go from there?”

04-02-16_12-34-32 AM

“I will see. No plans, remember?”

Dory left first thing in the morning.

Younger Melia would have been relieved to see her go. To see all of her siblings go, so she could clean the house to perfection and read cooking books for hours. Quietly and alone, with no one running around, screaming or laughing or asking for dinner.

But her older self was nothing like that. Melia found out – to her own surprise – that she was worried. And sad. She was fighting the urge to get up and stop Dory from leaving. She wanted to call her thousand times just to make sure she was all right.

She spent her whole life wishing for an empty house and some privacy and some free time. But when she finaly got it all  – she found out that empty house is just that.


04-02-16_12-41-29 AM

“What are you reading, honey?”

“Well,” Melia said slowly, observing Chris’ reaction , “it’s called Big Book of Baby Names. If you know what I mean.”

04-02-16_12-41-37 AM

“I think I have a hunch.”

And indeed, a couple of weeks later, despite a fact that they were both in their late thirties already, Melia found out she was pregnant.

04-02-16_12-53-31 AM

“To put it in culinary terminology – the bun is in the oven.”

Chris was over the moon to hear that. Melia…she couldn’t really decide how she felt. There were days when she was happy and anxious to meet the baby. And then there were those other days, full of worries and hesitation, when everything from pregnancy to bills  seemed terrifying and uncertain.

But most of the time, she was just calm and pieceful, slowly coming to terms with the novelty of it all.

04-10-16_11-39-52 AM

“Who would have thought that from all people, I would be the one to enjoy pregnancy.”

Eventually, Melia decided to quit her job. She wasn’t doing so well and the boss was horrible. She wanted to shift focus on her garden anyway. It has always been her  passion.

04-02-16_12-56-14 AM

And it was working beautifully with her other passion – cooking.

04-10-16_11-51-34 AM

She was getting better and better. It helped that she was using fresh, high quality crops from her garden but even without them, she was a real pro. More and more often, she started to think about not going back to work. Like ever.

Instead, a little idea about her own restaurant woke up in some deep, forgotten part of her brain and wouldn’t go away, no matter how hard she tried to think about something else. It kept growing bigger and bigger.

Just like the baby. And Melia.

04-06-16_8-58-50 PM

M: “Do you know what is the best thing about the pregnancy?”

04-06-16_8-56-58 PM

“Having an excuse to get fat.”

Nothing could hold Melia back once she started eating. She wanted to eat all the things. At once.

04-06-16_8-43-45 PM

“Must. Eat. Everything!”

04-06-16_7-54-48 PM

“Did you hear that, Devi? I think someone said…”

04-06-16_8-48-02 PM

“…mmmm, ice cream!”

Luckily, Chris didn’t mind. He had a food passion of his own, after all.

And he found Mel’s new shape pretty marvellous.

04-06-16_8-12-35 PM

“There’s an actual baby – our baby – inside. Can you believe it?”

04-06-16_8-11-59 PM

“Yes, I can. And you would believe it, too, if you’d get kicked by the baby all day long.”

“Good point,” Chris laughed and proceeded to kitchen to grab some breakfast. Melia already had her breakfast that day but it didn’t stop her from coming along.

04-06-16_8-08-21 PM

M: “Soooo, whatcha eating, babe? Can I have a bite?”

It was crazy. Maybe even slightly absurd. But luckily, the pregnancy came to the end before Melia was able to eat all the food supplies they had.

Everyone was relieved.

04-10-16_12-02-16 PM

Well, except Chris. He was freaking out all over the place when his wife went into labour.

It was not necessary, though. Melia handled it perfectly and she was doing just fine. And so were the babies.

Yes, two of them.

04-10-16_12-07-36 PM

“Double trouble, double fun!”

04-10-16_12-09-28 PM

“Aren’t we the lucky ones, my love?”

