Chapter 15: Eira’s Beginnings – part 2

“My world turned much colder after mama’s death. My father was not a family type – he was too busy hunting and drinking wine with his noble friends and travelling to far away lands. He didn’t have time for uninteresting little girl.

And so I found myself in the world of nannies and governesses, who were teaching me how to be a proper lady.

It was a lonely  life, to be honest. There were no kids my age except for my brothers and those were…not the nicest kids around.”

12-23-15_12-19-07 PM

“They stole my toys and broke my violin and when I tried to complain about it to my father, he just yelled for awhile and then asked me not to bother him with the ‘childlish nonsense’ in the future.

I had a friend, though. I met him in the kitchens  – I used to go there and ask staff for something to eat when I didn’t like dinner. They always had some milk and cereal or cookies for me.”

12-23-15_12-12-48 PM

“And once – we had roasted liver with anchovy sauce for dinner that day and it looked  disgusting,  I couldn’t eat one bite – so later I went on my usual trip to the kitchens.

And I found Fabian. He was there, waiting for his mother, Eloise, who worked as a kitchen maid in our house.”

12-23-15_1-06-10 PM

“I adored that boy. He had the greatest smile and the most beautiful brown eyes in the world. And we had the biggest childhood crush on each other – we even had this game where we pretended to be a bride and a groom, you know.”

12-23-15_2-28-06 AM

“Of course,  my father  didn’t want me to be around ‘ordinary people’. I knew he would never approved of my friendship with Fabian, a son of a kitchen maid, and so it had to remain secret. 

It meant that we could usually meet once a week on Friday night and play quietly in the kitchen. Garden was available only when my father and brothers were travelling. But it was a price I was willing to pay.

And with Fabian by my side, I somehow survived my childhood without arousing attention of my father, which was great.

But then I became a young lady.”

12-24-15_1-02-30 AM

“On my sixteenth birthday, my father threw a huge garden party for all the  snobbish noble families we knew. I would prefer a movie night with Fabian but I attended, because I was obedient and well-educated and I didn’t want to provoke him.

As I expected, all the kids I met there were lofty spoiled brats and I found it really hard to talk to them. But I was the birthday girl, so I had to meet all our guests and entertain them properly.

One of the boys, Nicolas, challenged me to play chess with him. I gladly accepted – talking to one dummy was easier than talking to a bunch of them.”

12-25-15_9-05-42 PM

And who knows, maybe he’s smarter than the rest of them. He plays chess, after all,’ I though to myself.

“Well, my hopes were crashed very soon. He was terrible at chess. And he was even more terrible in conversating – he just bragged about his father’s wealth and bored me with stories about his cars and yachts.


12-25-15_9-06-08 PM

‘Let’s see… ‘

12-25-15_9-06-11 PM

‘Queen to D4 and…’

12-25-15_9-06-16 PM


“I was glad the game was over and my time with that unpleasant kid, too.

But he wasn’t done with me.”

12-25-15_9-07-10 PM

‘What? What was that? You can’t just win like that!’

12-25-15_9-07-39 PM

‘Girls are not supposed to be good at chess!’

12-25-15_9-07-26 PM

‘And what are we supposed to be good at? Complimenting you and looking pretty?’

12-25-15_9-07-46 PM

‘Well, yeah. Something like that.’

12-25-15_9-07-49 PM

‘So let’s play again and this time, you’ll act like lady, what do you say?’

12-25-15_9-07-59 PM

‘I say you’re arrogant, repulsive little bastard and I’ll speak to you no more.’

And I left. Unfortunately, my father saw me talking to him and he thought it was a good thing!

12-25-15_9-17-46 PM

‘I wanted to introduce you to someone special but I noticed you two already met! Nicolas is a remarkable young men, isn’t he?’

12-25-15_9-18-06 PM

‘Remarkable? I would use a different word…’

12-25-15_9-18-18 PM

‘A good one, I hope. Because I think we’re going to see more of him in the future. I already invited him and his family for tea this Friday. I feel in my bones that you two are going to be very dear friends.’

12-25-15_9-18-32 PM

‘What? What are you even talking about, father?’

12-25-15_9-18-39 PM

‘I’ll never be friends with that annoying piece of idiotic plum! Never!’

“And I left. My father yelled at me to watch my language and called me spoiled, ungrateful wench, but he couldn’t stop me. I wouldn’t stay there with him and his awful friends even if he’d threatened me to imprison me for life.

I asked Eloise if she could bring me something to eat and she brought me my birthday cake. She said my father never ordered them to bring it since I left his stupid party.

So I celebrated my birthday alone in my room.”

12-24-15_12-57-13 AM

‘Happy birthday to me.’

“Next day, Fabian came to check on me.

12-26-15_5-51-59 PM

‘I’ve heard someone had a wonderful birthday party yesterday.’

12-26-15_5-52-23 PM

Oh, really? It’s unfortunate then that I had to leave so early…

12-26-15_5-55-34 PM

‘Will you tell me what happened?’

12-26-15_5-55-45 PM

‘What do you think? My father wanted me to play with other kids but I refused because those kids were stupid and mean. Usual scenario.’

12-26-15_5-56-37 PM

‘I thought so! But listen. Maybe I could make it up for you somehow. There’s a big dance party happening tonight. I could sneak us in, if you’re interested.’

12-26-15_5-56-51 PM

‘Are you kidding me? That would be amazing!’

12-26-15_5-59-06 PM

‘Okay, then. I’ll pick you up around 10 p.m. Just please wear something…normal.’

12-26-15_5-59-16 PM

‘Sure, I’ll figure something out. I should go now, it’s almost dinner time.’

“That dinner was awful, of course. My father kept insisting on my friendship with Nicolas. He  encouraged me to write to him and to ask him to visit us and to be my nicest self around him while I silently wished to die.”

12-26-15_5-33-46 PM


My brothers sided with him and they kept telling me how I’ll never find a better match than Nicolas for me because he is noble and rich.”

12-26-15_5-36-04 PM

“Normally, I would lost my nerve but I was too excited about my plans to pay attention to them. I just kept wondering how it happened that my mama, my beautiful, smart, kind mama gave birth to those two plumheads.”

“After dinner, I tried my best to dress myself like a normal teenager. I googled some tutorials and ruined two blouses to create a cool top, but it was worth it – I’ve never looked so good.”

12-26-15_6-48-10 PM

“And other people thought so, too. Fabian told me I looked very unprincessy – in a good way. And I noticed grown up men  were checking me out while I was dancing.”

