Chapter 17: Fairy Sisters

Eira finished the story and remained silent for a moment. She scanned Melia’s confused, slightly shocked face.

Melia wanted to say something, but she just couldn’t think of anything that would be appropriate for the situation. The only thing on her mind was embarrassment – she felt really ashamed for judging her mom so harshly.

12-21-15_9-05-14 PM

“Look, Mom, I’m really sorry. I had no idea your childhood was so… I feel awful for being such a jerk, disagreeing with your choices without knowing all the facts and…”

But Eira was having none of it.

12-21-15_9-05-31 PM

“I wasn’t telling you all this to make you feel bad, my love. Quite the contrary.”

12-21-15_9-04-46 PM

“I wanted you to know that money wouldn’t buy you happiness. I wanted you to know that you did the right thing, when you opted for love instead of money.”

12-21-15_9-04-51 PM

“I did the same choice all those years ago, after all.”

12-21-15_9-04-49 PM

“And I have no regrets!”

12-21-15_9-04-58 PM

“And I’m not saying that because of your father’s good looks. Although it’s definitely a factor…”

12-21-15_9-04-24 PM

“So will you, please, do me a favour and do something with your life?”

Melia sighed. Her mama was probably right, as always.

12-21-15_9-05-17 PM

“I can try, I guess.”

“That’s the spirit,” Eira smiled encouragingly, “I know it feels awful – but it’s not wrong. There’s nothing wrong about ending a relationship with someone you don’t love anymore. So, don’t beat yourself up for doing so.”

And with that on her mind, Melia left for work.

When she came back, Camilla was sitting at the table, suspiciously quiet. Sitting somewhere queitly and alone was not Camilla’s usual behavior and Melia approached with caution.

12-21-15_11-58-39 PM

Camilla: “Sooo… I’ve accidentally overheard your conversation with Mom in the morning.”

‘Pfff, accidentally! Suuure,’ Melia thought to herself sarcastically but she said nothing. She was quite curious where it was heading.

12-21-15_11-58-56 PM

“And she told you to, you know, do something with your life.”

12-21-15_11-58-42 PM

“And when she said life, she meant your horrible eyeshadow, I’m sure.”

12-21-15_11-58-59 PM

“Can I help you with that? Just a little bit of help, please.”

12-21-15_11-59-18 PM

Melia: *facepalm*

Melia couldn’t believe that her sister would use this troublesome situation to lecture her about make-up. But apparently, she would.

Melia looked at her determined face and nodded helplessly. She had no other plans for that day. And going volutarily was better than getting a haircut in her sleep. So she obediently followed Camilla to her room.

12-22-15_12-01-24 AM

Mel: “I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.”

12-22-15_12-02-14 AM

“Ready or not – here it comes!”

A few moments later…

12-22-15_12-01-59 AM

“Ewww, what have I done?”

“Just kidding!” Camilla laughed teasingly, “You look amazing, Mel!”

Melia slowly breathed in and out and then, she slowly looked at the reflection of her new self in the mirror.

01-24-16_4-28-00 PM


01-24-16_4-16-18 PM

“I mean – I look kinda…different. But it’s a good different I think. Thanks, Millie.”

12-22-15_12-02-07 AM

“Oh, it’s not over yet. Devi and Dory also overheard that conversation…”

“…so they are taking you shopping. Because, seriously, that pathetic old sweater you wear… You have to get rid of that. Doormats are more stylish these days.”

And so, Melia found herself in a clothes shop and she was enjoying her stay more than she’d thought she would.

12-22-15_1-04-34 AM

“I think this looks really good on me.”

“I agree,” said a weirdly, remotely familiar voice and Melia quickly turned around to see the face of her almost forgotten friend.

12-22-15_1-05-01 AM

“What the…”

12-22-15_1-05-10 AM

“Christopher?!?! What – why- how – I mean!”

12-22-15_1-05-28 AM

“It’s been a long time! But it’s lovely to see you. How are you doing?”

Christopher (Castor’s friend who befriended Melia on the wedding, in case you’re wondering) was doing fine. He was still living with his mom, because she was getting older and needed a little assistence with everyday stuff. And he was also very eager to know what was going on in Melia’s life.

So she told him about her passion for gardening and her work in the culinary field and about her siblings, because taking care of her family was still her number one responsibility.