Chapter 26: So this is love

(Please, listen to the song here )

03-21-16_2-01-23 PMx

So this is love

03-21-16_2-01-53 PM

So this is love

03-21-16_1-57-47 PM

So this is what makes life divine

03-21-16_2-04-28 PM

I’m all aglow

03-21-16_2-16-55 PM

And now I know

03-21-16_2-07-21 PM

The key to all heaven is mine

03-21-16_3-19-57 PM

My heart has wings

03-21-16_3-11-20 PM

And I can fly

03-21-16_8-43-52 PM

I’ve touched every star in the sky

03-21-16_3-24-12 PM

So this is the miracle

03-21-16_8-48-30 PM

I’ve been dreaming of

03-21-16_8-57-43 PM

03-21-16_8-57-48 PM

03-21-16_8-57-59 PM

So this is love 

Chapter 23: Silly

03-01-16_6-08-17 PM

“So we woke up this morning…and she was gone. Gone!”

It was hard to believe that Camilla just moved out with a strange man without telling anyone. At least her sisters had a hard time understanding it. She barely knew that guy. Like, three months maybe? Definitely not long enough to start a family with him.

Melia immediately asked Castor to go and check on her. He called her back few hours later.

03-06-16_4-57-17 PM

“So? How is she?”

03-06-16_5-01-41 PM

“Well, to put it in her words: she’s never been happier in her whole life.”

03-06-16_4-57-13 PM

“Uff, that’s what I was afraid of.”

03-06-16_5-01-54 PM

“Are you listening to yourself? She’s fine.”

03-06-16_4-57-07 PM

“Fine? She’s only twenty! And pregnant! What was she thinking?”

03-06-16_5-02-56 PM

“She wasn’t. We’re talking about Camilla, remember? She was never the one to think things through. But it’s her life, you know?”

03-06-16_4-57-41 PM

“She doesn’t even know that guy. What if he’s dangerous?”

03-06-16_5-02-06 PM

“Don’t be ridiculous. Dom seemed like a decent man to me. He’s my age, maybe a little older. We can count on him to have the responsibility Camilla lacks.”

03-06-16_4-57-28 PM

“I don’t know. I don’t trust him. What would a man his age want with a young girl like Millie? She’s so young…”

03-06-16_5-02-48 PM

“So what? Not everyone has to wait until forties to have a kid. I married young, too.”

03-06-16_5-04-17 PM

“And it worked out just fine, don’t you think?”

03-06-16_4-57-33 PM

“Excuse me, I’m not even forty yet…Nevermind. I’ll keep in touch. Bye.”

Melia tried, but she just couldn’t calm down. Her baby sister, out there and all alone. What would Mom say?

03-06-16_8-13-38 PM

“But then again, Mom ran away from her home when she was sixteen. And later, she gave birth to two kids in the middle of an empty lot!”

03-06-16_8-13-39 PM

“A trailer house? Mom would probably consider it a luxury.”

She shrugged and decided to ignore the annoying, worried voice in her head. If Mom could make it, Camilla would make it, too. She’s her daughter, after all.

Devi and Dory didn’t really share Melia’s attitude. Sure, they were surprised at first. Maybe even shocked. But certainly not worried.

03-01-16_6-26-06 PM

E: “I don’t understand why is Mel freaking out like this. This is Camilla we’re talking about – if she was attacked by a dragon, the only thing that would happen to her would be a new, dragon-skin purse!”

“Mel is our eldest sister,” Devi said patiently, “it’s her job to worry.”

“And what is our job, then?” Dory asked.

“I don’t know – to cause trouble from time to time, so she doesn’t get bored?” she answered jokingly and laughed.

Dory nodded, but she had no time to chat any longer. She quickly changed from her PJs and left. It was her and Alfred’s birthday.

02-20-16_12-07-00 PM

“I brought you a cake, birthday boy!”

They threw a party at Alfred’s house, because it was bigger and much cooler than hers – there was a legend about ghosts of Alfred’s ancestors and even gossips about alien abduction of Alfred’s grandma. They invited a bunch of kids from school, but Dory didn’t care about them. She would prefer a party with her and Alfred only. Luckily for her, all those kids decided to explore the mansion and let them be.

Alfred and Eudora stayed in the living room and talked about their plans for future. They were both equally clueless about what they wanted to do with their lives after high school. To distract themselves, they agreed to play some chess.

Or, to be more specific, to play Ponnies vs. Unicorns, a game Dory invented when she was a kid.

02-20-16_12-04-10 PM

“Good move, Alfred! Have you suddenly got smarter now that you’re eighteen?”

They had a nice time together. As usual, after all. Dory was always at her happiest when she was with Alfred. And it made her think.

Their frienship had its ups and downs, of course, like every other relationship.