12-26-15_6-53-42 PM

“I don’t blame them, though. I was acting provocatively on purpose – I wanted their attention, you know. I’ve never felt more confident.”

12-26-15_6-56-30 PM

“One of them even asked me to go somewhere more private with him. I freaked out at first, but he meant the bar.”

12-26-15_7-00-01 PM

“When he asked about my age, I lied. I’m sure he knew I was lying, but he didn’t care and he told me to order whatever drink I liked.

I ordered the one with the highest percentage of alcohol.”

12-26-15_6-59-15 PM

“As expected, I was getting very drunk very quickly. That handsome stranger was getting drunk, too, and he was flirting with me more obviously after every sip.

Fabian noticed it and he didn’t quite approve.”

12-26-15_6-58-42 PM

“He managed to stole me away from that stranger and persuaded me to follow him on the balcony, where I would be safe from admiring glances of strange men.”

12-26-15_7-19-17 PM

‘Listen, Eira, maybe you should be more careful around those men.’

12-26-15_7-19-24 PM

‘Really? Why?’

12-26-15_7-19-30 PM

‘Well, because…you know what men are like…and look at you! You look…’

“I must admit, I was touched by his concern. And I thought it was cute that he was too shy to give me a compliment. Not that I needed it. I knew I looked stunning.”

12-26-15_7-14-52 PM

‘Oh, so you’re afraid they wouldn’t be able to resist my sexy curves.’

12-26-15_7-15-18 PM

‘Whoa, Eira…well, I can only speak for myself. And I certainly wouldn’t if you tried it on me.’

12-26-15_7-16-41 PM

‘But that’s the thing, dummy. I am trying it on you.’

12-26-15_7-22-33 PM

‘Are you?’

12-26-15_7-24-00 PM

‘Well, if that’s  the case…’

12-26-15_7-25-54 PM

“And so we did what drunk teenagers do – we made out. It was quite fun. Until…”

12-26-15_7-27-28 PM


12-26-15_7-28-21 PM

‘What…what are you doing?! Are you out of your freaking MIND?!?! We’re leaving! NOW!!’

12-26-15_7-30-12 PM

‘And YOU, you little piece of plum!’

12-26-15_7-30-03 PM

‘You’re never coming anywhere near my daughter again. Do you hear ME?!?! NEVER!!’


Meet the Family… at the end of Gen 1!

So, first generation of my Disney Legacy is finally done (it took me six months 😀 ). It was a little longer that in other Disney legacies, because I waited for my heir’s young adult birthday – I didn’t really felt like teenagers are mature enough to be the core of the family, especially a family with seven children!

And since it can get a bit confusing to know who is who with so many sims running around, I decided to make a quick summary of the characters.

First of all, here‘s the family tree as it looked like on Melia’s young adult birthday.

And now, meet the characters!

Legacy Founder: Eira

Representation of: Snow White

Good – Music Lover – Neat (+Domestic)

Big Happy Family

Symphonic String Player (Musician, lvl 8)


Gen 1 Spouse: Adrian Allred

Active – Neat – Perfectionist (+Domestic)

Successful Lineage

Field Agent (Secret agent, lvl 4)
Stayed-at-Home Dad
Team Mascot (Athlete, lvl 3)

And now, the children. Seven children of Eira and Adrian represents seven dwarfs of the well-known fairytale. Every child represents one dwarf according to their birth order and the order of the dwarfs on this cute picture:


I also follow special rules for the children’s traits:

  1. First trait is chosen randomly, using Pinstar’s Random Trait Generator;
  2. Secnd trait is an obligatory bad trait from the challenge rules;
  3. Third trait is related to the character of the dwarf who is represented by particular kid.

All aspirations (children and adult) are also chosen randomly.

And here are the kids in their birth order:

Castor Rossini, (YA, married, 2 kids)
Representation of: Doc

1. Geek
2. Clumsy
3. Genius

Aspiration (Child):
Soulmate, (Artistic Prodigy)

Career: Quality Assurance (Tech Guru, lvl 2)


Melia Rossini, (YA, single)
Representation of: Cinderella

1. Neat
2. Foodie
3. Materialistic

Aspiration (Child):
Freelance Botanist (Artistic Prodigy)

Career: Head Dishwasher (Culinary, lvl 2)


Damon Rossini (Teen)
Representation of: Happy

1. Cheerful
2. Glutton
3. – – –


Fry Cook (Fast Food Employee, lvl 2)


Devi Rossini (Teen)
Representation of: Sleepy

1. Loves the Outdoors
2. Lazy
3. – – –
+ Creatively Gifted


Career: None


Camilla Rossini
Representation of: Sneezy

1. Active
2. – – –
3. – – –

Whiz Kid

Career: None


Evander Rossini
Representation of: Bashful

1. Gloomy
2. – – –
3. – – –

Artistic Prodigy

Career: None


Eudora Rossini
Representation of: Dopey

1. Goofball
2. – – –
3. – – –

Whiz Kid

Career: None

Aaaand that’s it! Let me know in the comments if it’s simple enough or if I should include some additional information! And feel free to ask me about their traits and aspirations, but be ready for a long answer! 🙂

Chapter 23: Young Heart

Young heart is hopeful. Optimistic. Always believing that one’s dreams are possible and will happen eventually, always expecting the greatest results.

08-19-15_9-16 PM-4

Young heart is friendly and tender, not afraid to show fond feelings and willing to invest energy and time in those who deserve it. It’s loving and affectionate.

08-15-15_12-42 PM
Young heart is giving and sharing all that is precious – from food to stories, from rooms to words of encouragement. It forms friendships, brotherhoods and sisterhoods and is loyal to everyone involved, no matter the differences and quirkiness.

08-19-15_6-11 PM-3

Young heart is playful. Bright. Joyous. Full of fun and high spirits. Carefree and untroubled.

08-19-15_5-41 PM-3

Young heart is curious. It’s eager to learn more every day. It’s interested in knowing and fascinated by unknown. It’s constantly trying new things. It experiments. It loves usual things with unusual twists (like eating yoghurt with pieces of cajun-seasoned pan-fried tilapia).

08-02-15_12-44 PM-3

“Mmmm, yum!”

Young heart is fierce. Fearless. Bravely facing every danger. It’s restless and moving, always moving.

08-19-15_9-01 PM-3
Young heart is helpful. It’s the happiest when it’s able to make things easier for someone, to ease someone’s discomfort, to contribute to something good.

