Chapter 10: Millie Makes a Mess

Eira was a little worried. She was never dealing with a rebellious teenager before – her four older kids experienced peaceful and calm teenage years. Sure, they had some minor issues and challenges to overcome, but it was always somehow natural. They were dealing with things teenagers should be dealing with – searching for love or new friends, struggling with free time and social media image, discovering new things and possibilities…

Camilla, on the other hand, seemed to cause troubles just for the sake of causing troubles.

10-13-15_7-33 PM

C: “Yes, Devi, I’m gonna eat in front of the fridge just to piss you off.”

Eira has never been a directive type of parent. She was more of an observant and encouraging one. And she was sure that Camilla is only doing all that, because she has nothing else to do. Nothing to invest her endless enthusiasm in, nothing that would help her with burning off some energy.

10-13-15_7-52 PM-2

“…and so when she asked me if she could get a tattoo, I was like ‘Sure, but you have to earn the money yourself.’ And it worked!”

Camilla found a job immediately and she became a Lawn Mower. And she was super excited about it. Spending Saturday morning doing some active outdoors activities – looked more like fun than a job.

10-13-15_7-39 PM-2

“Let’s DO THIS!!!”

It kind of worked. Camilla needed more sleep if she didn’t want to pass out in work – and that meant she had less time for mischief. Sending five to six chain emails a day to that poor, poor entertainer was the only deviant activity she engaged in.

11-05-15_5-52 PM

“If you don’t send this to 50 other people before midnight, a little creepy dead girl will come and get you…”

Eira knew that this little success of hers deserved a celebration and she bought a stereo. Being a Music Lover, she always wanted one, but everytime she tried buying it, more important things were needed. Like a bed for a child that grew up or something.

But now, it was time. Finally.

10-13-15_7-53 PM-2

“Nothing can stop my moves.”

And while Eira and pretty much everyone else was enjoying the music outside, Melia invited Alexander over, like always. They stopped going out for dates, because it was too time consuming for Mel and instead, they opted for quick meetings before or after work.

Melia also finally decided not to worry about her relationship. She figured that there was no point in comparing this romance with Alexander with the one her parents had. They were completely different people with completely different goals and priorities and they fell in love in completely different time and circumstances, after all.

11-08-15_7-41 PM

“So how are you doing today, handsome?”

It allowed her to relax a little bit and to actually enjoy the time she spent with Alexander.

11-08-15_7-41 PM-3

“By the way, I think it’s time to bring our relationship to the next level.”

11-08-15_7-43 PM

A: “Weeeeell, what kind of the next level? One can never be sure with you….”

11-08-15_7-43 PM-2

11-08-15_7-43 PM-3

“This kind? I mean, umm… you should stay here tonight. Like all night, you know?”

11-08-15_7-40 PM-2

A: “No problem, my love. If you feel like it…”

11-08-15_7-42 PM-2

M: “Oh, I certainly do! Isn’t it hot in here?”

She still felt a bit weird around him, doing all those romantic gestures –  she wasn’t used to it. But it wasn’t badly weird – more like awkward but in a sweet way.

And everything was going quite well until Alexander got thirsty and decided to get a cup of water. It was early in the morning and he assumed that no one would be up yet. The house was full of teenagers and teenagers just love to sleep in, don’t they?

But he encountered Camilla immediately after he stepped out of the room. He remembered their last conversation, which was rather unpleasant and he was determined to make it up. He wanted to be on good terms with Mel’s family.

So he approached her slowly and scared her, just for fun.

10-29-15_9-40 PM-2


Unfortunately, Millie just got back from her morning jog. She felt grumpy and smelly and exhausted and she was having one of those hot-head days.

Needles to say, she was not impressed.

10-29-15_9-42 PM-2

C: “Boo? Seriously?!”

10-29-15_9-41 PM

“How old are you, for Wacther’s SAKE? Five?!?”

10-29-15_9-40 PM-3

“AND!! WHAT! THE! PLUM! are you even doing in my house at this hour, you CREEP?!?!”

And she just yelled and yelled and yelled. Luckily, everyone in the house was already used to the sound of Millie’s yelling, so they didn’t bother finding out what was going on.

Poor Alexander left instantly, he didn’t even change from his PJs.

Melia was not happy when she heard about the incident. But once again, she had no time to discuss it with her sister because she had to work, so she asked Eira to take care of it.

10-29-15_9-45 PM-4

E: “Millie, dear, you can’t just attack Melia’s boyfriend everytime you see him.”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-8

C: “What? I didn’t attack him!”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-4

“Although I wish I did!”

“Millie, please!” Eira reproached her, “Don’t be so harsh. He seems nice to me.”

10-29-15_9-45 PM-7

“Sure if you consider arrogant spiteful bastards NICE!! Geee…”

“Millie! Why would you say something like that? You don’t even know that poor man.”

10-29-15_9-44 PM-3

“I’m sure that he’s a good man and Melia has good reasons to date him, right, Devi?”

10-29-15_9-44 PM-2

Devi: “Sure!” (Camilla: “You two are hopeless.”)

Devi agreed enthusiastically, sporting an encouraging smile on her mom, hoping her worrisome thoughts are not reflecting in her expression.

It was not so long ago when Melia talked to her about Alexander. And Devi found it hard to forget that the thing her sister found the most interesting about him was probably his house…

9 thoughts on “Chapter 10: Millie Makes a Mess

  1. ninjapigsims says:

    Yay for music stereos! Eira looks so adorable dancing in the garden. 🙂 Camilla continues to be as entertaining as always! She even manages to look pretty in her lawnmower outfit. 🙂

    Sigh I hope Alexander doesn’t get hurt. Well, any more than he has already thanks to Camilla… xD


    • carovnamaruska says:

      Well, Alexander has the same aspiration like Camilla (the Chief of Mischief). So maybe that’s why they can’t get along – he always pulls pranks on everyone, but Camilla is a hot-head and she just, you know… gets angry very easily. 😀
      And I’m excited about the stereo, too. Eira always had the whim to buy one, but I was always like “Oh, I’m so sorry, honey, but we need another toilet more.”

      Liked by 1 person

      • ninjapigsims says:

        Wow I wouldn’t have guessed that about Alex! Yeah, that could be why. Well, not everyone gets along in a family anyway. 🙂

        She looks so happy with her new stereo! I’m glad she was finally able to fulfill that small dream of hers.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. theplumbob says:

    Oh, I think I just realised who Camilla reminds me of. Fey from Jordan’s Simself legacy! Both are too awesome. I hope Camilla never moves out 🙂


    • carovnamaruska says:

      I wanted to keep her around forever, too. But I don’t think it would be very Camilla-like to stay at her parents’ house with her sisters. She’s far too impulsive for that.
      And what an honour for Camilla to be compared with such an awesome character! 🙂


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