There were days when she didn’t feel like talking to him at all and instead, she just did her own thing at home.

03-01-16_5-07-44 PM

There were days when she rushed home from school just to spend an entire afternoon with him, sharing jokes and news and she wished for the day to never end.

03-01-16_5-16-22 PM

There were day when she couldn’t stand his tauting little face.

03-01-16_5-13-29 PM

And then there were days so perfect that she wanted to remember them forever.

02-11-16_1-07-12 PM

There were days when she said something  mean or harsh to him, because he talked about his friends too much or his jokes got too harsh. Sometimes the voices got loud and she had to yell at him just to mute them down again.

03-01-16_5-18-49 PM

And there were days when she was so in love with him that her every word change to poetry and every move to loving smile.

03-06-16_4-50-39 PM

Dory knew she was moody. And possessive.  And maybe a little weird. But she also knew that their friendship was stronger than that. Or anything else in the world.

And then there was something even more important – the fact that Alfred was the only person in the world who understood her true self.

And Watcher knows her true self was sometimes too much to handle.

03-01-16_6-10-11 PM

“Blursh! MESHALOOB!”

Dory always suspected she had a thing for this goofy boy. But it took her entire birthday game of Ponnies vs. Unicorns to see the whole truth – they were perfect for each other.

02-20-16_12-04-02 PM

“Pinkie Pie beats Fluttershy and stuns Princess Luna…therefore, I win.”

Alfred laughed: “Whatever. I’m certain you’re making rules up as we go. This silly game never made sense to me anyway.”

It was making perfect sense to Dory, though. She had it all figured out.

02-20-16_12-08-31 PM

“But first – it’s time to party!”

Just a little announcement :)

Hello, folks!

I hope you are doing amazing and great!

I just wanted to let you know that many exciting things have happened in my legacy save! But, unfortunately, I can’t blog about it right now because January and February are exam months for me. (Damn, school, y u so annoying?! xD )
I might be able to post one or two updates during this period, but it will be a  miracle if I manage more.

I thought I’d better let you know, in case you were wondering (I don’t want my readers to think I’m giving up on my blog.)

Anyway, have a wonderful day/week/month and thank you for reading! Every view means a world to me, you know that 🙂



Purple Day: Last Love Song

A Song for You.
Written by Eira Rossini.

(not really, so listen to the actual song here >>)


When I am down


and oh, my soul, so weary.


When troubles come


and my heart burdened be.


Then I am still and wait here in the silence


until you come and sit awhile with me.


You raise me up


so I can stand on mountains.


You raise me up


to walk on stormy seas.


I am strong when I am on your shoulders.


You raise me up to more than I can be.







You raise me up


so I can stand on mountains.


You raise me up


to walk on stormy seas.


I am strong when I am on your shoulders.


You raise me up to more than I can be.


You raise me up


so I can stand on mountains.


You raise me up


to walk on stormy seas.


I am strong when I am on your shoulders.


You raise me up to more than I can be.


You raise me up


to more than I can be…

11-05-15_6-26 PM

Dearest Adrian.

It was the greatest of honors to share my life with you.  You’re the reason of all the happiness I ever felt. I would never make it without you. I would never love without you. I wouldn’t even be ME withou you. We belong together.
And in my heart, you’ll live forever.

Faithfully yours,

11-05-15_5-59 PM

Chapter 22: The Process

Damon was upset. He did nothing wrong. And those girls were just mean to him for no real reason. But he learned his lesson. Love can’t be forced. Either it’s there or it isn’t. And if it isn’t… you have just deal with it.

Damon was dealing with it in isolation, playing video games. He only talked to his BFF, Devi.


“Don’t worry about them! They are just shallow bitc….I mean … woofums… and they are only interested in jerks with shiny cars. You can do better than that.”

Devi was a great help for him. Not only because of her supportive words, but because of her way of life. Watching Devi dealing with every day life helped Damon to understand the old cliche that happiness is not a destination but a journey; that aspirations are not about those goals but about loving the process of getting there, loving the baby steps that bring you closer to your dream. And Devi was a shining example of that. Being a lazy sim, she never worried about success and ambitions. She lived her life in a relaxed, laid-back manner, but she felt fulfilled all along.

08-02-15_3-21 PM-2

“Dig dig dig dig dig dig dig is what I like to do….”