08-19-15_9-26 PM

Young heart is adventurous, courageous and bold. It knows that life is happening out there so it’s eager to explore and to experience the world, even when it’s risky.

08-15-15_12-21 PM

Young heart is determined. It knows what it wants. Sometimes it wants questionable things. But young heart is always certain about them. Young heart has a plan.

08-15-15_1-10 PM-2

Ladies and gentlemen! Heiress of this legacy, Melia Rossini, just reached young adulhood and that means the first generation is complete now and we are moving on to generation number 2!

08-15-15_1-29 PM

Happy Birthday!

I wonder what kind of life she will lead and what it is that her young heart wish for. I guess Eira is thinking about it, too. But she is not worried.

Because for those with young hearts, fairytales can come true. She knows. It happened to her, after all.

08-02-15_5-05 PM

“I did a great job.”

Chapter 21: Lessons

08-19-15_6-39 PM

“I guess this is my good angle.”

Damon was spending his teenage years just like he was spending his childhood – with a care-free attitude and a big smile on his face. But that’s easy when you’re cheerful glutton and your older sister is a foodie, who spends every second of her free time cooking fabulous meals (or growing her own organic vegetables in the garden.)

08-02-15_1-34 PM

“These eggs with toast are unbelievably delicious, sis.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-3

“YOUUU… are a cooking goddess to me.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM

M: “You only say that because you want me to make you a dessert.”

08-02-15_1-33 PM-2

D: “Aah, you see right through me! So are you making peanut butter cookies or blueberry pie?”

But food wasn’t the only passion he discovered on his birthday. Thanks to his raging hormones he was now interested in something else – girls. And so, his search began.

It looked pretty innocent at first. A couple of texts, an occasional phone call or brief chat sessions on Simbook. But when the relationship bars became greener and his acquaintances became friends, we got to see a lot of pretty girls. Nobody in the house was actually ready, since Castor was kind of an antisocial nerd during his teenage years and Melia was just too busy for dating.

But Damon was easygoing and cool. He had no problem with meeting new people or making friends. Especially female friends.

Catherine was the first girl he brought home.

08-15-15_12-16 PM

“Hey, there.”

She seemed nice. She got along well with the younger children, she didn’t mind talking about candies and llamas and she even played a little chess with Camilla (and lost, because Camilla is a Whiz Kid.)

08-15-15_12-40 PM

“I like your little siblings. They are fun.”

Damon liked Catherine. Like a friend. He never rolled any romantic whim with her.

And it was probably okay that way because she’s never showed up again. (Damon later thought it was because of his “trashy” job at local fast food. I thought it was because of their small house and humble lifestyle – Catherine was a materialistic snob.)

But Damon wasn’t discouraged by that incident and next day, he invited another friend.

08-19-15_5-27 PM

This on was called Tiana. I fell in love with Tiana the second I saw her. Not only because of her Disney name (I thought the game was trying to tell me something) but because of her bold and unique fashion choices, too. I mean, she wore blue and white dress with black leggings and yellow knee-socks and she accessorized it with red glasses, green necklace and purple baseball cap. It takes a great personality to rock an outfit like that.

Damon loved it, too.


“You look like you’re wearing a rainbow!”

But they didn’t really clicked. Tiana was unimpressed. She got bored immediately and the conversation was just awkward from that moment on.

08-19-15_5-29 PM

“Oh, you think you’re such a special snowflake to notice my outfit! Seriously, was that supposed to be an impressive compliment or what? Because it didn’t work.”

It didn’t take long to find out that she’s evil AND mean. Well, I think Damon is better off without her.

Damon thought so, too. And he also decided not to push too hard and to take this whole ‘searching for a soulmate’ thing easy. He’s still a teenager, after all. There’s no need to rush it.
And since he was already an A student, he focused on his job. He was just cleaning tables back then but he planned to be promoted to Fry Cook soon. He only needed a little help from his sister, an almighty cooking goddess Melia.

She was willing to help him with garden salad (letting him anywhere near the stove seemed too dangerous.)

Melia: “So, if you’ve washed the lettuce, you can tear it into bite sized pieces and….”

08-02-15_3-47 PM-2

D: “Ouch, I’ve cut my finger!!”

“I haven’t even mentioned the knife yet!” Melia frowned and shook her head.
‘This is gonna be harder than I thought.’

She continued with instructions: “Okay, so now, slice other veggies and place them into the bowl with lettuce. And be careful, for Watcher’s sake!”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-5

D: “That’s easy for you to say! Why is this thing so soft and mushy?”

Melia: “Because it’s a tomato! How’s it going?”

08-02-15_3-46 PM-7

“Wonderful! I didn’t drop the knife at all.” *sarcasm*

Melia: “Okay, let me see.”

08-02-15_3-48 PM-3

M: “It’s not that bad. Although those poor tomatoes are more mashed than sliced…”

“…but don’t worry about that! Nobody is born an expert, after all.”

08-02-15_3-50 PM-2

M: “Now, let’s make the vinaigrette!”

“You need olive oil and vinegar for that. But be careful with vinegar – too much of it will ruin the whole salad. OK, now you have to add salt and herbs and….”

08-02-15_3-49 PM-2

“But how much salt? One tablespoon or two…”

M: “Well, only your tastebuds can answer that question!  The art of seasoning the food correctly can be mysterious and tricky. It takes practice to master it.”

Damon was a bit nervous about it but the salad ended up quite tasty. Even Melia ate it and she can be a bit picky when it comes to food.

And although Mel’s advice was great, he wanted to learn even more. Since Melia wouldn’t let him use the stove, he decided to try the grill at the local park. But he didn’t make it to those grills, because he spotted a pretty girl on his way there and he somehow forgot about the whole cooking thing completely.

08-19-15_5-47 PM

“What a lovely day.”

08-19-15_5-47 PM-2

“My name’s Damon, by the way. Nice t……”

08-19-15_5-48 PM

“WHAT? What makes you think I care about your plumming name? DO I LOOK LIKE CARE?!?!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-2

“Of course not, because I DON’T! I don’t care about you, or your name or YOUR PLUMMING LOVELY DAY!”

08-19-15_5-48 PM-3

“And NOW!!! Leave me alone before I beat the plum out of you!!! Or you know what, I’ll go.”

08-19-15_5-50 PM

“What is wrong with this world?”

Poor kid. He didn’t deserve this. He was just being nice, after all. Life is unfair sometimes. I mean he’s the sweetest teenage boy that walked around my game and these divas keep treating him like plum! Let’s just hope there’s someone out there for him.

