Chapter 9: I’ve got but one song

Despite having a family, sweet love between Eira and Adrian was not dying off. In fact, it was blooming. With three children and fourth on the way, every little moment of privacy was precious and they learned to cherish each other’s company even more as their younger selves.

04-14-15_10-20 PM-2

The autonomous chemistry is still there 😉

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Chapter 8: What makes a family

04-14-15_9-47 PM-4

“I am a failure….”

Eira was taking her fertility malfunction very badly. They were trying for baby so hard it was almost exhausting, but it was not working. She felt miserably all the time and she just couldn’t stop thinking about the unfairness of the whole situation.  Continue reading

Chapter 4: The Simple Life

After Eira expressed her affection for Adrian, I decided to move him in. I didn’t plan to rush things up like that because I don’t like the “ending-up-with-the first-guy” scheme. (Because that’s what I do all the time in The Sims and this legacy is kind of an attempt to get out of my comfort zone.) But I felt like Eira is really into him. I gave her plenty of opportunities to meet other men, but I only saw the chemistry with Adrian. And the option just kept popping up. And we needed money (and a little help with broken toilet.)

03-29-15_9-52 PM

Better get used to that yoghurt, handsome.

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