For Devi, every single rock and every single log was full of wonders and every collectable she found brought her joy. She loved collecting, every second of it. Until one day, without pushing too hard and without forcing it, she completed her first collection. Effortlessly. Naturally. Just like that.

08-19-15_10-52 PM-2

Millie couldn’t take her eyes off of it.

And when Damon thought about it, his parents were living like that, too. Their goal was to have a big, successful family. They were not there (yet) but they loved the process of being parents – and soulmates – so they were happy.

08-19-15_6-26 PM

E: “You remind me of pancakes.” A: “How so?”

08-19-15_6-25 PM-2

E: “I love pancakes.”

08-19-15_6-25 PM-3


(No wonder Damon believes in romantic love when he grew up with this, huh?)

Then, there was Melia – her plants were far from perfect and her cooking skills were still average, but she didn’t care. She knew she could live her whole life without completing a single aspiration and still be happy. Because she found great joy in food and gardening and just doing these activities was rewarding enough.


Yum! Home-made food (belongs to Simstagram, right?)

Damon didn’t know how to love the process of finding a soulmate. His aspiration was the trickiest. Because unlike others, the outcome didn’t depend on how hard he tried. It was quite the opposite, in fact. The more he pushed it the less luck he’s got.

He tried to get some inspiration from his brother Castor, another aspiring Soulmate. But it was not really helping, since Castor’s found the one so quickly and easily that he didn’t even know how it happened. And he was the happiest man on the planet ever since.

07-20-15_4-26 PM

Who wouldn’t be with a wife like this?

And with these cute mini-Castors running around? (Yes, Isis and Ross Rossini, first granchildren of Eira and Adrian, are already attending elementary school.)

Isis Ross

So Damon was a little lost. He now understood that happiness was the journey. He saw his family members successfully applied this philosophy. He saw that it worked for them. But he didn’t see how exactly to use it in his case.

Until one day, someone unexpected helped him with that. It was his youngest sister Dory. And she did nothing. Well, nothing concious. She just jumped out of the bassinet. (She couldn’t help it – the life span is merciless.)

08-02-15_4-44 PM-2

“Surprise, everyone! I’m blond!”

But there was something about the way she did it – maybe it was her mischievous smile, or her enthusiasm, or the way she embraced the fact she looked different – that gave him the answer. In the moment of growing up, Dory didn’t even know what her aspiration was – but she was happy nevertheless. The fact that she’s alive, complete and independent was all she needed to know. Maybe it was the childhood innocence but she just adored her life.

Seeing her there, so lively, so eager to grow and learn, he knew it was time for him to do the same. Because sometimes we got to live the life we love. And sometimes we have to love the life we live, even if it’s not perfect. Either alternative shouldn’t be problematic for Damon. He’s a cheerful sim – loving life is his secret talent.

He immediately discussed his plans and ideas with the best love expert he knew.

08-19-15_5-20 PM-2

“…and than I figured out I should probably focused on my life and to work on myself. So what do you think?”

08-19-15_5-20 PM-4

“Well, what can I say! Great decision! It’s well-known that if you’re not happy single…”

08-19-15_5-20 PM-3

“…you won’t be happy in a relationship, either. Happiness comes from within, honey.”

08-19-15_5-21 PM-2

Eira: “Aaah, these kids. They grow up so fast.”

Next day, Damon was ready to try his new strategy. He decided to improve his cooking skill at park’s grills. Eira didn’t have work that day, so she came along. She didn’t want him to set the park on fire, after all.

He tried to prepare a baked potato first. Damon was a bit nervous but it turned out great! He was so encouraged by his first culinary success that he made another meal, this time a serving of hamburgers. And they were delicious, too! Eira was speechless (or she just couldn’t speak because she was too busy eating.)

08-19-15_7-04 PM-2

C: “Damon! This tastes like heaven.”

Castor happened to be in the park, too. The smell of burgers was irresistible, so he joined them for lunch. He was impressed to find out that the food was Damon’s doing and  he was glad to hear about his brother’s self-improving, life-loving plan. He thought it was quite a mature idea, especially coming from a teenage boy. He even suggested his own method: “You should try chess, Damon. It’s a great way of pursuing personal growth.”

Damon agreed and he wanted to start right then and there. So he walked towards the closest chess table.


And there she was.