08-19-15_5-51 PM

D: “What are you looking at, llama face? Be off!”

Okay, maybe just the second nicest…

Chapter 20: Full House

The visit at Castor and Annabeth’s house led to two important events.

First (and not very surprising) thing was Eira’s sudden desire to have one more baby. And since Adrian is always ready to fulfil every wish of his beloved wife, he contacted the adoption agency as soon as possible.

08-02-15_3-36 PM

A: “There’s no time for pregnancy.”

I only approved of another baby because we needed the seventh dwarf, of course. And I chose the adoption once again, because adopting is cool. And I also wanted three additional days for Adrian to spend with the newest little one.
So, with the little help from the random trait generator The Rossinis adopted their last offspring. And it’s a…

08-02-15_3-41 PM-6


Meet Eudora Rossini. Her name means “good gift” and is also a name of the Hyades, a sisterhood of nymphs that bring rain. (The Hyades is also a star cluster in the constellation of Taurus.) I think she’s already quite unique addition to this family.

Eudora arrived to the house around 10 a.m. while the rest of the kids was in school. They had no idea what surprise was waiting for them at home.

08-02-15_3-37 PM

Although Melia looked like she smelled something fishy, when they came back home. xD

Evander was the first one to greet his baby sister. He was very curious, because unlike his siblings, he’s never had a baby sister before.

08-02-15_3-52 PM

E: “Boo, little nooboo! I’m your big bro!”

But Eudora, just like most of the babies out there, wasn’t a big fan of unexpected, loud noises and she started to cry. Poor Evander, he was not ready for that.

08-02-15_3-52 PM-4

“No, no, no, no! Don’t! Don’t cry, nooboo! You’ll get me in trouble.”

Well, babies can be complicated, Ev!

But it didn’t break his spirit. He was still pretty excited to have Eudora around because in Evander’s mind, siblings were the greatest thing ever. He had so many of them and he loved them all.

He was so overjoyed that he kept talking about the new baby all day.

08-02-15_3-19 PM

E: “New baby, Millie! Do you understand? Another sister to have fun with! A-ma-zing!”

Camilla understood very well. She has already met baby Eudora. But she, unlike her brother, was not happy about the new situation at all.

08-02-15_3-46 PM-2

“Ugh, a baby? What for? And her name means gift! Pffff! What a joke! Next time, I’d prefer a trampoline, thanks!”

Well, it wouldn’t be a proper post without a bit of sibling rivalry, right? It’s like the only thing this family is dealing with.

Luckily, no one else was upset. Damon, being the most cheerful creature that ever existed, got the Happy moodlet again and Devi was glad that she was finally old enough to help with baby care. Unlike Evander, she was doing great.

08-02-15_4-02 PM-3

“Admit it, Dory. I’m your favourite.”

Even Melia was all right. And that brings me to the second important thing caused by the visit at Castor’s: Melia finally came to terms with her parents’ choices. Seeing her whole family together, celebrating the arrival of her niece and nephew was overwhelming. And beautiful. She understood that family is important, no matter how big it is and that everyone in the family is there for a reason.

08-02-15_4-06 PM-2

“It’s clear to me now – you belong here, just like I do.”

She also accepted that raising children was her mom’s life mission. And Eira was doing a great job so far – nobody died of hunger or embarrassment and every kid had As in school. That’s actually pretty impressive.

Melia already knew that her choices would be much different than her mother’s. And she also understood that it was okay. Because all Sims are created … well, different.

She even decided to apologize to Camilla for being so grumpy and indifferent before. Because no matter what, it wasn’t Camilla’s fault that Mom and Dad adopted her.

08-02-15_3-08 PM-3

M: “Hey, honey, if I’ll be mean to you ever again, punch me. Punch me hard.”

And although the chores were still Melia’s responsibility, she wasn’t upset about it anymore – I mean, she’s Neat. She loves chores!

Melia was also building her relationship with Devi. The sisters has always been close (everyone’s friends with everyone in this household, since they iniciate conversations autonomously all the time and I love watching them interract with each other so I let them), but since Devi became a teen and rolled the Curator aspiration, they really bonded over outdoor activities. And selfies.

08-02-15_3-14 PM-4

#sisters #besties #4life #naturelovers #beautiful #pretty #green #flowers #trees #twilight #simstacool

08-02-15_3-15 PM

“Yay, Devi! We’ve already got 20 likes.”

Eira was really glad that Melia was back to normal. She knew her daughter had a hard time (she sensed it with her supermama powers) but she also knew that Melia had to work it out on her own. She was a teenager, after all. She wouldn’t listen to her mother at this age anyway.

Camilla, on the other hand, needed her attention a lot at the moment. And Eira sensed that with her superpowers, too. And so she tried to gave Camilla a little one-on-one time. Or two-on-one time, to be honest.

08-02-15_3-55 PM-3

E: “Are you having a hard time with your homework, sweety?”

08-02-15_3-54 PM-5

“Not at all, mom. I’m smart, remember?”

Adrian was very satisfied with Camilla’s answer. He’s the legacy dad, after all. Having successul children is his number one priority.

08-02-15_3-55 PM-2

A: “That’s the spirit, Millie! Hold on to that attitude!”

08-02-15_3-56 PM-4

C: “Sure, Dad. Homework is a piece of cake, anyway.”

08-02-15_3-56 PM-2

A: “If so, remember not to eat it!” (E: “Can’t we go one day without these jokes?”)

Oh, Adrian and his corny humour. Eira’s face on that picture says it all. But Camilla didn’t mind it. She had lovely time with her parents. She’s almost forgotten that she was upset about Eudora and went to bed in good mood.

08-02-15_3-59 PM-3

A: “Can I just say I’m very impressed by your parenting skills?”

08-02-15_3-59 PM-5

A: *whispers* “And by many other things about you, too.”

Well, what can I say? Looks like everything is going quite well in this family right now. And that’s kind of a success with so many different sims living together. 🙂


Achievement unlocked.

Chapter 19: About the sad birthday girl (and the very happy grandma)

Hey, everyone! Say hello to Devi’s glorious teenage self. (She is sad here, because she wasn’t able to make it to her birthday cake to age up and now she has the Forgotten birthday moodlet.)

08-02-15_2-31 PM

D: “Whatever, I don’t feel like celebrating anyway. Birthday party is a big deal. I better sleep on it.”

Devi put the pink cake with soft strawberry mousse and sprinkled pistachio nuts into the fridge and went back to bed, because she was sleepy. Literally. (As a forth-born child, she represents the forth dwarf – Sleepy.)