They had a nice chat together. Melia completely forgot that she was indeed on a shopping trip with her sisters. Until Devi stopped by to remind her, interrupting Melia’s little photo-sharing session with Chris.

01-24-16_5-00-55 PM

“And here’s Isis, Castor’s eldest daughter, at her prom this year. Time flies, huh?”

Devi cleared her throat loadly.

Melia looked up and smiled at her dear sister with an apology in her eyes.

“Oh, I think you remember my sister Devi?” she said.

01-24-16_4-59-14 PM

Devi: “Hey, there!”

After the polite small talk, Devi told Melia that she hated to interrupt her reunion with Chris but their ladies’ party was not quite over yet and that they should have been moving on to their next stop by now.

The she added: “But we would be delighted if you’d join us for dinner one day or another, Chris!”


“Well, I don’t want to… intrude or something…”

01-24-16_5-04-35 PM

“Would that be okay with you?”

Melia tried not to look too excited about that idea: “Sure! We have lots to catch up on.”

01-24-16_5-04-55 PM

“In that case, I would love to.”

And then he said his goodbyes and left, while the Rossini sisters shared a very peculiar look.

01-24-16_5-00-02 PM

M: “Just stop it, Dev.”

According to Camilla, the last thing required to complete Melia’s transformation was a visit at local Spa Center.

“You need to learn how to relax, Mel,” she claimed, “Get rid of the stress, y’know.”

But they all knew she only wanted to go there because she heard the yoga instructor  was super ripped and she wanted to check him out.

01-24-16_4-43-01 PM

But Melia couldn’t really complain. She decided to take Camilla’s advice and relax.

01-24-16_4-41-43 PM

And it was really nice, surprisingly. She hasn’t felt so calm and at peace with herself since…never, actually. This whole tranformation has not only happened outside – she felt like something was changing on the inside, too. Camilla’s plan worked like magic.

01-24-16_4-38-18 PM

“This is so awesome, guys, truly. Watcher knows I needed this.”

When the day was over, Melia was refreshed and grateful. It was almost touching how the women she loved and cared about stood up to carry her through hard times. And thanks to them she felt ready to start anew.

But this time more in sync with her heart.

01-24-16_5-25-31 PM

Text: “It was nice to see you today. I almost forgot how great you are. Anyway, text me back if you still use this old number. And I really hope you do or it’ll probably take another ten years to accidentally meet again. — Chris”

14 thoughts on “Chapter 17: Fairy Sisters

  1. NoaLyn says:

    I love this chapter! Melia looks so good now. I’m very happy for her that she met Chris again, he seems to be really nice (not that Alexander wasn’t nice, but… well, Chris is differently nice XD), but I’m much more happy for how she feels now after her transfiguration 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  2. ninjapigsims says:

    Yay for family godmothers! (That sounds confusing but I meant to say fairy godmothers…who are family. Anyway, you know what I mean. XD)

    Loved catching up on your story! I like where this is going! I wonder what will happen with Melia and Chris in the future… 😉

    Liked by 2 people

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Well, my heart melted when they met! I completely forgot about him. And I just loved Devi’s “oh-so-knowing” facial expressions during their conversation!

      And yes, family godmothers are the best! 🙂 The scene with godmother was my favourite moment of the movie, so I was very glad I could in some way incorporate this motive into the story.

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  3. BruNCC93 says:

    Finally caught up and OMG GO CHRIS!
    Eira’s story was just brilliant and sad and it really explains why family has always been a priority to her. You did an awesome job with it ❤
    I still can't believe Adrian is gone though. Damn I'll be a mess when Eira dies D:
    Mel's rejection and Alexander's expression really broke my heart but it really wouldn't be fair to either of them. Hopefully Mel learned her lesson and won't ignore her heart again *coughs* #teamChris *coughs*

    Liked by 1 person

    • carovnamaruska says:

      Chris is gorgeous, isn’t he? Like a puppy, haha. I’m already shipping them so hard (I’m not gonna force it, though, not this time. )
      And I’m glad you liked Eira’s story, I was so nervous about it! It was my first time writing something plot-driven and I had a lot of doubts – at one point, I even thought about leaving that idea for good. But now that it’s out I feel like it make Eira more…whole. (And I needed to give her at least a tiny reason to justify her desicion to have seven kids.) 😀

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