Selecting the trait was easy this time – Lazy was an obvious choice. For her aspiration, she rolled The Curator, which suits her well, since she is a nature lover.

In the morning, everyone prepared little presents for Devi to cheer her up. Melia was in a slightly better mood finally, overjoyed that her sister is now old enough to help her with chores (poor Mel, she hasn’t learned Devi’s newest trait yet) and she baked some breadsticks for the birthday girl.

08-02-15_2-42 PM-4

“Food gifts are the best gifts, right?”

Eira, too, had her present for Devi ready. It was a beautiful piano composition named ‘With a Smile and a Song’ and it was supposed to remind Devi (and everyone else) how important it is to stay positive. She was inspired to write it after her little encouraging talk she had with Devi, when she was upset about her new siblings. Eira performed it right then and there in front of her whole family.

08-02-15_2-39 PM

“Dear Devi, I hope this song will always remind you that you’ll never find a rainbow when you’re looking down.”

Evander, an aspiring artist, designed a cover for Eira’s optimistic sheet music.

07-20-15_7-30 PM

After a small family concert, everyone enjoyed breadsticks and the strawberry cake for breakfast and then, the kids left for school in great mood. (Except for Devi who was still sad, making me look like I don’t care about my sims birthdays…)

08-02-15_2-45 PM

Damon: “Devi, how can you be sad on your teen birthday? I mean, you not only got older, but you also got bigger! And your stomach got bigger, too! And bigger stomach means more food! Isn’t it like the best thing ever?”

Ahh, those gluttons. It’s easy for them to be happy.

While kids were in school, Eira and Adrian rejoiced in a treasured moment of privacy. It’s hard to keep the romance alive when you have six kids around. But they somehow managed to make it this far.

07-20-15_6-37 PM-3

A: “Everytime I see you I feel weak in my knees… but then again, maybe it’s just my old age.”

07-20-15_6-36 PM-5

E: “Don’t be silly, my love. Your joints may be squeaking and your hair may be grey, but  you’re never too old to be young. Or to have some fun.”

07-20-15_6-43 PM-4

A: “I agree.”

And after the kids were done with school and the adults were done with… whatever they call it… the family organized a joyous event. A visit at Castor’s house.

Castor and his wife Annabeth decided to live with Annabeth’s mom when they got married, because it was already pretty crowded in the Rossini household. They also shared the house with two elder ladies (maybe Annabeth’s aunts?) and, more recently, with a pair of babies.

The kids were excited about the trip, partly because it was their first time leaving the house. But they were really surprised when they saw Castor’s house.

Camilla: “The house is so tiny, right, Ev? It’s even smaller than our house! I’ve thought it was impossible.”

08-02-15_2-59 PM-3

E: “Yeah, it’s so small that when they order a large pizza they have to eat it outside!”

Although Evander is a gloomy sim, he hasn’t acted gloomy yet. Not even once. He’s probably waiting for his teenage years with it. And he is a great companion for Camilla. (I must admit, I love it how the kids are growing up in pairs – Castor and Mel, Damon and Devi and now Camilla and Ev – it’s such a cute occurence.)

Eira,on the other hand, had no time for small talks. She didn’t even noticed the house was small. She needed to see the little ones ASAP!

08-02-15_3-00 PM-3

E: “Don’r cry, little princess, grandma’s here.”

Melia was mesmerized with her mom’s parenting skills. The second she picked the baby up, she stopped crying. It was like a charm.
“Momma is so great with babies,” she thought to herself, “And with older kids, too. It’s her talent, like cooking is mine and programming is Castor’s. I can see it now. She was not irresponsible to have many kids. In fact, it was her responsibility to have them. It’s like she was meant to be a mother.”

Melia also said hello to her new nephew and niece. And she also decided babies are not that bad. Especially if they are someone else’s responsibility.

08-02-15_3-01 PM

“Oh, what a cute little baby you are, Ross.”

And while the girls were overwhelmed by the cuteness of twins, Evander thought it was a good idea to spend some time with the female residents. Who knows, maybe he’ll learn something….

08-02-15_3-07 PM

Annabeth: “The childbirth was not that bad, actually. I mean, it hurt like plum and I was bleeding all over the place, but…”

Or maybe he’ll just wait untill he’s older to witness a conversation like this again.

08-02-15_3-07 PM-2

“I think I’ve heard enough….”

Older boys bonded over TV shows – Damon was impressed by the mere fact that his brother owns a TV – but a TV with a cooking programme was an absolute mindblown for him.

08-02-15_3-09 PM

D: “This show makes me so happy… and hungry.”

In general, everyone had a fun time chatting and catching up and hugging and gossiping and joking… It was just a sweet family gathering, but a great one, because no one felt offended and no one started a fight (and that’s quite a success, right?)

08-02-15_3-13 PM-2

In the end, Castor felt obliged to thank Eira for showing up and for bringing everyone along.
But Eira interrupted his thank you speech with her own: “Don’t be ridiculoud, Castor. I thank YOU! This was an incredible day for everyone. Especially for Melia I guess. I know she’s having a hard time.”

08-02-15_3-04 PM-2

E: “And you know how I ‘m sometimes upset about seeing you all grown up. But holding your son in my arms is like reaching through time and holding your baby self again.”

“Being a grandma is a dream come true for me,” she continued, “and I hope you know how incredibly proud I am that I raised a man like you.”


P.S. I’m sorry if this is too cheesy, but grandchildren are a big deal for Eira for she got a little carried away by her emotions….

Chapter 18: News, birthdays and artists

Soon after Camilla’s birthday, our beloved Castor dropped by to check out his new siblings and to catch up with everyone else.

He, himself, had some exciting news to share as well.

07-20-15_7-00 PM-2

C: “Yesterday, I’ve become a father.”

It’s true! The very first Rossini grandchild was born last night. And the first one was immediately followed by the second one – yes, Annabeth gave birth to twins!
First was a girl named Isis (It’s fun that the game chose a mythological name for the first grandchild of my legacy, isn’t it?) and a baby boy named Ross. I can’t wait to visit them.

Naturally, everyone wanted to hear more about the babies. But Castor  wanted to know what’s new in his old home. He noticed Melia’s depressed face and wanted to help.

07-20-15_6-57 PM

“What’s up, sis? You look like you could use a visit of the Tragic Clown.”

“It’s nothing, Castor, don’t worry about me, I’m fine,” she said and she walked away.
Castor knows his sister a little too well to believe her, but he knew she would tell him if she wanted to.

Melia decided to play some chess, far away from her noisy family, but she couldn’t focus.

07-20-15_7-01 PM

‘I don’t even know why I lied.’

07-20-15_7-01 PM-3

‘Oh, yes, because I am a horrible person who hates his own siblings and I don’t want my big brother to know.’

07-20-15_7-01 PM-2

‘Or worse… to tell Mom about it.’

07-20-15_7-01 PM-4

‘But on the other hand, it’s really hard to keep all this misery to myself. Aah, what should I do?’

Melia was feeling very ashamed of her feelings, because let’s face it – sibling rivalry is only acceptable, when you are like four years old. A (almost) grown up woman shouldn’t worry about such things.

But she did worry and when she realized how busy Castor will be in the next few months, she decided to talk to him.

07-20-15_7-02 PM-3

“Castor, I don’t want you to think badly about me after what I’ll tell you.”

07-20-15_7-02 PM-4

“The thing is… I’m really upset about the new kids. I think everything was better before, when Devi was the youngest…”

She felt so bad about saying those awful things.
“I think Mom and Dad shouldn’t have had more children, you know. I was happier without them. I know it’s terrible.”

But to Melia’s big surprise, Castor laughed: “Don’t torture yourself with guilt for feeling like this. It’s normal.”

07-20-15_7-02 PM-5

“Do you think I was happy when Mama brought this ugly brat home? No! I HATED him. So much!”

07-20-15_7-03 PM-2

“And now, I love him to death. He’s probably my favourite brother.”

Melia remembered those days when they were so young and smiled. She felt a little better that Castor understood it and didn’t judge her, but still…

07-20-15_7-06 PM-2

C: “I know it’s hard for you, Mels. But believe me, it’ll pass. They’ll grow up fast and once they’re older, you’ll have friends in them, I promise.”

“I guess you’re right,” she nodded thanfully.
“Of course I am,” he lauged, “I am a Genius, remember?”

And speaking of growin up, it was Evander’s turn to jump out of the bassinet.

07-20-15_7-28 PM

He’s gloomy and his aspiration is Artistic Prodigy (Again! He’s forth Rossini child to have it! Unbelievable!)

But look at him! Earrings! Bracelets! Jeans with a paint on them! He already looks like a proper artist!

07-20-15_7-28 PM-2

E: “Looks like I’m the coolest kid ever.”

And first thing he did? He ignored the delicious meal Melia prepared for dinner and he rather had some delicious yoghurt! So young and already so aware of family customs.

07-20-15_7-28 PM-4

Adrian is proud of him, too.

And while Evander was getting used to being a child, Devi was saying goodbye to her childhood years. With one day left, she knew she would never complete another aspiration and so she focused on talking about teddy bears and candy. And on telling jokes, of course.

Devi: “Damon, do you know why  a blonde stares really hard on a carton of orange juice?”
Damon (while reading a romance novel): “Nope, no idea.”

08-02-15_1-47 PM-2

“Well, it says ‘concentrate’.”

Her humour is so advanced now, she’s telling all the jokes with a poker face.

Devi really made the most of her childhood. Not only she completed her aspiration, she also did something much more important – had a wonderful time with her family.

07-20-15_7-33 PM

“I love you like a llama joke, Papa.”

And it’s all that matters. At least in this legacy.

08-02-15_1-54 PM-4

Farewell to childhood.

Chapter 17: Through ups and downs

With two adorable but noisy babies in the house, life was suddenly much busier. Little Camilla was exceptionally needy. She was crying all the time, even when she was taken care of. But luckily, big brother Damon was there to give her all the attention she needed.

07-20-15_6-05 PM

“Oh, come on, little baby. Don’t cry. Rejoice in gloriosness of our matching outfits!”

Damon was over the moon to have new siblings. He’s got the happy moodlet again, just like when Devi was born (maybe his cheerfulness is the reason?)

Eira and Adrian were very happy about their new babies, too. Even though it meant their date nights suddenly changed to babysitting sessions. They didn’t seem to mind.

07-20-15_6-45 PM

As long as we’re together, there’s no place I’d rather be.

However, not everyone was excited about new additions.

07-20-15_6-15 PM-2

“Why exactly do we need this hideous, screaming creatures?”

Devi was hurt and offended.
‘Am I not cute anymore or what? I don’t understand why Mom and Dad needed new babies! I am the baby of this family!’

Melia, on the other hand, was not angry. But she was sad.

07-20-15_6-20 PM-3

“Bigger family only means one thing – more chores for me.”

Melia was such a great help in the house, she really deserved a medal for all the work. She was being a real princess – selfless and caring for others, putting their good before her own. Amazing, brave girl.
One day, Christopher showed up.

07-20-15_6-17 PM

But everyone was too busy or exhausted to answer the door. I felt so sorry for Melia, it was awful to watch her friend leave without a word.

But running the household this big was hard and even though Adrian and Eira are capable parents, they are also full-time working adults and the only people in this family who are earning money.

They needed help and Melia was willing to help them. Because that’s what families are for – to help each other out when times are hard.

07-20-15_6-28 PM

“There, there, nooboo. Mom’s working so it’s artificial baby food for now.”

Seeing her there, strong and responsible, it was easy for everyone to forget that she is still a young girl, with her own life. But it was tough for her. Occasionally, I saw her crying in the shower (she was keeping her misery for herself).

07-20-15_6-59 PM-2

“Sometimes I wish to be an only child, free to do what I want to do and not what need to be done.”

It was a heart-breaking thing to witness. Melia had no friends except her siblings, because she simply had no time nor energy to befriend someone. And she started to spend more and more time on her own in the tiny garden in front of the house, far away from all that noise and chaos inside.

08-02-15_1-46 PM

Thank Watcher plants don’t have vocal cords.

The garden became her safe oasis of peace and serenity and Melia realized she wouldn’t mind spending her days quietly in the garden with her beautiful, green companions. Those were her favourite moments and she couldn’t wait to learn more about the mysterious world of plants. (Yes, Melia rolled the Freelance Botanist aspiration when she became a teen.)

Meanwhile, Eira decided to spend some quality time with Devi, so she wouldn’t feel neglected.

07-20-15_6-22 PM-5

“When it was quite dark the owners of the cottage came back; they were seven dwarfs who dug and delved in the mountains for ore. They lit their seven candles, and as it was now light within the cottage they saw that someone had been there…”

She was reading Devi’s favourite fairytales and singing her favourite childhood tunes just to cheer her up. They had great time together and Devi realized that arrival of her siblings didn’t cause her Momma to love her any less.

Eira also tried to give her a valuable life-lesson: “Life’s not always going to be like you want it to be. But being miserable won’t make your problems dissappear. Good attitude is the key!”

07-20-15_6-24 PM

“There’s no use in grumbling, when raindrops keep tumbling.”

07-20-15_6-25 PM

“Dear Devi, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine!”

And Devi really calmed down after their little talk and she decided to focus on her artistic ambitions instead.

07-20-15_6-58 PM-6 07-20-15_5-38 PM-2

In the end, it was really worth it. Devi became the first Rossini kid to complete her childhood aspiration. (Other kids only earned A in grade school.) Hooray!


Damon was trying to be useful, too. He didn’t really like chores, but he adored his baby brother and baby sister. He was sweet, taking care of their needs autonomously whenever he was around.

07-20-15_6-48 PM

“Wow, you have quite an appetite, bro. I wonder if you’ll be a glutton like me one day.”

But Damon discovered another great thing about babysitting his siblings – girls loved it. And Damon loves girls. He has many friends thanks to his social chioldhood aspiration (although he didn’t complete it), but since he became a teen he only cares about his female friends. Curious.

07-20-15_6-06 PM-3

“Be prepared, ladies, I’m the hottest big bro around here.”

Luckily, he took plenty of selfies with babies, because soon it was time for them to grow up. First, it was Camilla’s turn.

07-20-15_6-50 PM-2

“Thank Watcher you’re growing up, Millie. I guess I’m not as young as I used to be.”

Oh, look, she’s a little redhead!

07-20-15_6-52 PM

C: “I’m sorry I gave you a hard time as a baby, dad. But look, I’m a kid now!”

She rolled the Active trait and her aspiration is Whiz Kid. And she is really, really cute. I think she will be very pretty one day.

07-20-15_7-10 PM-2

“What are you waiting for, Ev? Grow up already!”

But Evander is probably a day younger, so he gave her time to explore the world on her own for a while.

Firstly, Millie went to talk with her big sis who was taking such a great care of her.

07-20-15_6-53 PM-2

“Hey, Mel! I already know how to talk! Isn’t it great?”

But Melia was trying to beat Damon in chess, so she was quite distracted. Also, she was still feeling upset about her new siblings so she might acted a bit grumpy. But Camilla didn’t mind and she decided to explore the endless possibilities of a fully-functioning body (it must have been hard for active Camilla to lie in her bassinet all day long) and she tried doing some sit-ups.

07-20-15_6-59 PM

Adrian: “That’s my girl!”

Adrian, being active himself, was super proud and excited to have someone of his own kind in the household. It’s just awesome when you pass your genes on your kid (and it’s even more awesome if the kid is adopted, right? xD )

Chapter 16: Family business

So, there’s one thing I didn’t mention in my previous post.

Annabeth seemed a little rounder in the second half of her wedding night, but I haven’t realized she was pregnant until I tried to move her in with the Rossinis and the game didn’t let me! So they ended up in a small house with Annabeth’s mom, Cierra.

So yay! The third generation is coming.

07-20-15_5-06 PM

No one should look this good while pregnant. It’s just not fair.

But without the newlyweds to move in, the house felt a bit empty. It was fine with me (I would love to play with a smaller family for a change) but Eira didn’t like it. She is only happy when she is surrounded by her loved ones. Lots of loved ones.

They needed three more kids to complete Generation 1. Eira was already contributing by being pregnant, so Adrian decided to help with the quest, too. He contacted the adoption agency once again. Last time adopting, they chose a boy, so this time Adrian came home with a beautiful baby girl.

07-20-15_5-54 PM

“Welcome home, princess. Or should I say warrior princess?”

Her name was Camilla – the name has an Ancient Roman origin and it was the name of a legendary warrior maiden in Virgil’s ‘Aeneid’. Camilla’s father was a king and he promised his daughter to Diana while crossing the river ‘Amasenus’ ( Virgil’s poetic reference to Amazons with whom Camilla is associated.) It’s very cool! And it also means that the name is compatible with my naming policy and I decided to keep it. So, Camilla Rossini it is! (And I like it with an Italian pronounciation: Kah-meel-lah.)

Meanwhile, Damon was enjoying last moments of his childhood and Devi was helping him with that. She is a clown of this family, everytime I let her be autonomous in a conversation, she starts joking.

07-20-15_1-56 AM-3

“Why did the chicken cross the road?”

07-20-15_1-56 AM-4

“Because nobody freakin’ cooked it!”

And she loves Damon very much. She loves all of her siblings, of course, but Damon is her BFF. And her partner in crime. Whatever happens, they are in it together.

07-20-15_2-00 AM-2

“I’ve got your back. Even when you didn’t shower for so long that your smell’s become physical.”

They both smelled so bad, but they are kids. It can’t hurt them to have a little dust and mud on their clothes. And hands. And faces. But there was only one bathroom in the house and it was constantly occupied by Eira and her pregnancy issues.

But it didn’t take long and her troubles were over – the baby was coming. Eira went into labour in the middle of Damon’s birthday party.

07-20-15_5-50 PM-3

“This baby sure knows how to make a dramatic entree.”

Luckily, Melia is a foodie and she’s very talented in the kitchen. So she was able to bake the cake for Damon instead of her mom who was experiencing an excruciating pain while giving birth to her sixth child.
But Melia didn’t seem to like it very much.

07-20-15_5-43 PM-2

“Why is it always me who has to do all the work around here?”

Melia has been really helpful since she became a teen. She knew how busy her parents were with their jobs and how they worked really hard for every single promotion, just to be able to support her and her siblings. Her Dad was working out daily, sometimes even twice a day, to keep up with his younger co-workers. Her Mom gave up the maternity leave and sometimes she practised the piano all night long.

Melia knew it was hard for them. She wanted to be useful and so she was doing everything she could to make it easier for them.

She was mopping the floors and cleaning all the appliances in the house.

07-20-15_1-06 AM

“Siiing sweeet nightingale…”

She was helping out with the garden because it was quite neglected since Adrian went back to work.

07-20-15_1-07 AM

She was babysitting her siblings while her parents were gone or asleep.

07-20-15_5-37 PM-2

“I bet your homewrok is already done, when you’re this happy.”

And sometimes, she even prepared a dinner for this big family.

07-20-15_3-55 PM-3

‘Cooking is actually not that bad… much more interesting than cleaning the toilet.’

Poor girl. I did feel sorry for her. Teenage years are supposed to be fun. But with so many things to take care of, Melia matured quickly and she took her role of the oldest sister very seriously.

But back to the birthday party.

Just like his brother Castor, Damon didn’t really feel like growing up. He loved being a kid. It was great. He didn’t want to change anything about his life.

07-20-15_5-43 PM-3

“Is it like…absolutely necessary to grow up?”

But Devi was there to encourage him with a joke and a birthday song.

07-20-15_5-45 PM-3

“Be careful what you wish for!”

Damon took a deep breath and he miracously transformed to his older and wiser self.

07-20-15_5-48 PM


And right in that moment, another miracle was happening just behind the wall  – baby number six was born!

07-20-15_5-51 PM-2

“Nice to meet you.”

It’s a boy! Welcome to the family, baby Evander! (Evander means “good man” and it is also a name of a Roman hero of the Trojan war.)

Eira was never happier. In the last 24 hours, she witnessed the wedding of her firstborn. She found out she’s going to be a grandma soon. She adopted the cutest little baby girl. She celebrated her son’s birthday. And she gave birth for the fourth time. Now that’s what I call a successful day for a family sim.


Her expression says it all.

Chapter 15: Castor in love – part 2

Since the moments after his birthday were so busy, it’s understandable that Castor didn’t have much time to re-evaluate his clothing. But I had plenty of time and when Annabeth left I gave him a little make-over.

Here are the results:

07-20-15_4-04 PM-3

Yeah, I’m handsome. Deal with it.

Castor’s third trait is Clumsy. According to the rules, every kid needs a “bad” trait and since Castor  is inspired by Doc, clumsy seemed appropriate because in the movie Doc always mixed up letters and talked nonsense (“What are you and who are you doing?” anyone? 😀 ) So he’s like clumsy with his words and also a little absent-minded. And I’ve always considered Castor to be absent-minded. I imagine him as that kind of person who wonders so much that he sometimes gets lost in his thoughts and then he forgets about the world around him and then he hits the street lamp with his face. So he’s clumsy in a very absent-minded way 🙂

But back to the story.

07-20-15_4-13 PM-2

Castor felt so good after getting together with Annabeth. He felt so fulfilled and happy that it led him to strange thoughts: maybe the purpose of his life is not seeking knowledge. At least not for now. Because learning is great but it’s so distant and abstract. And Annabeth is right there in front of him and she is not abstract at all. She looks so good and he can’t wait to hear her voice.

They went for a walk to a nearby fishing spot. Castor couldn’t stop thinking about her and about all the love he felt for her. It was insane. It was so consuming that he was not able to think about anything else.

07-20-15_4-16 PM

“I believe it’s illegal to look this good, Miss.”

And he decided not to fight it. If his heart wants Annabeth to be a center of his life, then be it! Maybe the purpose of his life is to love her and cherish her. And who knows, maybe he’ll even learn something in that process. Wisdom comes from the most unexpected sources sometimes, am I right?

But to make it work, he needed her to participate.
“Listen, babe, I was thinking…”

07-20-15_4-18 PM-2

“You were thinking? No way!”

“Stop being sarcastic, this is very serious!” he scolded her jokingly.
“The thing is,” he continued, “I feel like we’re headed in the right direction and I had this crazy idea about us. But it may be a little shocking, so please, don’t pass out.”
Annabeth laughed: “Oh, come on, my nature’s not that brittle!”

Let’s see.

07-20-15_4-19 PM-4

“Annabeth Hampton, I believe your perfection is statistically impossible. I also believe that we are meant for each other and if you don’t feel the same I can do all the math to prove my words. You know I am a very rational man, but you made me believe in miracles – and you, Annabeth, are the only evidence I’ll ever need…

“…Would you do me an honour of becoming my wife?”

Poor Annabeth was speechless for a couple of minutes. Then she mumbled quietly: “Do you realize how crazy this is?”
But she quickly recovered from the initial shock and she answered: “Yes!”

07-20-15_4-19 PM-9

“Why not? We’re allowed to do crazy things when we are in love, right?”

“True that!” Castor agreed, “And now we can be crazy and in love for the rest of our lives.”

07-20-15_4-20 PM 07-20-15_4-20 PM-2

The engagement was quick and sudden and they wanted the wedding to be the same. So they quickly called everyone and threw a surprise wedding party at a brand new wedding venue I built for them.

07-22-15_1-24 AM-207-22-15_1-24 AM-3

The ceremony was private and touching – only family members and the closest friends were allowed. And everyone looked so good! Especially the groom and the bride.

07-20-15_4-41 PM-2

Come on, guys, are you freaking movie stars or what?

Annabeth wore a daring red wedding gown and I think it matched her bright personality really well. It made her shine. But maybe it’s just a mixture of love a happinees shining through?

07-20-15_4-45 PM-6

Mr. and Mrs. Castor Rossini!

The wedding party was a total success. We only earned a silver medal, because I forgot to place kitchen appliances on the lot. Therefore, the caterer couldn’t bake a cake. Oops.
But nobody seemed to miss it, because everyone had so much fun.

07-20-15_4-46 PM-4

Little Devi loves wedddings!

Heavily pregnant Eira was living it up. Being a mother of the groom was like a dream came true to her (it is a milestone in her aspiration, too.)

07-20-15_4-53 PM-6

“Nothing can stop me from having a blast.”

Also, a lot of spontaneous hugs happened  that night. A lot of chatting, laughing and congratulating, too. It was a great opportunity to strengthen family bonds.

07-20-15_4-56 PM-4

“I love you, big bro.”

And the bartender put on quite a show!

07-20-15_4-56 PM-5

Phew, we’re lucky he didn’t set the bride on fire.

The athmosphere also inspired the original lovebirds of this legacy – Eira and Adrian – to renew their vows.

07-20-15_4-56 PM

Our love started it all.

Aaaand Melia made a new friend. His name is Christopher and he is Castor’s friend from school.

07-20-15_4-50 PM-2

M: “Finally – someone my age!”

He seems nice to me. Melia probably liked him, too, because they were talking all night long. She even discovered one of his trait – he’s a Loner. (Oh, I love that trait!)

07-20-15_5-04 PM-4

Just a random picture of Melia’s beauty 🙂

And while Melia had fun with her new friend, everyone else had fun dancing their pants off! And they danced until the sun came out.

07-20-15_5-09 PM-3

“This is how we do!”

This celebration of love was such a great event. In the end, everyone felt happy and loved. And exhausted.

07-20-15_5-12 PM

What a party!